51 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. After the events in France over the last month, if any of the parties in this case face “irreparable harm” that person is Aaron Walker.

  2. Talk about leaving a person on tenterhooks. Maybe there’s nothing going on. Maybe there is. All I know is that there is no writing about it.

  3. Hmmm… I wonder if this has anything to do with the cyberstalker’s silence? Is he in jail for something? Or about to be? I mean, other than what we all know about the 30th. BRRRRRRRR

      • OMG(oodness)! I’ll be you’re right. All I can say is, It’s about time. Maybe he’ll finally get some mental help, if it’s even possible to help someone who won’t see the problem has always been in his own mirror.

      • That’s quite a jump. I’ll not start to believe in that sort of thing until some proof is given. I think it more likely that someone has gotten through to him and he is laying low….how long…..no idea. Still it would be nice if it was a 5150

      • It’s hard to reach valid conclusions solely from a lack of data.

        He could have finally broken down and gotten some reputable legal advice, and is following that advice (shutting the heck up)… But given Bill Schmalfeldt’s track record, that’s not likely.

        He may be getting all the ego-boo he craves from his [nano-] legion of admirers via e-mail or protected tweets… But given Bill Schmalfeldt’s track record, that’s not likely.

        No matter what the reason, silence from the adjudicated harasser and stalker Bill Schmalfeldt should be savored while it lasts… Given Bill Schalfledt’s track record on remaining silent.

        BTW, when I saw Bill Schmalfeldt’s Twitter avatar, with his flat, beady, psychopath-looking eyes enlarged and cutesy reflections added… It gave me the idea for my new avatar. Hopefully I captured the same level of absurdity and creepiness, without violating Bill Schmalfeldt’s copyright and all.

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