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  1. I don’t know if it’s a requirement for attorneys to (at least pretend to) assume good faith like that.

    But for the rest of us, Brett Kimberlin’s ever convenient “misunderstandings” are intentional bad faith lies, distortions, and evasions. The best outcome is for him to be held to full account for ALL his transgressions EVER. If that includes being convicted for the Scyphers murder that he appears to be guilty as hell of, so much the better for his current crop of victims.

  2. Kimberlin understood Mr. Coleman perfectly well.

    He is probably hugging himself in delight and squirming in his seat, thinking of inflicting hell on Mandy Nagy’s family.

    • Indeed. I picture he regularly reviews the tactics he’s – so far successfully – used against the DeLong family.

      That really has to be fixed. The child molesting, bombing, grandma murdering perjurer Brett Kimberlin has gotten away with way too much and a strong, persistent community response must be made to defeat him on every single point. No matter how long it takes.

  3. That was WONDERFUL. The perfect tone – just perfect all around. Were I the judge, bailiffs would have to restrain me the next time I saw the pipsqueak plaintiff.

  4. I especially like the part where he said (and I paraphrase): “Yeah, the schmuck Kimberlin willfully misunderstood me, but it was probably my fault for believing the twerp could read.”

    Takes the blame for the misunderstanding. Unlike ALL of TK.

  5. The only “Hell” Brett Kimberlin inflicted in filing the letter was upon his own case. It makes him look almost as much of a jerk as he actually is. Surely, even Judge Hazel will notice. In a case in which Judge Hazel has hinted that Brett Kimberlin ought to voluntarily dismiss some parties from the suit, we see the specter of Brett Kimberlin pursuing his vendetta against a person who due to medical bills is indigent, and, due to the residual effects of her illness likely to remain indigent for the remainder of her life. Perhaps, even Judge Hazel will notice. Brett Kimberlin has nothing to gain in pursuing Mandy Nagy other than possibly vengeance. Lacking a case, Brett Kimberlin has no legitimate means to vengeance, so, has turned to harassing her mother. That is more than pathetic. If he won’t voluntarily dismiss the case against her, when is he ever going to voluntarily dismiss a case against any party. Perhaps, even Judge Hazel will notice.

    It is a pattern repeated over and over in the life of Brett Kimberlin. Julia Schyphers takes her thirteen year-old granddaughter out of Brett Kimberlin’s home and is soon murdered execution-style. His own authorized biography indicates he was aware of the chain of custody of the murder weapon. The aunt who sheltered the girl after the Schyphers murder is apparently falsely reported to the FBI as the murderer. After his arrest for the Speedway Bombings, Brett Kimberlin is reported by two different fellow inmates as having solicited them to commit murder against his prosecutor and other enemies. He is sued for the wrongful death of one of his bombing victims. He sues that victims widow, and, accuses the judge in his case of soliciting a bribe from him.

    That patterns continues into day. His wife leaves him, so he tries to have her committed to a mental institution. She takes up with another man, so he tries to have him arrested. It would take pages to describe how he has victimized Aaron Walker.

  6. “Why did Mr. Kimberlin ask for permission to hale the family of a convalescing stroke victim into a bitter, heated defamation litigation with violent overtones at a time the case is essentially dormant?”

    Answer: Because the sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin is the spawn of Satan.

    Brett Kimberlin is evil personified. May he burn.

  7. Shorter Ron Coleman:


    Plaintiff is an effing liar as well as a cad.

    I expect your response to this request from plaintiff will be the same as mine: you have got to be shitting me.


    Ron Coleman.

  8. As I have said elsewhere, Ron Coleman and Bruce Godfrey are the best. These guys have Mandy’s back and I truly love them for it.

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