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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin haz sad. He thought that he had worked out a settlement with Lynn Thomas and Peter Malone that would result in Kimberlin Unmasked going away.

kimberlinunmasked dot com is now defunct, but a new site called kimberlinunmask dot com has taken off. It appears that whoever is running that site also grabbed the @kimberlinunmask Twitter account faster that Kimberlin could when whoever had it before let it go. Brett sees that and the fact that some of the old Kimberlin Unmasked graphics have been recycled as proof of foul play.


I follow @kimberlinumask on Twitter and I read (and enjoy) the kimberlinunmask dot com blog. As near as I can tell, all of the graphics from the old blog that have been used thus far can be found by googling “kimberlin unmasked” and clicking on Images. Indeed, those images have been posted at sites such as The Other McCain or Conservative Christian Man for a year or so. I downloaded this one from Paul Lemmen’s site on Tuesday evening.page_12xIt sure looks like Brett Kimberlin’s settlements of the three cases filed against Lynn Thomas can be chalked up in the loss column—just like almost all of the rest of his “over a hundred” lawsuits.

Finally, each of the remaining defendants in the RICO Madness should take note of how Brett Kimberlin is reneging on his part of the settlement agreement with Mrs. Thomas.


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  1. This can’t be the first time that he’s come across the concept that it is difficult to delete things off the Internet when even one person out there has an interest in them being there. The internet was created for the purpose of making copies, after all.

  2. And I hope that so-called media defendants who settled realize they’re probably not allowed to report on it when the notorious felon, tiny terrorist, and proven pedophile (at least to any normal standard and then some), is finally put back in prison where he should be serving the rest of his original sentence, and paying for all other crimes since those convictions. Or he’ll be suing them from prison.

  3. I am astonished that Hazel allowed these to be docketed.

    The case management order, for all intents and purposes, only constrains the defendants. This is patently unfair.

    • I think that this is what gets my dander up. The Pro Se Diddler was not allowed yet another bite at the apple. Yet he went off on Stranahan as if he had written a 60 page MTD. And wanting to declare Stacy McCain in default? Since the judge technically hasn’t allowed the SAC into the record he can’t be in default. Brett would have everyone running circles every time he says jump and files something. Some people enjoy doing that (pssst, Aaron, I’m looking at you lol) but others prefer to put their resources elsewhere. And it seems that by Stacy doing that it is making the Pro Se Diddler feel even more impotent that he isn’t achieving his ultimate goal – making good people suffer.

      Makes me wish I was the new Kimberlin Unmasked. But somebody else took the job before me. Or did they? 😛

    • Indeed we all are! I am so happy that I reblogged every KU post I could at the time. They are all (erm, most anyway) on my site, just look for them in the older posts. The graphics are still there for anyone to download and use as they see fit. I don’t own them, never did. The creator is unknown to me and they appear to be orphans. Funny, thoughtful and deflating to a couple of guys egos, but still lonely orphans. Take home a couple won’t you?

    • Which reminded me of this chestnut:
      Tiny diddlers (tiny diddlers)
      In the can (in the can)
      Make me happy (make me happy)
      Cause he’s a con man (cause he’s a con man)

      Tiny diddlers (tiny diddlers)
      Make me warm all over
      Cause I think that they’re gonna
      Jail you till the end of time

  4. “Finally, each of the remaining defendants in the RICO Madness should take note of how Brett Kimberlin is reneging on his part of the settlement agreement with Mrs. Thomas.”

    Reneged? How, exactly? Link?

  5. I have been remiss in thanking John for his mention of my blog, especially in conjunction with such a powerhouse as The Other McCain!
    Thank you John, not only for this but for all of your kindnesses to me.

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