Feel Free to Make a Bigger Fool of Yourself

Here’s one of the Team Kimberlin comments so far this afternoon.TK210501191932ZGo ahead. Post the stuff on Facebook. Mrs. Hoge’s friends all know her and will be certain that the she isn’t the source of any of your filth. While you’ll disgust some people, you won’t embarrass her. You’ll simply show yourself to be a creeptastic fool.

You’re gonna need a good-sized bandage for you own foot.

83 thoughts on “Feel Free to Make a Bigger Fool of Yourself

  1. What a wonderful example of Team Kimberlin’s knack of thinking up something “clever,” but not being able to think further ahead to see potential consequences.

    Of course, no one would believe Mrs. Hoge would have anything to do with the perverse nonsense in those bogus comments. OTOH, what kind of twisted deviant would be so into that sort of stuff that he thinks it would be believable?

  2. I have an important announcement to make. Please, be seated.

    I went outside for several hours. It was cold.

    I survived.

    Applause, please.

  3. William the Elder
    .@sub_aetha @mayberryville And all the towns he’s lived in. And his wife’s big bankruptcy settlement. #fullerbrushman
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    4:38 PM – 19 Jan 2015

    Hey, didn’t someone ELSE’S wife have issues with debt repayment that culminated in court proceedings? I’m sure I read that somewhere….

  4. I have little to add to WJJH3’s comments.

    Exactly that. You are offending people, yeah TK! You are winning converts, just not for your side.

    Every single person who asks Lady Hoge for background (aka WTF) will be one more person (probably one more couple, plus their friends, plus…) who knows who Brett Kimberlin is, and that he is a terrorist, pedophile, likely grandma-murdering dwarf whose greatest accomplishment in life was lying about Dan Quayle in Doonesbury.

    Yeah, good luck with that. I’m sure her friends are such low judges of character that this will make her a total pariah… Never met the lady, or our gentle host, but I feel I am an adequate judge of character to know which team to support, and people who have actually met them will feel the same, in spades.

    The email addy is half-right, though. So good on you.

  5. “Keep your nose out of this. It’s between me and EPWJ. ”

    Actually, that would be EPWJ and “Me”, Shakey. Aren’t you supposed to be a wordsmith or something. FUGGIN’ dummy.

    Oh, and. NO!

  6. William the Elder
    And while we’re at it, Neal N. Bob, I don’t recall giving YOU express permission to use my picture, either.
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    4:55 PM – 19 Jan 2015

    Actually, old boy, you THANKED mew for changing it from Gail’s less than a week ago.

    Memory getting a little hazy?

    • How do I check this? Schmeldt Fatrz tweets are protected. Oh and you all are cowards, or something, because you don’t delete your posts… or something… or shut up.

      • You’re not the first to forget a sarc tag, and unlike some other occasions this invisible sarc tag was pretty obvious, even to my soon-to-be-asleep brain. For that matter, I have put in actual invisible sarc tags on occasion, by forgetting and surrounding them with “”.

      • LG – there is also someone here who is swiping close /strike tags. I’m keeping an eye on a certain temporal pony thief; maybe you should too. 😉

  7. Remember this, William?

    William the Elder
    OK, so now Neal N Bob has an avatar of my wife. What is this fascination with her. I love her, and always will. If Hoge were a man, he’d…
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    6:37 PM – 14 Jan 2015

    William the Elder
    Thank you, Neal N Bob. I don’t care if you make fun of me. My wife is not involved.
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    7:09 PM – 14 Jan 2015

    It appears that you’re either losing your mind or you’re lying.

    • All of Bill’s statements come with an expiration date, and they’re shorter than mayo left out in the sun.

      • We’re not disputing things that happened months or years ago, here. This was five days ago.

        But if William is going to as big a pain in the ass about my using his photo as he was about my using Gail’s, then I may as well have FUN!

        I seem to remember a very wise man telling me that all we have is FUN!

  8. And speaking of copyrights and family photos, I don’t remember any of that stopping you in your Stranahan investigation.

    You do set up the most wonderful moving targets, William.

    • For once I agree with Bill, families should be off limits unless you’re threatening to report a woman and have her children taken away.

      I think we all can agree that that’s OK.

      Bill, as has been said before, you suck at life.

      • I love his argument that he just knew that the woman was an alcoholic and therefore an unfit parent, so the threat was justified. Of course if he had really had serious concerns about her parenting abilities, he should have called whatever the CPS/DCF/etc agency is in Wisconsin, whether or not she gave him the info he was trying to coerce from her.

        So either he doesn’t give a damn about the welfare of children, or he didn’t think they were at risk.

        Neither asumption makes him look very good, does it? (Though I’m not sure what would make him look worse than he’s painted himself the last two years or so.)

  9. William the Elder
    Familes should be off-limits in flame wars. I learned my lesson. Learn yours. I will see Hoge in court Jan. 30th. He wants the judge to…
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    5:17 PM – 19 Jan 2015

    William the Elder
    …hold me in contempt for a single peace order alleged violation. Thats the extent of it. And I have nothing more to say about it. Or Hoge.
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    5:18 PM – 19 Jan 2015

    1) Are you finally ADMITTING to a “single peace order violation” now, William? THat seems like a headline!

    2) Didn’t you publish on your hilarious new “You’re Killing Me” blog that you intend to write yet another Hoge-based book? It seems like you have MUCH left to say.

  10. And, while you’re here, I’d like an apology for saying that I’m using your photo without permission. If thanks isn’t permission, I don’t know what is.

  11. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 33m 33 minutes ago
    The comment re: Mrs. Hoge was epugnant. Now, let’s count up how many times Hoge has allowed the altered picture of my wife in his blog.

    John has deleted pictures many times here. Those avatars are from WordPress, not this blog. John has absolutely no control of the content of the avatars.

    • It’s obvious that William wants John to ban Howard from commenting. Y’know, like he bans everyone from commenting at his thousands of blogs.

    • We shouldn’t let Bill Schmalfeldt get away with this. First of all, John Hoge has stated repeatedly that he thinks families should be left out of it. He is already on record as having denounced the avatars in questions.

      Second, Bill Schmalfeldt has exhibited a rank hypocrisy between attacks on his wife, and his attacks on other men’s wives. Based on my reading of Paul Krendler’s parody of a Bill Schmalfeldt essay, the things Schmalfeldt wrote about Mrs Hoge were orders of magnitudes worse than any avatar I have seen. I’ve never read Bill Schmalfeldt admit that his essay was “epugnant.”

      Third, Bill Schmalfeldt will not discuss this matter in the context of the Truth. The Truth is that the person or persons who left those comments are not on Team Lickspittle. No one on Team Lickspittle would have any reason to leave such a comment. We all like John. We all despise Bill Schmalfeldt. We have no reason to do his bidding. While Brett Kimberlin may very well have been stupid enough to have himself severely beaten in an attempt to jail Aaron Walker, no one in their right mind would think that leaving such comments could “frame” Bill Schmalfeldt because nothing possibly could be proven. The comments have Team Kimberlin written all over them. Bill Schmalfeldt can’t say the comments are “epugnant” on one hand, and, act purposely to deflect responsibility from the guilty party on the other.

      Fourth, in case anyone has forgotten, it was Bill Schmalfeldt who suggested that some folks would be a lot happier if they forgot Brett Kimberlin ever existed. John Hoge did not. Now, we see an open sewer being poured into the comments of John Hoge’s blog. How can Bill Schmalfeldt consider this anything other than living in the world he foretold? What has really “epugnant” was Bill Schmalfeldt’s original suggestion. The rest followed in due course. Until and unless he declares that remark “epugnant” the extra-legal punishments being inflicted on John Hoge will continue in other forms.

      Fifth, we cannot allow Bill Schmalfeldt’s lack of sincerity to pass without notice. I don’t think he gives one iota about whether, or not, those comments were “epugnant.” I think his only objection is that the comments failed to have their intended effect, and, instead, made Team Kimberlin look small, vindictive and petty. If Bill Schmalfeldt wishes to raise the White Flag of Surrender, so be it. But, spare us demands about what should and shouldn’t be taken down in exchange for stating the obvious.

      Related, Bill Schmalfeldt foretold a world in which some folks are unhappy because they won’t forget what they are told to forget. A world of extra-legal punishments is a world of extra-legal punishments. If you want to play in an above board fashion you adhere to the law at all times. If you want to play in an underhanded fashion it is question of what you think you can successfully conceal. In short, either there are rules, or, there are no rules. Bill Schmalfeldt isn’t entitled to dictate which rules should be followed, and, which can be ignored. His actions indicates that he has opted for no rules. That Is the bed Bill Schmalfeldt made for himself. He should lay in it.

      Finally, if Bill Schmalfeldt had anything to do with any of the comments, either by commission or omission, then he has violated the Peace Order against him in a rather blatant manner. It would seem that BIll Schmalfeldt would find it in his self-interest to ferret out the guilty party so any suspicion that it was him could be definitively disproven. Suggestions that we merely move on are rather incriminating.

  12. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 41m 41 minutes ago
    I find the defamation of family members, unless they’ve stuck their snouts in themselves unwarranted and unprofessional. That goes both ways

    There’s a family in New Mexico that is stunned to see you say that.

    • OK, I know that Twitter with its character limit can lead to some odd statements, but why is he accusing other people’s family members of sticking their snouts inside their own bodies? It’s pretty obvious what he’s trying to say, but the actual phrasing is totally bizarre, even allowing for a missing word or two.

    • Arizona? Quite so.

      How exactly did that lady “stick [her] snout in” such that she merited being photoshopped standing atop a giant penis?

      And for that matter, how did that little boy “stick [his] snout in” such that he merited having a skull photoshopped over his head?

      • Let’s not forgot but some Joe guy he harassed him and his daughter (he admitted he contact his daughter) from a Wisconsin hunting facebook page because I out of the blue he thought he was Dick Tracy. Some guy named Jeremy he harassed for two years. Harassed some guy named Doug for liking a facebook post. Bill fail dox list in rather long.

    • I always know that someone is witless when they say that some act is “unprofessional” without specifying what profession or even whether the person so accused claims to be in that profession.

      What it usually means is that the speaker disapproves of the act, but is incapable of giving a coherent rationale for that opinion.

      I for one believe that a great deal of BS’s behavior would be highly professional if there were a profession of being a douche bag.

    • OK, so defamation isn’t actually wrong, unless they’ve “stuck their snouts in themselves…” No wonder he’s having such legal trouble. He figures defamation is totally okay in some circumstances. Like when someone angers him.

  13. Okay, so I’m going to set up a DOOM CLOCK of my own. I’ve always wanted to do that.

    If I don’t get an apology from William by midnight EST, I’m going to let Howard design my new avatar. Whatever Howard comes up with, I use. I refuse to be held responsible for the content of that avatar, since William could easily prevent it.

    That’s six hours and five minutes, which is about six hours longer than William’s DOOM CLOCKS run, but I’m a “people person.”

  14. Thought he was going to go legit? Oh that right he’s a child audio porn producer, with strong ties to pedophiles, felons, violent terrorist and drug dealers

    • And it’s not at all creepy that the children and the camp counselor’s voices were portrayed by famous character actor Bill Schmalfeldt. (The guy who would be an internet verb if only he he could limit his character flaws to fewer than ten.)

      For the record: No actual children were abused in the making of the recording. However, it was the least funny and most bizarre audio I’ve ever heard.

  15. Tried repeatedly to post this – if the other attempts are just very late showing up, sorry John and all.

    Ut oh… I think you hurt his fee-fees… he bravely turned his huge tail and fled; wheels squeaking along with his own terrified squealing.

    Pointing out his LIES and his mind-numbing HYPOCRISY is totally off limits in flame wars trying to get an adjudicated stalker and harasser to abide by court orders to stop.

    • Is he saying he’s loyal to John, or that the identity of the “Dear Leader” is someone else?

      …And when I am metaphorically assaulted, it is to be assumed that I assaulted myself in order to give the appearance that forces loyal to the Dear Leader are behind it. …”


      What a pile of whiny, pathetic, incomprehensible, nonsensical, ravings of a lunatic. Same as always – yet another invitation to his constant pity party.

      • One of these days I’ll catch on that I’m just not good at these formatting tags. Maybe.

        Is he saying he’s loyal to John, or that the identity of the “Dear Leader” is someone else?

        …And when I am metaphorically assaulted, it is to be assumed that I assaulted myself in order to give the appearance that forces loyal to the Dear Leader are behind it. …”


        What a pile of whiny, pathetic, incomprehensible, nonsensical, ravings of a lunatic. Same as always – yet another invitation to his constant pity party.

      • …Nobody really believes I abuse Gail. …

        And yet, he’s the only one who says/writes that.

        Newsflash: There are several people concerned for her welfare, who do believe she’s been abused. Just because we don’t file reports with state agencies without proof doesn’t mean we don’t believe it.

    • Therefore, I have taken my Twitter account private. And there it shall stay until after the 30th.

      Didn’t he say that only 24 hours ago, the last time he took his account private? And didn’t he tell us then that after the 30th, he would be done with Twitter?

      He really should make his mind up about it and stick to it, at least for more than 12 hours.

    • Vanderbilt legal has been informed that a child porn producer is using the image of their doctors to sell porn

      they were totally stunned……

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