80 thoughts on “While Hoggy Slept

  1. I can already tell you who would be laughing.

    That would be, US.

    Since you are stoopit enough to announce your SWATting.

    I guess if it isn’t a 14 year old girl, Team K is out of its element.

      • I don’t think it’s a bad idea. I think you’ll find yourself a welcome member of Team Lickspittle in a relatively short time.

        But I am a member at another site where newbies are often encouraged to “read more, post less.” It’s a suggestion to familiarize yourself with the community. What I suggest is that you take a look at the archives for the past 12-18 months and get a feel for what’s going on here. Comment where you feel comfortable, branch out when you feel more comfortable.

      • Take copious notes. Highlight the parts you feel are pertinent. Then study those parts.
        Breakdown the notes to mist relevant by month and then by quarter.
        categorize the notes by commenter, subject and the ratio of down-twinkles to thread count total.
        Study the compilation in its entirety.
        There will be a shirt 250 question test at the end of next week.

      • Howard, you are being too soft on the newbie. I remember it was 1,000 questions at the end of tomorrow, including feldtcharts (including the heavy flow) and Lickspittles by avatar …
        How soft we have become in our growth of new Lickspittles!

      • No, it just struck me that, if you are confused, you might be a touch more clear about what confuses you.

        A number of people would be happy to give you the short course.

      • Dianna, my New Year’s resolution this year is to post something that others haven’t already posted. And it will happen! (Eventually.) hahaha

      • hahahaha

        That’s why I try to avoid reading my own comments, Paul. There are always a zillion typos. Just caught myself lisping in an earlier post as I scrolled by it. Funny, but I barely notice typos by others, and often don’t notice them at all until the author points them out by correcting. But my own jump right out, usually a fraction of a second after I hit Post Comment. 😉

    • Asariels Muse, if you have any specific questions, please pose them. We’ll try to answer. As you find the time, you may want to go back and read older posts and comment threads to get caught up with everything.

      You also may want to look at a few other websites for some background. A google search of whichever name you choose will usually give you access to several perspectives.

      Welcome. 🙂

      • Great suggestions, Jane. I, too, will weigh in courtesy of Team Lickspittle…

        … Asariels Muse would be well served to take a similar tack as Michael Malone did. (God rest his soul.) The most thoroughly educated with regard to Team Kimberlin tend to ultimately come to the same conclusion. Well… unless they’re sociopaths.

        I, too, extend a welcome to Hogewash! With that said — best be of the unfettered Team Free Speech ilk, Asariels Muse… if not?

        I simply extend a simple — Good luck.

      • Great idea, me, I mean, Grace! We should send her to Michael’s.

        Asareils Muse, you haven’t indicated how you found Hogewash! or became interested in following whatever part(s) of all of this that brought you here. When we refer to MM, or Michael, we’re usually referring to Michael Malone who became interested last year.

        Michael came to Hogewash! as someone who’d only heard SchmalFAIL’s twisted and false version of events. He came here to not only stick up for the lying loser, but mostly to stick up for free speech itself. Being an intelligent kind of guy, he didn’t just jump in telling us off. Instead, he set out to do some homework about us before straightening us all out.

        Weeelllll… it didn’t take very long for Michael to determine that he and the group where he’d heard about Team K et al had been lied to and manipulated. We were only able to benefit from knowing Michael for a few short months before he died suddenly. He’s very missed.

        Anyway, he had a blog that you may find interesting. He didn’t really start writing about these cases and individuals until he was pretty much on the other side of the fence from where he started, but he always seemed to try to be objective. Reading Michael’s blog may be helpful to you.

        At the very least, you now know a bit about our late and missed friend of Hogewash! and TMZ, linked in the next comment.

      • TMZ, or Thinking Man’s Zombie, is also an excellent site, full of hilarious satire, parodies, mockery, and mayhem. Maybe not the best site for detailed info, but certainly the best place to go for a laugh many laughs. Bring tissues – many of us have been brought to tears from laughing so hard and so long. Of course, you may want to catch up a bit first, so you’ll understand the humor. Good luck!

  2. Bill Schmalfledt goes dark on Twitter and these messages immediately start coming in.

    Team Diddler will never be accused of being a particularly intelligent group of scum.

    • Man, what next

      1. Bill Schmalfeldt – fired from Liberland? If so, how many is that?
      2. Suddenly ill, with shortness of breath and pain in his legs – all needing immediate emergency attention, schedules doctors (Mall?) visit.
      3. Pleas for sympathy website, FAILS TO GATHER any hits
      4. Threatens Eric’s children again, times 11
      5. Post obligatory dog butt picture
      6. Still has failed to dox Howard, Jerry, Chris….
      7. Files legal brief – much to the amusement of entire courthouse
      8. Deletes or encrypts yet another twitter feed in advance of incriminating trial
      9. Fear Pee running down leg has caused him to invent yet another imaginary discussion with clerks
      10. destroyed again in comment section cries like a man

  3. Probably one of the usual suspects:

    Brett – Domestic terrorist with a perverted attraction to underage girls and a severe Napoleon complex.

    Neal – Not even man enough to pony up child support for his own kids.

    Bill – Adjudicated harasser in multiple states.

    Matt – Likes to pretend to be a female from California to go after Limbaugh advertisers.

    Will – Oh, we’ll save the goodies on Will for a little later on.

    THIS is Team Kimberlin. What a pathetic group of losers.

      • Unless he is there for a haircut! (Rimshot)

        Of course, bill schmalfeldt posted a picture of the rear of his dog. It’s the only view he ever has.

        Of course, the fear pee runs deep throughout a certain trailer park in Elkridge, Md.

        schmalfeldt is the quintessential coward. To wit:

        Crazy billy, a Gacy kind of guy
        Kissed little boys and made them cry
        When real men came out to play….
        Crazy billy took his mayo and ran away.

    • This looks a lot like the work of a spiteful cyber stalker who has too much time on his hands and an itchy down twinkle finger.

  4. While my audience gently weeps. (and sticks an ice pick in their ears)

    A Willie Ferguson and Brett Kimberlin collaboration to raise awareness for all of the teenage girls (and boys) that need to be adopted.

  5. Aside from the obvious attempt to rattle and punish and harass, I have the idea that this harrasser’s activity serves another purpose – to kick up dust around violations of the peace order committed by Schmalfeldt. Too bad that “more than one person” doesn’t matter if evidence of what the one did is plain.

  6. I’d say either the bowel movement or someone trying to make us think that’s who it is. So far he’s the only one who seems to have a fixation on John’s son and his son’s weight. And based on the photos bm posted, compared to the bm, John’s son is nearly anerexic, so definitely some projection of self-loathing going on there too.

  7. You do have to give young William credit. Even when he may not be, he has a sensational talent for making himself look guilty.

  8. Despite my love of the comedy potential here, I’m going to try to be fair.

    I haven’t been online since Friday evening for more than a few minutes, and not at all today. I saw his new blog last night that shows that “You’re Killing Me Bill” is back,which is a joy, and I know that his Twitter feed was public as of 9 am this morning.

    Even I don’rt think that he’s this stupid, but going private just before of just after the comments were sent looks incredibly bad for our boy.

      • I think one of his “friends” have figured out the schmycle as well as we have. They know that when something like this pops up, William will be the first suspect.

        But he’ll be found in contempt on the 30th and, if his funny new blog is to be believed, he’ll kill himself.

        Problem solved.

        • If anyone cares enough, a mental health check can be sent to the tin can, but why bother?

          He doesn’t have the self-discipline to stop being an asshole, except for a – and pardon the term – “final solution.”

          Besides, he’s making all of this up for sympathy, anyway.

      • Heh. Even more desperate attempt at extortion aimed at the Judge. “If you find me to be in contempt, I’ll suicide.”
        How desperate and ultimately futile an extortionate gesture can there be?

  9. I see we’re back to overseas IPs – the Netherlands and the UK, respectively.

    I wonder if there’s some other Team Kimberlin hanger-on that’s doing some of this. People do stupid things all the time.

    Of course, it’s just as likely to be a TK member.

  10. For some reason, I keep thinking of a sub roll, Miracle Whip, ham, Swiss cheese, tomato and lettuce. And popcorn.

  11. One ponders how often these guys got their butts whipped in junior high school?

    It must have been a frequent occurrence and the bus stop must have been very entertaining…

  12. Oh, geez- he’s back already. DUDE- BE HAPPY. SPEND YOUR DAYS ENJOYING THE LITTLE TIE YOU HAVE LEFT. STAY AWAY FROM TWITTER. Moron. In the end, Grace is the greatest gift. Next in line is time, and its a finite resource. Wasting it is a crime of the highest order.

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