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The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt has filed a couple of motions related to his upcoming show cause hearing for contempt of court. I will respond to them in a timely manner. The responses will be directed to the court, and I may not choose to publish them until after the hearing.

The Cabin Boy’s™ motions will not be ripe for consideration by the court until I have filed my oppositions or until the time allowed for me to do so has expired. Md. Rule 2-311 says that I “shall file any response within 15 days after being served with the motion.” Since I was served by mail, Md. Rule 1-203(c) also applies. It says that when ”service is made by mail, three days shall be added to the prescribed period.” I have until close of business on the 18th day following service to file. If the court isn’t open all day on the 18th day (weekend, holiday, weather, whatever), I have until the end of the court’s next full business day.

One of TDPS’s motions, the Motion to Cancel, was filed on 12 January, so I have until close of business on the 30th to file. That is after the hearing. Unless I file my opposition before the hearing, that motion should not be considered until the hearing begins. I may choose to oppose it orally at the hearing.

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    • Checkers? I think you might be giving too much credit there. I suspect Schmalfeldt would be overcome by the intricacies of Tic-Tac-Toe.

      • Surely you jest – why he’d have 80 page briefs outlining his strategy, and explaining why his opponent is a liar who has no chance to win tic-tac-toe. In fact, he’ll make a compelling case that his tic-tac-toe opponent has already cheated before the game even starts. The tic-tac-toe experts will line up to testify on his behalf, and lawyers will beg to take the case pro bono, should the official tic-tac-toe referees ignore clear tic-tac-toe rules that he understands because he can read English, and because #SchmalFAIL. /sarc


  1. PUBLIC ADDRESS ANNOUNCER: Well, well, well…it looks like someone, someone, someone…got caught reading, reading, reading…only as far into the rules, rules, rules…as it took to find, find, find…something he liked, liked, liked…but he should have done more RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH!!!

  2. No, it would seem that Hoge actually read the rules and is following them, something BS claims that he’s a sticker for. Also, the judge can rule on something without responding briefs. See, e.g., Kimberlin vs. NBC. Also, BS says he’s going to the doctor’s tomorrow to get checked for an embolism. I guess that trip into the cold won’t cause him pain or discomfort and hasten his death.

  3. Oliver Wendell Jones has a message he would like conveyed to “Aaron”.

    The message: “It appears I am knee-deep in another fail d0x.”

    Is that accurate, Inspector?

  4. “It’s a rare and disgusting thing to see a man boasting about his ability to cause physical pain to a person on a whim. But that’s Hoge.”

    Clearly, Cousin Bill is a n00b, as well as a b00b…

    The S&M and D&S communities are RIGHT OUT THERE on the Innertubz, Bill…don’t try and tell us you don’t know that!

    Another clumsy lie, intended to enable a clumsy smear.

    Is there anything about my Cousin that *isn’t* clumsy? I’ve know him for six decades, and I’m drawing a blank…

  5. Bill Schmalfeldt has collected multiple court orders from multiple states for harassment and stalking. He thinks people should feel sorry for him. Like the kid who murders his parents, then tells the court, “But Judge, I’m an orphan!”

  6. This is long past being ridiculous. BS should apologize to WJJH and his family, and just leave them alone from now on.

    • I truly believe he is not psychologically capable of those simple acts. They would not feed his needs to feel powerful, clever, and worthy of attention. He is not powerful except at causing annoyance and disgust. He is not clever except in his own perception. And the only attention he can garner is by being annoying and disgusting.

      • The sideline losers keep telling Schmalfeldt how important he is. That’s all he’s got going for him.

      • I’ve commented elsewhere that a hallmark of maturity is the ability to admit one’s own fallibility — the ability to say ‘I was wrong’.

    • Not good enough. He also needs to:

      1. Give Our Gentle Host copies of all correspondence with Team Kimberlin, including the full headers and original attachments supplying him with Aaron Walker’s sealed discovery information.

      2. Block @whoisnumbernone and other anonymous coward thug puppets that have given him bad advice.

      3. Pay Seth Allen the money owed under the terms of the Illinois restraining order.

      4. Voluntarily give depositions to the RICO Madness defendants (assuming the case survives motions to dismiss), naming (e.g.) names and aliases used by Team Kimberlin members, supporting the truthfulness of defendants’ statements at issue in that lawsuit.

  7. “I’m not going to the doctor to please the vindictive need of some crazy old man who is fixated on me.”

    Sorry, Shakey. But that is exactly what you are doing.

  8. Two weeks from yesterday, I have to go to Westminster to do my final batttle with WJJ Hoge. Then, I will write my final book.

    Then, assuming I live to see my way through it, I will die. Mission accomplished.

    And how many stars will it get?


  9. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 25m 25 minutes ago
    Like the old proverb says, “Be careful what you wish for. You may get it.”

    You’re getting a back rub from Kimberlin?

  10. Poor Bill. His years of harassing people has caught up with him. Now he’s all put out. So sad. Poor Bill.

  11. The thing you don’t realize, Hoggy… even if Bill died tomorrow you would still get prank calls, insulting emails, all of it. Because more than one person finds you a ridiculous old man who is worthy of all mockery. Sue Bill with your last dollar, you won’t be left alone. Dick.

    • Mockery? Too bad you simpering LIb’tards can’t BRING IT.

      You can’t out-logic, out-fact, out-sarcasm, out-satire, out-Photoshop those you hate… So you resort to the sort of vile tactics Team Kimberlin has become notorious for.

      Your butthurt doesn’t justify committing crimes against those you’ve fixated on as the enemy.

      But, hey, you’re all so much smarter than us RWNJs, right? You’ll never slip up and find yourselves standing in a courtroom having to account for your criminal behavior, will you?


  12. One thing I’ve noticed about these character is that they are obsessed with male genitalia, feces, anal rape, enjoy the degradation of women and love to attack innocent family members.

    • Well, with Lib’tards in general, they always seem focus on the sexual. Maybe they think it will make us uncomfortable or something.

      Calling conservatives “fags”, as if we were so insecure in our sexuality that we’d be wounded. Amazingly enough, not only do most of us RWNJs keep track of where our PPs have been, but we don’t generally care what consenting adults do behind closed doors. We just don’t need your faggotry in our faces and scaring the horses.

      As for why so many Lib’tards are fixated on perversion, my personal theory is it’s because they’re perverts. Perverts don’t care to be told what they are doing is self-destructive or immoral, so they associate with those that share and support their perversions. *cough*TeamKimberlin*cough*

      We’re dealing with people with mental illness (which liberalism is, BTW) or younger derps who grew up being told they are special little flowers and being rewarded just for showing up.

      Next, add in the Lib’tard certainty that they are right, the RNJBs are not only wrong but EVIL for disagreeing with the leftist party line… And they have their twisted “moral” justification for SWATting, doxing, anonymous threats, harassing family and employers, etc. etc.

      Of course, when someone tires of their crap and uses their own tactics against them, even in the most mild and innocuous way (say, horse poop in hermetically sealed container) they FREAK OUT.

      Team Kimberlin cannot defend their hero with logic or fact. The fact is that Brett Kimberlin is a convicted terrorist bomber, who was found legally responsible for the death of a man whose leg was blown off by one of the bombs that Kimberlin set… Only blind luck prevented more deaths and mayhem, perhaps of women and children.

      It’s also a fact that Brett Kimberlin married an underage girl, and there’s reason to think he murdered and bombed to cover up his lust for little girls.

      It’s less a fact than an widely held opinion that Brett Kimberlin’s musical efforts are a crime against humanity, unmitigated by unintended comedy (such as recordings by Bill Shatner)… Just… BAD.

      Those are some of the facts. Now for some logic:

      There are thousands of liberal organizations and activists out there, most of whom aren’t associated with terrorists. Why would anyone support someone with a past filled with violence and crime (and a present filled with anti-free-speech vexatious litigation!) when a moment’s search could find you honest and upstanding (if misguided) Lib’tards to support?

      Why? We come back to this:

      “Perverts don’t care to be told what they are doing is self-destructive or immoral, so they associate with those that share and support their perversions.”

      • Knock it off about the “Lib-Tard” stuff. I’m a “Lib-Tard”, but a classic one. This is about the freedom and liberty that makes us a demoractic republic. Libertarianism rules! But only if we fight for it.

      • Charles,

        “Knock it off about the ‘Lib-Tard’ stuff.”

        Since you ask so nicely, how about… NO.

        “I’m a ‘Lib-Tard’, but a classic one.”

        A “Lib’tard” is a liberal retard, or simply an insulting term for a liberal.

        As I am not specifying “classic”, you can rest assured that I’m not referring to a classical liberal, unicorns, Santa, the Easter Bunny, or any other mythical entities.

        Personally, I’m a “little L” libertarian. Think Heinlein with some Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill rolled in for good measure.

        If you didn’t vote for Obama, you’re not a Lib’tard and shouldn’t be offended by the term. If you did vote for Obama, you are a Lib’tard and hopefully are offended.

        Hope that clarified the whole “Lib’tard” thing for ya.

  13. Admiral Asinine rallies his troops for some public displays of butthurt and some intimidating down-twinkling.

    Impressive game plan, Admiral.


  14. Dumbass takes his Twitter private once again.

    “That’s the way, uh-uhunh uh-hunh, we like it, uh-hunh uh-hunh”

    Its a mystery we he acts like he is punishing by departing Twitter when that is the end game we have been driving for all along.
    If only he would really stay gone.

    • Bets on how long Schmalfeldt stays off twitter? I say three days. He sounded pretty serious this time.

      • 2 days then new name, 4 days focus on his “serious issues” or radio station, followed by decay into blame/doxfail/abuse/faulty legal exegesis and then the signal flares go up for the new Schmycle.

      • Ok. How about how many Schmycles wil occur between now and the 30th? I can see a full two, with a partial third.

      • Some Team Kimberlin member will anonymously prank call Schmalfeldt, send him another shipment of manure, or find some other way to fire up his self-perceived victimhood. This will “force” him to “retaliate” against Our Gentle Host.

        It’s truly diabolical how Team Kimberlin keeps prodding him out of his wise silent periods, knowing that he doesn’t have the self control or wisdom to exercise his right to remain silent.

        That’s the risk of aligning yourself with anonymous coward thug puppeteers; you can never know whether they’ve turned their tactics on you because you’re just a useful cardboard cutout tool, useful to them only as a puppet yourself.

    • It would be fine with me if he enjoyed twitter like a normal person, or spent his tweeting efforts promoting his hobby stations, or whatever. The problem is he can’t.

    • Gosh, the cyberstalking freakshow could “write” at least three “books” in two hours, with a 90 minute lunch break in the middle.

  15. I hope all of our friends from across the political spectrum, including democrats who regularly comment here, know that most of us like and respect you.

    But we’re still going to try to persuade you to change your political positions! 😉

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