BlognetTitleCardMUSIC: Theme. Intro and fade under.

NARRATOR: Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to hear is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

MUSIC: Up, then under …

NARRATOR: You’re a Detective Sergeant. You’re assigned to Internet Detail. A group of cyberbullies has been operating in support of convicted domestic terrorist by conducting online attacks on bloggers. One of them is the subject of multiple restraining orders which he appears to be violating. Your job … document ‘em.

MUSIC: Up then under …

ANNOUNCER: Blognet … the documented drama of an actual case. For the next few minutes, in cooperation with the Twitter Town Sheriff’s Department, you will travel step by step on the side of the good guys through an actual case transcribed from official files. From beginning to end, from crime to punishment, Blognet is the story of the good guys in action.

MUSIC: Up and out.

SOUND: Footsteps in hallway.

FRIDAY: It was Saturday, December 13th. It was cold and blustery in Westminster. We were working the evening watch out of Internet Detail. My partner’s Liz Smith. The Boss is Twitter Town Sheriff W. J. J. Hoge. My name’s Friday. It was 7:02 pm when I returned to Room S-140. Internet Detail.

SOUND: Door opens. Footsteps across room. Chair pulled out.

SMITH: Hey, Joe. What happened at the meeting?

FRIDAY: The Boss turned over all of the information on the Parvocampus contacts to me. I’ve got copies of everything on this thumb drive.

SMITH: Including the audio?

FRIDAY: Uh, huh. The Boss made an mp3 copy.

Oh, I stopped by Forbidden City on the way back and picked up some General Tzo’s Chicken for supper.

SOUND: Paper bag rustling.

FRIDAY: There’s more than I can finish. Want any?

SMITH: Maybe later.

FRIDAY: Uh, huh. Here. Load the files on to your computer.

SMITH: Right.

SOUND: Typing on keyboard.

SMITH: OK. Which file has the audio … Oh, I see it. It’s the mp3.

FRIDAY: (Mouth full) Right.

SOUND: (Playback through small speaker) OK, look, I don’t know you, but I’m coming for Thanksgiving. You seem like you’ve got a pretty chill family.

SMITH: You’re kidding. That can’t be real.

FRIDAY: I heard the playback off the Boss’s voicemail. Play it again.

SOUND: (Playback through small speaker) OK, look, I don’t know you, but I’m coming for Thanksgiving. You seem like you’ve got a pretty chill family.

FRIDAY: The message is timestamped at 8:52:47 pm on the evening before Thanksgiving.

SMITH: But that’s nuts. OK, I admit that were dealing with Parvocampus, but why would he call with a peace order in place and leave a recorded message? I suppose he can try to claim that it isn’t his voice on the message.

FRIDAY: Yeah, but it sure sounds like him, and it’s consistent with his behavior in the Illinois case. Remember that long voicemail message he left Grayson. This looks like another case of his forgetting something important.

SMITH: What’s that?

FRIDAY: His right to remain silent.

MUSIC: Stinger and under.

FRIDAY: Friday, December 19th. 4:15 pm.

We received word that the court had scheduled a hearing for Parvocampus to show cause why he shouldn’t be found in contempt for disobeying the peace order.

Wednesday, January 14th.

Liz and I had followed all the leads that we could tease out of Parvocampus’s messages. We had taken that and merged with the information turned up by the forensic nerds in the lab and were ready to report to the Boss.

SHERIFF: OK, what have you got?

SMITH: All of this looks genuine. First, it all fits in with his usual pattern of behavior. Also, everything seems to fit in with his other writings on Twitter and his websites. There’s continuity. Of course, the clincher is that he admits to the first instance and is trying claim that it really isn’t a violation of the order.

SHERIFF: What else?

FRIDAY: Voiceprints from that phone message match recordings of his voice from the spoken word material he has on iTunes. The lab guys are fairly certain it’s his voice.

SHERIFF: So the net is that he’s been engaging in contact in violation of the order.

FRIDAY: That’s about the size of it.

SHERIFF: OK. Write it up.

SMITH: We’re a step ahead of you. Here it is.

SHERIFF: Thanks, Liz.

FRIDAY: Well, we still have one open item.

SHERIFF: What’s that?

FRIDAY: How many more times will Parvocampus violate the order between now and the hearing date?

MUSIC: Up and under.

NARRATOR: A show cause hearing is scheduled for Friday, January 30th. In a moment, we will have further information concerning that hearing.

MUSIC: Stinger.

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NARRATOR: A contempt show cause hearing is ordered when the court has been presented with prima facie evidence that a peace order has been violated. It is not an opportunity to retry the basis of the order. It is solely an opportunity for the respondent to explain why sanctions are not in order.

MUSIC: Theme up and under.

ANNOUNCER: You have just heard Blognet, a series of authentic cases from official files. Technical advice comes from the office of the Twitter Town Sheriff’s Department.

MUSIC: Theme up to music out.

ANNOUNCER: Blognet is a work of fiction. Anyone who thinks it’s about him should read Proverbs 28:1.

Be sure to tune in on Monday evenings at 6 pm Eastern Time for the transcribed adventures of the man with the action-packed Twitter account, America’s fabulous Internet investigator—Yours Truly, Johnny Atsign. This is LBS, the Lickspittle Broadcasting System.

161 thoughts on “Blognet

  1. “30 Days” by The Rainmakers

    Thirty days has September,
    April, June and County Jails.
    Thirty days, maybe, I can remember
    Just where I went wrong.
    Just where I failed.

    Warden Hoge, he locked me up
    And he threw away the key.
    And sentenced me to
    Heavy thinking for thirty days.
    Thirty Days.

    There was a time when
    I did believe that
    I could recall every
    Day that I had lived.
    But then that joyride,
    became I landslide
    And I got buried
    Alive in here.

    I used to wake up
    And face each moring.
    Time was nothing
    I’d ever want to kill.

    But now the first day
    Of every month is
    Another paycheck
    And a bunch of bills.

    For thirty days,
    I am a prisoner.
    In thirty days,
    I’m an escapee.

    For I shall tunnel
    out of all this trouble.
    I shall be free in thirty days.

    Well, its been a bad month my friend.
    And last month was not so hot either.
    The wind got knocked out of my life
    And I don’t want to fight.
    I just want a breather.

    So God created
    The Earth And Heaven
    In only seven
    Days they say.
    And on that seventh
    Day he rested,
    But I heard it
    Another way.

    I heard that he got
    Drunk and lonely,
    Create Trouble,
    Left town alone.
    Each thirty days he
    Shoots out the full moon,
    Just to remind us,
    We’re on our own.

    Thirty days has September,
    And I could use a day or two.
    For life’s a mystery,
    I shall remember.
    Without a clue for thirty days.
    For life’s a mystery,
    I shall remember.
    For Thirty days, thirty days.

    Thirty days.
    Thirty days.
    Thirty days.
    Thirty days.
    Thirty days.
    I’m going to think it all for thirty days.

    • How cool would it be for the cyberstalking freakshow to be picked up at the Jan. 30th hearing to answer to the IL court why he hasn’t paid the judgment? Can’t trust him to show up on his own; he didn’t last time. hahahaha

      Warning – please be sure to do extra prep time on the lulz muscles. Don’t risk injury. There’s a slight possibility that he’ll get picked up before the hearing, then be released to the MD jail system. Or vice-versa. hahahahaha

      • Based the comment on one of the lawyer replies which included this gem:

        …First, you could ask the harasser be held in contempt for not paying, then see that he be detained if he does not comply. It would also be possible to have his bank account frozen to recover the funds. …

      • “Dear AVVO,

        Why are you talking to Grady? You’re supposed to be MY girlfriend!

        I shared my skeevy hopes and twisted, boneheaded dreams with you, and for what? To be treated like ?this?

        But I let my first two wives do it, so I forgive you, AVVO.

        Elkridge, MD”

  2. “Twitter accounts are made to be broken. Mine is gonna break sometime in the next 24 hours. Boy, Howdy!”

    — William Smellfart, Attorney at Law

    • hahaha ISWYDT! hahaha

      Blueberry tonight. If the two left over from dinner are still here in the morning (unlikely), they won’t make it past first coffee. 😉

    • “FRIDAY: Voiceprints from that phone message match recordings of his voice from the spoken word material he has on iTunes. The lab guys are fairly certain it’s his voice.” January 30 is looking like it’s going to be the hottest ticket in town.

      • A Reader #1 – what do you think the odds are on a quantum mechanic having friends who qualify as experts in that type of technology; maybe already court-qualifed? And what are the odds those friends would testify on a contingency basis – free if costs aren’t awarded, full rate if the defendant is ordered to pay? hahahaha

      • samk – but, but, but (now who does that remind me of??), it’s simple English that even the lickspittles understand. hahahaha

      • BOOM

        That’s gonna leave a mark, BKWatch.

        I hope all in the Elridge vicinity have their flotation devices at the ready. hahahaha

  3. They’ll have to shift this case to a major metropolitan sports arena to cater for the crowds, not to mention pop-corn demand.

  4. Based on resent comments on twitter, I would ask the court to have someone’s google alerts disabled, and not be allowed new ones. Has moved far belong harassing to out right stalking.

  5. False alarm, guys. Bill says it wasn’t him who called, and if we’ve learned one thing about Bill, it’s that he’s a man of his word.


  6. “Dear AVVO,

    An imaginary detective just said that I violated a peace order by phoning just before Thanksgiving, which I absolutely did.

    My question is do imaginary detectives have voice recognition software, and if they don’t, why isn’t there a law against imagination? Will you help me pass one? If you don’t I’ll put pictures of your daughters on my blog that you’ll have to register to see!

    But I never make extortionate statements.

    Elkridge, MD”

  7. It occurs to me that The Grouch may have made a lot of factual claims in his filings about what he did or did not do. The Sheriff has said very, very little. I wonder if all the material facts asserted by The Grouch in his briefs are, well, factual. And I wonder if a trap or two has snapped shut on perjury. I can hardly wait for the next episode!

  8. Ol’ Bill’s an incorrigible fart
    Thinks he knows all ’bout the harassment art
    Called and broke the Peace Order
    Hoge had a recorder
    Truth be told, Bill isn’t very smart

      • Ol’ Bill’s an incor’gible fart,
        Thinks he knows of the ‘arassment art.
        ‘E broke the Peace Order,
        On Hoge’s recorder,
        The last thing you’d call Bill is smart.

        That’s proper limerick form, all due credit to samk for inspiration.

      • samk – it was much better than anything I could have come up with. I’m not bad at editing, but I can’t write originals, whether high art, doggeral, or inbetween, for love nor money.

        AJ – love the Cockney!

  9. “I made $20 last week working on my computer from home! Then I bought myself this cool crayon set. It’s delicious! You should check it out, but send me $20 first. Boy, Howdy!”

    — William Smellfart, Attorney at Law

  10. He’s worried up there on that hill
    In his can of tin
    They say no one can help him now
    Not even Kimberlin

    His name’s Parvocampus
    And he’s such a dreadful sort
    All day he’s eatiin’ mayo
    And misunderstanding torts.

  11. It’s just the English words I read
    That’s how I know the law
    I’ll litigate it night and day
    With a hot dog in my maw

  12. He publishes the death threats
    That he writes himself
    He thinks no one can sue him
    ’cause his wife controls the weath

    His names Parvocampus
    And he’s such a dreadful sort
    All day he’s eating mayo
    And misunderstanding torts

  13. William the Elder
    Am I wrong, or does Hoge’s blog exist for one purpose alone? To stoke hate along with an occasional Pinky and the Brain bit of nonsense?
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    9:52 PM – 16 Jan 2015

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say “hate.” Maybe “contempt.”

    You know all about contempt, don’t you, William?

    And with that, I bid you adieu for the evening.

  14. Bill Schmalfeldt’s war on women:

    “You’ve already had the media’s interest in this case explained to you Now, do you wanna play dumb and lose your kids? Or do you wanna play smart and keep what you got?”

    — William Schmalfeldt to a woman on facebook who wouldn’t submit to Schmalfeldt’s will.

    The DOOM CLOCK now ticks down for YOU
    You’ll look most unkempt
    When you’re held in contempt
    Quite obviously the world largest shrew

  16. Dang, it. I thought I’d just be a long-time lurker, but this is too good not to get in on:

    Fatty, he jiggles with glee
    As he tries to lie himself free
    But although he may think
    That he just spilled his drink
    That moisture is really fear pee

  17. “The only thing keeping tonight’s “Johnny FatSon” from being libel is he didn’t use my name. Unintentionally hilarious.”

    So, you’re admitting you libeled Hoge’s son by accusing him of emailing you a death threat. Thanks for the admission.

  18. Hey, John Wayne Gacy, (Reinc)….oooops, bill schmalfeldt……..Are you ready to have the grounds around and under your crude hovel excavated? Can you explain away the horrors that lurk there?

    Paul Whiteman ain’t gonna ameliorate your sins one bit. It’s gonna take time, Gacy….serious time.

  19. Right now Bill has got to be wondering, “Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, what else does he have on me”? Oh Bill, did you really think he didn’t have more? You have got to be trying hard to remember what else he might have on you. Tick Tock.

  20. Bill Schmalfeldt has collected multiple court orders from multiple states for harassment and stalking. He wants people to feel sorry for him.

  21. Being a creator of audio child porn, associating heavily with people known to have raped children repeatedly, known to have associated and have strong ties with people who were terrorists on US soil, targeting childrens events, sure call witnesses – what could go wrong?

    • Pay phones (a few still exist), VOIP (which I understand can be hard to trace), and burner phones; just three ways to avoid using your usual phone to make a call, that I can think of off the top of my head. All his personal cell records might show is that that particular phone wasn’t used.

    • it proves that he was calling Johns commentators and threatening and harassing them that day – also Eric has recordings and records of Bill alleged calls they don’t match those records he posted

      • Older recordings of telephonic conversations exist, are already in possession of the FBI (they have been recording all of telephone calls made to/from my phones since I was released from prison on 4 Jan 2010) and every person on them has been identified by voice analysis. Even people on multiple party calls.
        I learned that after Bill and Matt made complaints to my PO in an attempt to have me returned to prison. (That is back-firing on Bill too. The investigation found the reports to be without merit. Their continued calls opened them up to federal charges for filing false reports. The federal investigation is finishing and the Assistant Federal Prosecutor for the Middle District of Florida has the report on their desk for the charges).
        January will be such a happy month for me …

      • Paul, have I mentioned before that you’re an interesting man? I believe I have. It bears repeating. LOL!

      • Jane: Got it and replied
        A Reader #1: Thank you kindly! I find most of the commenters here quite interesting and diverse. A couple I have met in person. I’d gladly hoist a glass and tell stories in front of the fire with almost all of you … and be deeply in your debt thereby. Always keep in mind my criminal past and the fact I am first and foremost a sinner. Then spare a prayer for me. Thanks.

    • He’s so wrong about so many things already today, isn’t he? hahahaha

      And we can all laugh at him at FUPP without explaining to him his most recent stupidity. 😀

      • all before noon, how is he going to make it to the 30th….

        Wait until Brett and Neal, Matt join him, in jail by the end of this year

  22. The guilt ridden innocence of a pedo worshipping, multi-state adjudicated harasser comes to a twitter feed near you


  23. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015
    However, the followers of Kim Sung Hoge are devoted to the Dear Leader and would deny the sun in the sky if told to. I’ve been rational…
    …tried to explain the actual legal rationale I used… but yet, the Carroll County Seat of Pyongyang, the Dear Leader’s word is supreme.

    Annnnd the rocker goes off the urine stained porch

    • There is obviously a missing word of two in that last tweet, because as it is, it makes no sense whatsoever, since there is nothing to explain the presence of “the Carroll County Seat of Pyongyang”.

      As usual, the bowel movement proves he could never, ever have worked as an editor. Or if he did, the quality must have been rather low.

  24. hahahahahahahahaha Oh my goodness, is he incredibly STOOOOOPID!

    As if the word of a lying liar means anything at all… hahahahaha

    I do hope he pulls out those telephone records to insult the judge’s intelligence. hahahaha Cos whatever telephone numbers he claims are valid, and whatever records he claims are valid without any records custodian to authenticate them, are the only possible ways he could have contacted John’s landline. hahahahaha

    The demented fool may have convinced himself that we’re all too stupid to realize he could have used a phone that’s not one of the two he claims, or his computer, or another method, but surely he can’t believe the judge wouldn’t see through that? Oh wait… we are talking about SchmalFAIL… he probably does think (or whatever he does in place of thinking), exactly that.

    Bwahahahahahahaha LOLOLOLOLOL

  25. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 5m 5 minutes ago
    .@Harada_no_hime It’s like his continuing lie that Carroll County declined to prosecute me at HIS REQUEST! Unmitigated bullshit.

    Wait, didn’t Bill just admit the other day that this was what happened? Only he said it was by “mutual agreement”.

    With him flailing around like this, I can’t follow his changing stories.

      • Well played; very well played, A Reader #1. I write several paragraphs and you convey the same info in a single word. hahahaha

    • Clearly he is incapable of leaving John alone.

      As for the obsession, well, you know how the cyberstalking freakshow must have the last word? It’s kind of like that. John not only stood up to his bullying, but also was able to get a court to understand what was really going on and to issue a peace order, something the freakshow had managed to avoid up until that point.

      The creeptastic idiot is desperate to best John in some way to reassert his (imaginary) dominance, soothe his narcissistic injury, and to punish John for daring to challenge his narcissistic and dementia-addled journalmalism “techniques.”

      In his warped and deluded thinking processes, John has caused the cyberstalker’s every failure throughout his entire miserable existence. Even the kids who beat him up on the playground in grade school only did so because HOOOOOOGE!!! And the only thing that stands between the hulking horror and the the success and adulation be believes he’s due is John.

      He actually believes John works to thwart him. Just look at his ravings of today to see the proof of that. The bildo is all hate and projection, so he’ll never understand that John just wants to be left alone, and feels little more than pity and annoyance for the imbecile. Every action John takes toward the blob is in furtherance of his goal to be left alone, but he sees it as an epic battle in which they are both engaged.

      To make matters worse, John is everything the freakshow wants to be – popular, respected, admired, accomplished – and he’s incredibly jealous of John’s success.

      TL;DR – Guess I taught Charles to not ask rhetorical questions when I’m around! hahahaha

      • Thank you, Jane. It’s good to document the depth of Bill Schmalfeldt’s obsession and harasment of Mr. Hoge. Because, as we all know, the internet is forever.

    • Were I a lawyer (I’m not) representing Schmalfeldt, given this fact pattern I would argue something like this:

      Your honor, we stipulate that harassment of Mr. Hoge has occurred during the effective period of the peace order. But with the exception of the unintentional WordPress pingback, no evidence has been offered that my client is behind any of that harassment.

      In fact, my client has been the victim of anonymous harassment calculated to inflame and manipulate him into violating the Peace Order against Mr. Hoge. The shipment of manure from overseas is a prime example; it arrived at a time when Mr. Schmalfeldt was fully complying with the peace order and caused my client to believe Mr. Hoge’s supporters were once again attacking him for no reason.

      News reports have described “swatting” attacks on several people associated with Mr. Hoge. My client condemns those attacks in the strongest possible terms, and denies having any knowledge or part in those heineous crimes. But they demonstrate the capaability and intent of an unknown third party to make spoofed phone calls at will, very much like the call Mr. Hoge received.

      We also stipulate that my client’s voice is on the recording. But our evidence showed that recording could have been pieced together for other recordings made lawfully and peaceably by Mr. Schmalfeldt.

      Given this pattern of anonymous harassment against both my client and Mr. Hoge, we now believe a third party is anonymously harassing both Mr. Hoge and Mr. Schmalfeldt in order to manipulate them into ongoing conflict. We ask the court to refer this case to the proper investigative authorities, and Mr. Schmalfeldt pledges to cooperate fully and completely with the investigators seeking to identify and punish that third party, including waiving any personal privacy protections under the fourth amendment to search phone, Internet, and other relevant records. We further ask the court to suspend any contempt citation under the condition that the investigating authorities receive the pledged full and enthusiastic cooperation from Mr. Schmalfeldt in this matter.

      • So “Mr. Hoge’s supporters” = Mr. Hoge? Interesting theory of vicarious liability, there.

        There’s also the problem of documented warnings from the bench by the same judge about future violations. Blaming anonymous third persons and launching “investigations” that will never bear fruit and will be sidelined due to funding issues is clever, too.

        Then again, Mr. Hoge could always point out the long history of harassment and multiple restraining orders in three states to show that this is not the case of a mysterious third party, but one guy who, like Deb Frisch, delights in internet harassment. Occam’s Razor and all.

      • I’m not saying the argument outlined above would be effective or moral or sufficient, but rather it’s about the best I can think of given the corner Schmalfeldt has painted himself into. He must show cause why he shouldn’t be held in contempt under the terms of the order currently in effect,

        This is all academic anyway. Schmalfeldt is convinced (both from his own psychological projection and by the lies of certain psychopathic anonymous coward thug puppets?) that Our Gentle Host has a vendetta against him and his “friends”. He would never admit to a judge that he may have been manipulated by cruel backstabbing fiends.

        Did Deb Frisch have puppeteers pulling her strings like Schmalfeldt?

        Don’t get me wrong – Schmalfeldt apparently must suffer the consequences of his own bad choices and actions before he starts to reevaluate whether his associations and support for Team Kimberlin are in his own best interest. I’ve had to go through some very painful times in my own life to get past my own stupid arrogance and gain better self knowledge. Mercy on the part of his victims clearly doesn’t help him, so the sooner those consequences arrive the sooner he can start to learn from them.

      • What isn’t clear to me is why you are trying to help him out of that corner when you acknowledge that he must face the consequences of his own actions, learn, and gain self awareness. He is not an imbecile. He has made his own poor choices, repeatedly.

      • Parallel’s comment above, while purporting to help someone avoid appropriate consequences for their illegal actions, is a perfect example of why one should always hire an actual lawyer. This is especially true when there is a potential (or as in the case at bar, a probability), for large fines to be imposed, or, as now, when even one’s liberty is at stake.

        A Reader #1 quickly and easily shot down the suggested tactics to avoid well deserved punishment without even going into numerous other flaws in Parallel’s argument. I hope we will all avoid helping the adjudicated cyberstalker by not pointing out those other flaws.

      • Like A Reader #1, I’m also not understanding why anyone who knows what the adjudicated cyberstalker has done; who admits their proffered argument may not be moral; and who further recognizes that until he finally suffers real consequences, there is little chance he will modify his behavior; would offer their “best” advice for getting the cyberstalker about of the “corner”?

        These last few years, and these particular plaintiffs, are not the beginning of the adjudicated cyberstalker’s anti-social, even sociopathic behavior.

        Though I’m sure it wasn’t described that way, the end result is Team K offered him a new group to attack; enemies of their leader. And the blob eagerly jumped at the chance to use his particular (lack of) skills. He enjoys himself immensely when indulging what I believe are his malignant narcissism and/or anti-social personality disorders.

        As far as I know, Kimberlin had nothing to do with the spurious Wisconsin recall efforts, yet the freakshow exhibited the same behaviors then. And this has been a lifelong pattern according to his cousin. Team K didn’t get him banned from Kos, Democrat Underground, etc.

        Merely providing a vehicle and excuse along with new targets, perhaps offering some resources, did not cause SchmalFAIL to become personality disordered. He came to their table with all of his mental issues, including dementia.

        They didn’t have to manipulate him – he is more than willing to gleefully indulge his basest impulses.

        That you didn’t actually provide help, Parallel, is not because you didn’t give it your “best” effort.

      • Let me be more explicit here:

        I get and concur with your disdain for what Schmalfeldt has done. You’re doing an excellent job of articulating that story and there’s not much I can add to it.

        I strongly suspect a set of people, to potentially include Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser, are not only offering Schmalfeldt a target but are actively harassing both him and Our Gentle Host with anonymous/false flag operations. Perhaps they’re hoping that Schmalfeldt will be enough of a drain on Our Gentle Host that the RICO Madness suit won’t get the latter’s full and complete attention, leading to exploitable mistakes or omissions?

        As evil as Schmalfeldt’s actions have been (and I’m not denying any of it), he’s not the only actor opposing Our Gentle Host. It’s in the obvious interest of the rest of Team Kimberlin to draw attention away from their ongoing nefarious activities. Whenever one focuses solely on Schmalfeldt that tunnel vision blinds one to the evil also being being perpetrated by those anonymous cowards using him as a tool.

        • As of now, my motion to dismiss the RICO Madness, Kimberlin’s opposition, and my reply to his opposition are all before the court, and my motion is now ripe. The judge can decide on the motion anytime he cares to. There should be nothing for me attend to in that case until the judge rules. That’s not to say that I’m not making contingency plans for discovery should the case survive.

          The Cabin Boy™ imagines that he’s important. He isn’t. Bill Schmalfeldt has always been a side show. I’ve never let him distract me from attending to Kimberlin. OTOH, I’m not the only person Schmalfeldt has harassed. I’m just one of the few people who have been able to hold him to account for his actions.

      • Thank you, Parallel, but I still don’t understand, and maybe just plain can’t understand, using John’s blog to try to help someone who is an adverse party to John at the upcoming hearing.

        Perhaps some here have tunnel vision on one mentally disturbed participant because he’s more attention-seeking than the others. Those few do not include our host. In fact, by seeking enforcement, our host is taking steps to remove the distraction. But if you knew more about the law, and your “best” efforts were not so easily refuted, you would have hindered John’s goal, thereby allowing the harassment and distraction to continue, invigorated with a win.

        You may not have gotten a “Hi, Neal” or “Hi, Brett,” here before, but if not, surely you’ve read those comments directed at others. And there have been many posts here referring to the adjudicated cyberstalker’s “handlers.” We’ve noticed and commented about him being used to further the ends of others. He doesn’t care because he enjoys what he does.

        If you want to write walls-of-text as long as this one regarding how those who pretend to be his friends really aren’t, many here, including me, will likely join in. We’ve had those discussions and likely will again.

        Put bluntly: This blog belongs to WJJ Hoge III. For years now, he has suffered harassment and stalking. The courts have agreed with him and issued orders to stop it. For you to come here, especially while a hearing is pending, and give your “best” effort to help the one whom John is trying to stop, is not something I can ignore without comment.

        Even if you’re correct, that others are also to blame, it’s thoroughly inappropriate to try to help who you see as their victim, on this blog. John, being John, allows such comments, but anyone who does that should expect strong pushback. The pending cause is styled Hoge v. Schmalfeldt, after all.

        To my mind, it’s tantamount to being at John’s home and asking to use John’s computer to email your “best” advice to “help” his cyberstalker get out of “the corner” in which he’s placed himself. More simply put – You used John’s resources to try your best to help his cyberstalker do better in court against John.

      • I sometimes have the urge to play Devil’s Advocate here, and I’m not entirely successful in resisting that urge, so I think that’s what Parallel was doing. It’s easy to see that the BM doesn’t take good advice often, and thereby easy to assume no harm will come of offering same. Also, it’s tempting to perceive the BM as an underdog, given the hopeless nature of any possible defense he can offer at the show cause hearing, and his more general ineptitude in his every pursuit.

      • You may be correct, AJ, but that’s not what Parallel wrote. The rationale he explained was very different.

      • Everybody here–including me–wants Schmalfeldt to stop harassing Our Gentle Host. And apparently that requires escalating the consequences to Schmalfeldt for failing to conform to societal norms as codified in law. Kudos to John for shouldering that burden so competently and effectively.

        As Our Gentle Host points out, however, Schmalfeldt is a side show. The main event is the lawfare and other alleged antisocial activities of the less high-profile members of Team Kimberlin. As guilty and damaged as he is, Schmalfeldt probably knows things about Team Kimberlin that could be helpful to Our Gentle Host and the other defendant-victims. For example, has anyone seen the full headers of the email message transmitting to Schmalfeldt the sealed court documents Kimberlin apparently wanted published?

  26. No, that’s not part of it. That ship sailed.

    “William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 ·
    And part of “showing cause” as to why sanctions are not in order include… proving the peace order invalid… “

    • That is only proper to a trial De Nono. Questioning the validity of the PO is not allowable in a Show Cause hearing. The validity of the PO was set by the court at the Appeal Hearing that Bill elected to not attend, thereby forever precluding himself from ever questioning it’s validity in any venue or questioning anything of venue, etc. All those decisions and questions not raised by Bill in the proper form and at the proper time are lost to him through his own inaction and decision. They have been answered by the court by the issuance of the PO for six months. This is a settled case, decided against Bill because he did not deign to attend court. He cannot afterward raise questions as the case is closed. He must abide by the court’s order wheter he likes it or not. His own stupidity and assholishness has resulted in what we see today.

    • Unless of course he can show that the original court order was issued under the directives of Team THEMIS. That’ll do it, every time. Motion to Dismiss, Team THEMIS. Slam dunk. Mention the Chamber of Commerce a few times, maybe bring in the Star Chamber as well. What mere judge could resist that?

      • Et tu, Dr_Mike? hahahha Just kidding. I doubt he’d want to risk a copyright suit from whomever came up with that totally believable and accurate description of events. /sarc

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