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During my afternoon coffee break, I found this in my email.TK201501152000ZThe losers at Team Kimberlin send me comments like this from time to time. However, this blog’s traffic, just like the rest of the world, does not revolve around them. As of about 3 this afternoon, only about 35% of today’s traffic has gone to Team-Kimberlin-related posts. (That’s up a bit compared to last month but more or less in line with the 33% long-term average.)

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  1. Anytime the freak show comes to town, people are going to stop and gawk at it. That doesn’t mean the town sucks when the freak show leaves.

    William the Elder @weltschmerz2015
    · 23m 23 minutes ago
    Welllllll, whaddya know? I do have a copy of the original DMCA takedown request that Hoge calls “bogus.” It includes the things I actually…

    “…can’t, for the life of me, leave the hell alone. Chief among them, HOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGE!”

  2. William the Elder
    If Hoge IV believes that was sent by me, he is likely to carry out his implied threat. So knock it off, unless you want to get me killed.

    Should he so desire, it appears that your son has a slam-dunk of a libel case.

    • Um, does he really think Mr. Hoge’s son will kill him over prank phone calls? More than likely, the whole thing is a set-up. Now he responds like the withering flower.

      • “Dear Avvo,

        I recently suggested that the son of a man who has a peace order against me sent a death threat through my blog, which no one reads. But gosh-darn it, that seemed to hide the originating IP address. Now I’m deliberately saying that this person could “get me killed.”

        Am I going to lose my tin-can? What about my rolly-walker?

        Waitaminute, rolly –walker!


        Thanks in advance for your prompt response.

        Elkridge, MD”

      • He ought to be keenly aware his best bud has almost certainly solicited murder before, and comitted acts that indicate he hold the lives of other cheap. And isn’t actually his friend.

    • So, if we don’t “knock it off” that automatically equates to we want to get Blobby killed? *eyeroll*

      The Big BM dead? Where’s the fun in that?

  3. I noticed a single post on the front page is closing in on 300 comments over the course of a day. I’d wager that’s more comments than all of the tiny terrorist team’s sites combined, have garnered over the last ten years.

    Good thing they all have varying, but excessive, levels of lack of self-awareness, and are well practiced at projection.

    • The only one who will be answering questions under oath is Bill. No trial De Novo no defendent calling witnesses for cross examination on the stand, only presentation of facts to show enough cause to prevent the court from finding you in contempt. Buh-Bye Bill!

      • Blob is confused about what “show cause” means.
        order to show cause
        n. a judge’s written mandate that a party appear in court on a certain date and give reasons, legal and/or factual, (show cause) why a particular order should not be made.

        It does not mean that one should show why a previous order should not have been made. There were a few opportunities to do that. Those opportunities have passed.

        Shockingly, Paul has this exactly right and ACME Law’s Senior Pardner The Big BM has it completely wrong:

      • Heh Pablo. I am familiar with the concept but Bill willfully misunderstands it. It is not to show cause why the PO is invalid nor unenforceable for any legal defect nor the soi-disant excuse that it was improperly adjudicated. That ship sailed long ago when he elected to not attend a scheduled court appeal. Because of his ineptitude, he failed to challenge the appeal and not the PO is in place, thus Res Judicata attaches and is the defining law. Bill is limited to only the narrow scope of the Show Cause order, which is to show cause why he (Bill) should not be held in contempt of the court’s order. Not the PO. The why the PO was issued or any reason or cause outside of the one specific thing. Why Bill should not be punished in a way open to the court for willfully violating the courts order to not contact John by any means or through any third party. And that means any third party. Google, WordPress, Twitter, Law Enforcement (Except to deliver summonses, etc.) the postal service (same exceptions), telephonic, smoke signals, psychic emanations, paying little boys to make prank calss or write in chalk on John’s sidewalk.
        Bill, being the idiot he is, just cannot avoid picking a scab and willfully and knowingly “pokes the bear”, mostly because he cannot stop himself.
        I would never be in favor of even a day in jail for Bill. I am in favor of removing his internet access and a psychiatric examination.
        I am, sadly, more than familiar with dementia as my mother-in-law is deep into senile dementia (which is indistinguishable from PD Dementia) and Barb and I have been very involved with her Mom, including installation of a web cam to monitir her and to speak two-way with her.
        Dealing with her delusions and circular logic (That makes sense to her but to a normal person are bizarre) and mood swings as well as profound memory deficits and declining cognition. She is very close to institutionalization for her own safety and well being. We have already had to eliminate phone calls to any phones but ours, 911 and her sons. She would sit for hours dialing her friends numbers from 50 and 60 years ago then get into arguments with the people who answered. Even to the point of calling the police because someone was holding her friend hostage and wouldn’t let her talk to the friend (who has been deceased for about twenty ears). It’s heart-breaking.
        I just pray that Bill get the medical attention he deserves.
        And I forgive him for his intemperate name calling.

      • I’m in a similar boat with my MIL, Paul. Better yet, she’s all but immobile. I feel your pain and your wife and her Mom have my prayers.

    • Great and forgiving comment, Paul. You’re a better man than I am, because I just can’t feel that much any charity for someone who will continue with the exact same behaviors that cause him to be so reviled.

      It is not human to do many of the things he’s done willingly, deliberately, and downright gleefully. Therefore, he’s not entitled to the courtesies and privileges associated with being a human.

      He actually took, and continues to take pleasure in tormenting a family over the loss of their baby. Yes, at one point he said words similar to those in an apology, but not because he had any remorse – he doesn’t ever have remorse over what he does to others, only about the consequences that he brings upon himself.

      No, he wanted something from the father whom he had taunted, blamed, and accused. So he said some words lies to get what he wanted at the moment. And he proved those words were lies within days by doing the exact same things, using the same taunts and accusations – over the death of a baby – and continuing to repeat the same actions again and again since. And he feels justified in doing so for the exact same reasons he felt justified the first time; because… because… because… SCHMALFELDT!

      That’s one of too many examples. His behavior was and remains inhuman.

    • I know, right? Can’t. Look. Away.

      And, the hilarity? Oh, my! Ya just can’t make this stuff up.

      I’d wager our Gentle Host has often times sent up prayers of gratitude for being blessed with such inept adversaries (both The Big BM and the sawed-off, domestic terrorist).

      • This latest fiasco of shooting himself in the foot repeatedly (oh no! death threat!eleventy!), is so unbelievable, it reminds me that a long way back in this ordeal I wondered if the whole BM, SchmalFOOL/SchmalFAIL thing wasn’t just a big hoax. No one could be so stupid, so lacking in self-awareness, so totally unable to understand how what he says and does is perceived by the rest of the world, kwim? Among other poor name (and other) choices, he even named himself BM, bowel movement; how could anyone be so dense?

        How over-the-top is it to craft a persona that is such a total failure at life in every measurable area? That was, I thought, a clue to it being a hoax, but an even bigger clue was making sure to describe these failures in detail in public. Who does that?? Who documents what a total loser they are for public consumption? What real person makes sure to continue to live-blog each new failure in excruciating detail? Who goes out of their way to detail so many past failures but without the uplifting, “this-is-how-it-got-better” ending; but instead, continuing with a “this-is-how-I-keep-making-things-worse” saga year after year?

        What real person would not only detail how they are a repeated cuckold, but whip out a 30 year old note to “prove” same? Who, with any self-respect, or any respect for their current spouse, would actually “prove” they remain obsessed with the former spouse to the degree they not only kept the note, but scanned it in to their computer, and can access it at a moment’s notice?

        And c’mon… how many times could the same sort of thing blow up in someone’s face before they’d catch on to “stove = hot.” Oh! And the braggadocios narcissism and delusions of superiority without a single scrap of evidence to support it – quite the opposite, according to every word he’s ever written! So way, way, way too much exaggerated hubris to be believable, especially when it’s very clear to all that the latest claimed “victory” will be yet another crushing defeat.

        And we’re supposed to believe this is a real person when they display such exaggerated confidence in their own infallibility, but in the same breath, will detail how they are a total victim, and how they’re totally incompetent in every imaginable way; even requiring diapers! At the same time this total coward wets himself because a police officer came to his door, we’re supposed to believe the false bravado of a man’s man that he tries to pull off?

        That’s like the total contradiction of the character insisting he’s honest and honorable, though constantly lying about so many things, big and small, even when the truth would serve him better. There may be a blatant lie in the paragraph where he proclaims his honesty.

        Really, who on earth would ever go to the effort to actually try to make themselves appear as if they likely have testicles for feet? I’m not talking personality here; I mean actual physical appearance. (And his attempt to copy Santa’s look just made it worse!)

        If the person didn’t own a mirror, the constant selfies would surely show them what they’d wrought, no? And looking like that, again, who on earth would take thousands of photos of themselves and post them in public?

        I’ll bet at least some of you have similarly considered the possibility that we were being punked. I mean, who even talks like he does sometimes; like he thinks he’s a gangster in a black and white movie from the ’40’s?

        And yet… there really is someone like that out there. Scary, isn’t it? And he still hasn’t learned that when the top of the stove is red, it’s hot, and he really shouldn’t touch it. He really believes he can out-lawyer the most experienced actual attorney. He really believes he can out think a quantum mechanic, despite (or maybe because of) having dementia.

        In addition to the court appearances and other tangible proof, I know he’s real because absolutely no one could make him up.

        TL;DR SchmalFAIL isn’t a hoax; he really is that stupid. And he looks like a walking penis.

    • Filing a compliant (that IMO was substantive, and which was followed up with in court, with sworn declarations by a known person) about your harassment to law enforcement is not a “swat”.
      Stop exaggerating.

      • Why say, “Stop exaggerating?” This isn’t about a difference in degree. It is about a difference in kind. Swatting, by definition, is the spoofing of a phone call to law enforcement making claims intended to provoke a massive police action. Lee Stranahan filed an harassment charge in person. There was no spoofing of a phone call. Nor, was Stranahan’s complaint likely to incite any police action other than the issuing of a summons.

        This is in sharp contrast to Bill Schmalfeldt’s recent letters to local law enforcement that demanded that John Hoge and his son be “disarmed.” That is a lesser form of Swatting that differences only in degree from what happened to Aaron Walker and Patrick Frey. Implicit in Schmalfeldt’s demand to law enforcement is that they consider the pair “armed and dangerous.” If the state of Maryland was foolish enough to honor Bill Schmalfeldt’s request, how do you suppose the police would execute such an order? Sending a SWAT team would be well within the range of possibilities.

        Bill Schmalfeldt is under a judicial order not to harass or annoy John Hoge. Trying to have the local police violate the sanctity of his home and take his property without cause is antithetical to that order.

    • Precision please Dumbass. He did not SWAT you. He called the cops on you straight up.
      That’s the way people really do it. When they perceive a real threat they call the cops and the cops show up. I would dearly love to know what the cops actually said when they visited you and not your jimmied up version you keep peddling.

    • Heh. No SWAT team arrived, only a single deputy who had a ‘pleasant conversation’ with Bill. Does he want me to release the chat transcript and telephonic recording of that conversation to the court? Or should I just post it to my blog and give blanket permission to everyone to use it?
      What say you Bill? Lie more and I won’t even hesitate to publish pertinent recordings and transcripts.

    • Hmmmmm… again… something about that tweet reminds me of a lawfare suit making the rounds. Falsely and flatly stating someone swatted him? Does he miss Lee so much that he wants to be sued for libel?

    • Wait a second. Isn’t a major plank of Kimberlin’s RICO case related to his assertions that people claimed he (Kimby) SWAT’d them, or had them SWAT’d?
      Is that not a screaming Libel right there?

      • hahahaha NO worries; none at all, Gus. I repeat the comments of others so often, I feel like a parrot. But here’s how I let it not bother me – I must be a very SMART parrot, to come up with thoughts similar to all of those on Team Free Speech.

      • I surpassed even my most parrot-y self yesterday. Directly below a comment by Paul, posted the exact same thing his comment included. But it wasn’t just having a similar thought at the same time; I was quoting Pablo, so, it was a double-parrot move. hahaha

    • he does think he gets to show cause why he’s not in contempt of the order…by appealing the order.
      Really. That. Dumb.


  4. You’d think something that is all about him [not about anyone named Hoge or Walker] would be something a malignant narcissist would have no problem understanding. If he had any idea what’s good for him, the BM would FOCUS! only on trying to establish doubt in the judge’s mind that the BM knew that linking to Hogewash! would create a pingback. Nothing else is going to matter.

    • Hint: if your witness cannot testify as to what you knew about pingbacks…you can’t can’t call that witness to show cause why your creation of a link on your ping-back enabled wasn’t in contempt of a court order prohibiting any contact. Any other testimony? Irrelevant.

  5. Did Schmalfeldt actually attempt to submit a motion to dismiss a show cause hearing? Ha ha ha… That’s just hilarious. Acme Loser Law at it’s finest.

  6. Did Schmalfeldt just state that he was swatted by Stranahan? Does Stranahan know that Schmalfeldt is spreading this story around?

    • I don’t believe he does. This is a new lie, I think. Reporting BS to the police for a rape threat against Stranahan’s wife, and having them come to his house to investigate, is not a “swatting.”

    • That’s an actual accusation of swatting, which means Stranahan has a much better case than Kimberlin ever could, for defamation. Not even counting the lack of being a notorious criminal.

    • Parsing Schmalfeldt-speak, his claim could be no more than some entity other than Brett Kimberlin paid him, possibly VRUS or the JTMP. Or, he could be denying ever having stolen from Brett Kimberlin. Bill Schmalfeldt complained bitterly about having to work a holiday as host of a radio program. It is odd to suggest a volunteer could be forced to work a holiday.

      Bill Schmalfeldt did lie when he claimed that the now-estranged wife of Brett Kimberlin was mentally ill. Since that lie originated with Brett Kimberlin, it is hard to characterize Bill Schmalfeldt’s statement as anything other than lying on Brett Kimberlin’s behalf. I don’t see how Bill Schmalfeldt could weasel out of the fact other than claiming he actually believed what Brett Kimberlin told him.

      If Bill Schmalfeldt ends up behind bars it will because he stalked, and harassed people, perhaps after being judicially ordered to stop. If Brett Kimberlin ends up in jail it could be for number of possible offenses. The key point is that Bill Schmalfeldt would have to serve Bill Schmalfeldt’s sentence, and Brett Kimberlin would have to serve Brett Kimberlin’s sentence. While it may very well be true that Bill Schmalfeldt is unwilling to do jail time for Brett Kimberlin, it is irrelevant since the state of Maryland wouldn’t let him do so even if he so desired. Bill Schmalfeldt suggested to a number of people that they would be a lot happier if they forgot that Brett Kimberlin ever existed. Bill Schmalfeldt was adjudicated subsequently to have harassed at least one of those people. If he does end up in jail for enforcing his suggestion that Brett Kimberlin’s critics would be a lot happier if they forgot Kimberlin ever existed I don’t see that as other than as serving jail time in attempt to further Brett Kimberlin’s interests.

      Bill Schmalfeldt debases himself with almost everything he writes.

    • How could he tell if he was debasing himself? Since, so far as I can tell, he’d have to get through a day of decent behavior so he could rise high enough to be able to distinguish debasement from his standard mode of behavior.

  7. He is now in the cyber bullying and intimidate “If you show up in court I am calling you as a witness ” stage. No, we’ve never seen this one before. How many people has he said to this before? I am guessing 10-15 in the last two years?

  8. I haven’t seen a Feldtdownn like this since Slovakia. William’s bringing the crazy so hard today.

    I might have to reconsider my atheism.

    Or maybe the cold’s getting to him.


  9. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 4m 4 minutes ago
    If I’m wrong, I will apologize. I’m sure those who have file cabinets full of every word I’ve written can produce it easily.



      • There are theories in quantum mechanics that state anything probable can happen. Perhaps there’s a universe where BS realized the error of his ways and sought forgiveness.

        Of course, there’s also a possible universe where I am the God-Emperor of Terra. I’ll leave it to you to decide which is more improbable.

  10. William the Elder ‏@weltschmerz2015

    If I’m wrong, I will apologize.

    No you will not. In fact you have quite the history of fail doxing the wrong people and not apologizing. Jeremy Kinsley and Chris Heather ring a bell ?

    • Ah, “The Question” the very question that may be the key to bil being allowed to comment at TMZ again! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to engage him keyboard to keyboard? Alas, bil has stridently refused to indicate how many faildox’ we must evince before he will admit he has failed at any.

    • Yes, very interesting:
      “Sidebar: so who hired Kim to be Schmalfeldt’s attorney? Schmalfeldt lives in a trailer park, so it seems unlikely that he has some great font of savings. And indeed the fact this was the first time Schmalfeldt was meeting him also suggested that someone else had hired him for Schmalfeldt. So the question is, who did this?”

      • “Dear Avvo,

        A Reader linked to Walker, therefore he must BE Walker!

        Can I sue him for Walkerosity? Is there a criminal statute I can abuse file under?

        Elkridge, MD”

  11. A quick check by Cortana reminds me that Pinky and the Brain ran at the same time as Mystery Science Theater 3000. Those were some creative years. ________________________________

  12. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015

    Ever wonder why, when I get a threatening e-mail, automatically the conventional “wisdom” is I sent it to myself? But when HOGE gets…
    …a nastygram like the one he claims to have gotten nobody says HE sent it to HIMself. Why is that? Personally I think it’s a shit-stirrer.

    Lets recap

    One person is a multistate adjudicated harasser
    Who has had national charities refuse to be associated with
    Who has been fired from writing positions for many things
    Ordered by a Federal Court to remove stolen material
    Ordered by a Judge to a show cause hearing

    The other is a well liked well read successful rocket scientist and blogger

  13. After reading Jane’s thoughts, I’m now convinced that Bill Schmalfeldt is a sock puppet created by Hoge to increase traffic at And civil and criminal courts in five states are in on it. The behind-the-scenes payoffs must be astounding. Now it all makes sense. There can be no other explanation for someone like Bill Schmalfeldt.

    • Oh, bless you for reading all of that! Thank you. I was just writing stream of consciousness while waiting for the timer to ding on the muffins and had no idea that I’d broken even my own record for number-of-WALLS-of-text in a single comment.

      I singlehandedly doubled the length of the thread. I was just trying to figure out if I should apologize to everyone, or just change my name and move to the arctic. hahaha

      • I do not believe your muffins actually exist. Schmalfeldt doesn’t exist. Hoge is an evil genius. None of this is real. I shall now shut down all of my twitter accounts until the 30th, when reality will reveal itself. Hopefully in the form of 30 days in jail for a sock puppet.

      • Charles Hudson wrote:

        I do not believe your muffins actually exist. Schmalfeldt doesn’t exist. Hoge is an evil genius. None of this is real. I shall now shut down all of my twitter accounts until the 30th, when reality will reveal itself. Hopefully in the form of 30 days in jail for a sock puppet.

        You didn’t actually read the entire multiple-walls-of-text, did you? Clearly Schmalfeldt exists because no one could dream nightmare up such a vile creature.

        Shutting down your twitter accounts will leave you more time to read my next wall-o-text (that I can’t seem to stop mentioning out of a guilty conscience, I suppose), so I’m ok with that. 😉

        As for the muffins… Mr. Hudson, as you’ve caught me out, I may as well confess. There are no muffins. They were strawberry and they were delicious. 😉

    • William honestly believes that this the appeal he was too lazy and stupid to file in August. He seriously, truly believes it, right down to the part of the body where better people have souls!

      Is everybody as excited as I am, or is it getting chilly in here?

      Maybe I’ll put on a sweater. BRRRRR!

    • At least he almost identified me correctly. He only got the master I serve mixed up with the one he and Brett (and assorted sycophants) serve. How refreshing for Bill to be almost right about anything!.
      I believe I have shown great understanding of the concept of ‘show cause’ in other comments.

    • Ouch. The stooped, it’s too strong.
      Oh, please please oh please bil; educate us on the meaning of “Show Cause”?

  14. Bill Schmalfeldt aka The Elkridge Horror has accurately been described as psychologically impaired. Recently he has taken to embellishing his pictures with rather disturbing graffiti portraying himself in the manner of a destitute street walker. Consider this:

    Bill has become John Wayne Gacy. Nothing more needs to be said. He has become a clear and present danger to all within the area within which he lives. Approach him with great care. He is capable of the greatest evil

  15. “…jail (for me, anyway) is even on the table for the 30th. It’s not. Sorry.”

    I guess Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t think I judge can say, “I find you have violated the terms of the peace order. You are fined $1000, pay the cashier on the way out.”

    And if Bill Schmalfeldt can’t pay? Well, IANAL, but generally you’ll get tossed in JAIL with a credit of $100 bucks or so a day for time served. I’l leave the math to Bill Schmalfeldt.

    “Read the rules, kids. I did.”

    Bill Schmalfeldt reads what he wants to read, and disregards the rest… Including advice from actual lawyers. (Apologies to Simon and Garfunkel, BTW!)

    “He [Hoge] will need each of you to carry him through.”

    If Bill Schmalfeldt’s spiteful little fantasy were true, he’d have us. That’s what friends are for. But Bill Schmalfeldt wouldn’t know that, would he? His idea of excellent friends are convicted perjurers and terrorists, evidently.

    “I guess it’s like how I’m faking my Parkinson’s”

    I guess it’s how Bill Schmalfeldt is having his chain yanked by people smarter and wittier than himself. In Bill Schmalfeldt’s hopelessly self-serving analysis, sarcastic comments become confessions of guilt and good advice given in moments of pity and disbelief become carefully crafted traps thwarted by the dizzying intellect of Bill Schmalfeldt.

    “A paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox.”

    Pair of dox? Bill Schmalfeldt has attempted far more than two, and his successful doxes number a pair, MINUS two.

    “Facts are established truth.”

    Like the fact each of six-odd people were guilty of sending Bill Schmalfeldt horse-poop… Until those facts turned out to be “subject to change over the next few hours”?

    “I wonder how Hoge intends to explain…”

    Hoge isn’t there to explain anything. He’s already provided sufficient proof for a judge to DEMAND BILL SCHMALFELDT EXPLAIN HIMSELF.

    “If the order was not validly issued, ‘no contempt.'”

    Hmm. I guess I missed the part where Bill Schmalfeldt convinced the judge to revoke the peace order against him, BEFORE Bill Schmalfeldt violated that peace order and opened himself up to being found in contempt.

    More importantly, Bill Schmalfeldt had an opportunity to question the validity of the evidence against him. He failed to do so. He was, and still is obligated to comply with those terms, or pay the consequences.

    “1. That I made ‘extortionate threats'”

    Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t seem to comprehend that the Internet is forever, and his extortionate threats need only be printed out and handed over.

    “2. That I ‘illegally’ contacted him”

    Bill Schmalfeldt has engaged in a PATTERN of harassment he’s ATTEMPTED to fig-leaf as legal communications. Being served with a summons does not license him to bundle all his pent-up grievances into a quasi-legalisticly phrased manifesto and drop it in the mail. Sending a copy to the court doesn’t SAVE Bill Schmalfeldt, IT DOOMS HIM.

    “3. The ‘bogus’ DMCA takedown request.”

    I may not recall correctly, but I believe that Bill Schmalfedt DID NOT OWN the content he filed the DMCA takedown for. ONLY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER can file a DMCA takedown, hence the accurate term BOGUS.

    Bill Schmalfeldt needs to obtain legal representation and provide the lawyer with the relevant blog and twitter posts. Not that a lawyer will be able to save Bill Schmalfeldt from the consequences of his actions, but because he needs a third party to do whatever damage control is possible under the circumstances.

    “why he [the judge] wouldn’t want me there at the hearing.”

    Until the order is vacated, it must be obeyed. You were served with that order, and Bill Schmalfeldt has no excuse to offer for violating it. Mitigating circumstances, such as PROFOUND MENTAL ILLNESS… But no excuse.

    “he filed in the incorrect venue”

    That ship has sailed. You didn’t even show up at the pier to wave bye-bye!

    “which I would have challenged had he not lied to me about the hearing”

    No only did Mr. Hoge not lie to Bill Schmalfeldt, but that fact is clearly shown BY THE VERY QUOTE BILL SCHMALFELDT FOOLISHLY CITED. Oh, and Mr. Hoge had no duty to tell Bill Schmalfeldt the truth. Bill Schmalfeldt’s point is both inaccurate and moot.

    “there was no willful contact, direct or indirect, from me to Hoge”

    We know you know that linking to Mr. Hoge’s blog would generate a ping-back e-mail. That’s CONTACT, END OF DISCUSSION. Do not pass “GO”!

    “Hoge had the choice whether to accept it or not.”

    Oh. So Bill Schmalfeldt admits that because of his willful action, his comments were e-mailed to Mr. Hoge. END OF DISCUSSION. Whether or not Mr. Hoge chose to allow a ping-back to Bill Schmalfeldt’s blog on his own blog is irrelevant. BILL SCHMALFELDT INITIATED CONTACT WITH MR. HOGE.

    Perhaps Bill Schmalfeldt now realizes why legal representation would have been a good idea, eh?

    “I am given the opportunity to place witnesses under oath and examine them”

    Yes, Bill Schmalfeldt will be given the opportunity to examine witnesses… AS REGARDS THE QUESTION AT HAND. His violation of a peace order. He doesn’t get to try to re-do a hearing he couldn’t be bothered to attend. He doesn’t get an opportunity to air his grievances as if January 30th were Festivus, nor does he get to wrestle “Daddy.”

    “I plan to”

    Bill Schmalfelt plans a lot of things. Perhaps he should plan to be able to cough up a substantial fine, or plan on nice long vacation at the Gray Bar Hotel.

    “How does a fine purge the contempt in a remedial fashion?”

    This legal mumbo-jumbo has been explained to Bill Schmalfeldt. He doesn’t seem to want to hear it.

    Oh, well. Enough for now.

    • Here is a sample DMCA take down request.

      Does anyone see an area to enter anything other than material that is infringing on the requester’s copyright?

      Oddly, every single sample or template I have looked at instructs the requester to enter the address of infringing material. On none of the forms I have looked at was there a section labeled “Material that may or may not be infringing (and which I do not own) but I think it’s infringing even though the fact that the material listed here isn’t an infringement of anyone’s copyright has been explained to me repeatedly”. Know why that section isn’t there? Because reporting POSSIBLE copyright infringement of IP one does not own is not the purpose of a DMCA take down request!

      All that takes is a liitle bit of RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH, Bill!

      • It was malicious, and an attempt to strip the blog of regular content (that I visit for) that he and his frenemies thought got in the way of painting it as some kind of “mean blog”. They were all gloating about the effect it would supposedly have.

      • Indeed, Sam. BS even admitted to as much in one of his many attempts to leave a comment on this blog.

        Blobby had to enter URLs. And, Blobby (admittedly) did it in the hope of getting our Gentle Host in hot water for using NASA photos/videos.

        But, oopsie poopsie. The Big BM was not the copyright holder, nor an acting agent. So, yep. Fraudulent DMCA takedown request.

      • (replying to Grace, actually)

        He may be confusing it with the ContentID system Youtube implemented some time back, which had some fast and loose rules regarding who could file takedown notices. There was a serious stink when it was implemented, particularly as DMCA/ContentID notices were even been sent out without the actual copyright holder’s input or permission.

        Or he could be an idiot.

    • Well done, viewfromnl. Clear, concise, and factual.

      And, of course it will be ignored by the one person who needs most to understand it. *sigh*

      • If I thought Bill Schmalfeldt could benefit from my comments, I’d not have made them.

        I’m just doing my little bit to keep the fear gnawing at his guts. And we know it gnaws, because Feldtdown.

    • When I first saw your comment, viewfromnl, I wondered if you were trying to make me feel better, or were mocking me. (joking!)

      Then I read it.

      Wow. Awesome, glorious, beyond excellent analysis; and for the amount of absolutely spot on info it was even succinct. Massive applause. Very well done.

      There should be no worries you provided any help to the Elkridge imbecile. The cyberstalking freakshow’s attention span is much too short to take in even half of the very good advice you detailed. His paranoia and inability to grasp the most obvious of facts will prevent him from even understanding, much less using the info to take actions that are not self-defeating. And he wonders why he’s such a total failure… hahahaha

  16. William the Elder‏@weltschmerz2015
    “I just don’t see a circumstance where I’m held in contempt. Certainly no jail time, and no fine. A good talking-to, perhaps. But that’s it.”
    5:01 PM – 15 Jan 2015

    Reality… gone… gone… gone… Open the pod bay doors, Hal.

    • If Bill Schmalfeldt believes in him own mind that his actions will not have any negative consequence beyond being lectured, then he has nothing substantial to fear, and, no reason to change his behavior. John Hoge now has the opportunity to present Schmalfeldt’s quote to the judge to explain the likely consequences of the judge being lenient with Bill Schmalfeldt. Hopefully, the judge will impress upon Bill Schmalfeldt his action was an order, and not a suggestion back by idle threats.

      Nor, should be it allowed to pass Bill Schmalfeldt’s own predictions of his imminent demise should he have to leave his home on that day. Either the process in and of itself is a horrible punishment, or it is not.

  17. So now Bill admits he’s at least a little guilty:

    William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 20m 20 minutes ago
    I just don’t see a circumstance where I’m held in contempt. Certainly no jail time, and no fine. A good talking-to, perhaps. But that’s it.

    If you did nothing wrong Bill, why do you expect the judge to give you a “good talking-to”?

  18. Its digressed into a version of the town drunk careening from patron to patron begging for a drink, in this case a magic bullet on the internets telling him – its going to be okay – it isn’t


    Jail baby, child audio porn FAN CLUB OF CELLBOCK C AWAIT YOU.

    might want to refine the story about the simpsons and all – being the understanding lot they are…

  19. Sadly, I’m at the point where I feel sorry for BS – because he’s been egged on by those he calls friend and won’t allow himself to listen to the good advice he’s been offered, both by those who he calls enemy and the legal professionals he’s sought.

    • I don’t feel sorry for Bill Schmalfeldt because he’s not a victim of fate or circumstance.

      Bill Schmalfeldt failed at life long before his PD diagnosis. He’s a bitter, vindictive, petty, knee-jerk statist Lib’tard and by all accounts including his own, he’s been a vile piece of work all his life.

      I save my sorrow for those who are suffering through no fault of their own, due to random chance or the actions of some criminal… Say, someone who had had their leg blown off by some scumbag terrorist, for instance.

      The most Bill Schmalfeldt can hope for from me is to be ignored. The way he can achieve that is to quit being such a b@stard.

    • I cannot feel sorry for BS: he is reaping the whirlwind of his own malevolence. Let’s say the mean email he received did not come from himself. Over the years, for how many people has he caused some level of distress? I suspect it is dozens. Any one of them could be jerking his (tiny) chain. He has gleefully spread pain wholesale across the internet, and he can suffer no amount of pain sufficient to offset that he has caused. What kind of slime mold intrudes on the grief of parents mourning a dead baby: why the BM of Elkridge. Moreover, what he has done on the internet is what is public, but who can even guess what he has done in less public fora where he had no need to concern himself with how others might perceive him.

      He gives trailer trash a bad name.

    • When Schmalfeldt acknowledges his low-life behavior and apologizes to all the people he has harassed and stalked, then we can start to feel something for his predicament. Until then, he needs to be force-fed the reality of his life.

    • If the Acme Corporation tries to sell Wylie E. Coyote gadgets to pursue the Road Runner is the resulting cliff dive the responsibility of Acme, or the obsession of Wylie E. Coyote?

    • The BM is one of those who do not understand that every word can be important at law. Although it was long, long ago, I vividly remember a class where people were being asked what were the requirements to be a “holder in due course” and people were saying things like “takes for value” or “without knowledge of claims or defenses,” but no one mentioned the threshold question of what were the requirements to be a “holder” in the first place. The definition starts “A holder in due course is a holder who ….” You need to start by referring to a completely different definition.

      Bill is witless: it does not occur to him that lawyers must go to school for literally years, in large part to learn how to read carefully.

  20. I’m not really sure that trying one’s case in the Court of Twitter is really a valid response to a summons from a Maryland Court. Oh well.

    This is priceless:

    Just how does he think that Aaron Walker (if he came) is one of his accusors? The Bowel Movement seems to think that he can just try whatever case he wants, not the case the court thinks it’s trying. According to the summons the court is trying to find out whether or not to hold bm in contempt for violating a court order, in this case the PO. The validity of the PO or whether the person who got the PO has commenters who are naughty is NOT part of the contempt, and therefore of no interest to the court at this particular hearing.

    The Big BM sounds like those folks who show up on Judge Judy in response to a civil claim by their neighbor, and try to argue that they didn’t have to replace the lawnmower they broke or pay the money they owe the neighbor for whatever reason, because the neighbor’s dog is noisy and keeps them up at night. Listening to Judge Judy explain the facts of life to those sorts is always amusing. Even if this judge has only half the way with words and over twice the patience of JJ, it should be …. amusing.

  21. The Elkridge Horror aka John Wayne Gacy reincarnated (hereinafter Gacy Reinc.©) has successfully made a complete fool of himself by visiting Avvo with his beggar bowl looking for all the free legal advice he can garner without any intention of taking any of it seriously, instead merely looking for yet another free handout. This pathetic caricature of Gacy living in a steel cocoon garishly painting his face like a waterfront whore trying to weasel his way out of the court administered sanctions and punishment that will surely come his way no longer merits our concern or attention. Whatever bill schmalfeldt once was has now been totally discredited and slimed into pure putrefaction. He is nothing more than a bad joke in a fart-filled outhouse.

    Feel sorry for his long suffering wife.

    Feel sorry for those innocent children to which he exposes himself. Feel sorry for his supposed issue who he disowned by claiming that their sires were other more capable men who slept with his wives.

    What a sick, disgusting, pathetic, little man…….

  22. Knowing as we do about William’s deference to authority and knowledge greater than his own, it shall be a minor miracle if he walks out of that courtroom with only one contempt citation under his belt.

    I spent part of this week studying our lad’s submissions at Avvo, and one stood out above all.

    Long story short, Schmalfeldt wanted help in passing laws against our picking on him and sought free legal help. One of the attorneys asked him pointed, but respectful questions about his experience and qualifications.

    William’s response was, and I quote; “You must be fun at parties.” Remember, this is someone he wanted help from!

    Does anyone here think he lacks the sack to act like that in front of a judge? Is there any doubt whatsoever that he’ll be a condescending dickhead to the point that he compounds his already formidable troubles? He will, quite literally, talk his way into jail.

    Good for him. Maybe he’ll learn a lesson that he should have been taught in the schoolyard there. Our host does him no favors by extending further mercy. We’ve all seen that film before, and we all know how it ends.

    Of course, none of that matters. His life is already ruined beyond repair. At the end of the day, he’ll die as a man who has been adjudicated as a dangerous crank in no fewer than three states, and no one can google his name without waves of douche-chills washing over them. No serious person will ever again take him seriously.

    And he did it to himself.

    • Bill gains courage due to his pseudonymity online. It’s not complete, but it’s enough to be a jerk online. I doubt he does that to a judge in person.

      Sadly, I’m busy on 1/30 so cannot go to court to observe for myself.

    • Forgive me. I overlooked one other important point.

      William is negligent in doing the bare minimum to even help himself, making pity further wasted.

      He was notified that our host would be pressing for contempt, what, a month ago? In that month, what has he done, other than bluster about with half-considered theories that even children know are nonsense? He’s taken his normal obnoxious act and raised it to an almost jaw-dropping level of self-destructive public masturbation. Other than our endless entertainment, what has he accomplished?

      If I’m correct, William is finally waking up to the fact that all is decidedly not going as foreseen. Better late than never, I suppose, but he know has fourteen days to come up with a sound legal reason that he shouldn’t be found in contempt.

      If I’m incorrect, the judge will finally stop laughing at his motions long enough to deny them, and then he’ll have something less than fourteen days.

    • When I last saw Bill in a courthouse he had his tongue so far up the bailiffs ass he could probably taste what he had for breakfast. Oh, Bill is one obsequious son of a bitch until he starts not getting his way then he can start letting his temper show. Along with a bit of his superiority complex. He’s been in front of this judge before so the judge knows what to expect from him. Poorly reasoned legal arguments followed by much eye rolling and “but..but…but…” stammering from the lunkhead. Accompanied again, one hopes, by the soft giggles of the sawed off diddler.

      • Worse still, in his almost mythical arrogance he’s taken almost every opportunity available to him to publicly declare that the judge in question a luddite and a borderline moron who can’t fairly administer justice. In a contempt case, no less.

        His bed is well and truly made. Soon it shall come time for him to sleep in it.

        And since Howard doesn’t seem to be around to say it, the sheets are going to be awfully cold that good eve.


  23. Oh, Neal… you magnificent darling… You’ve managed to outdo even yourself tonight. Extremely well done.

  24. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015

    169 comments so far of shock and horror that Hoge got a nastygram. Not one saying, “Hey, look at the shit WE dish out.” #hypocrites

    You are apart of a criminal element of the worst sort, one that produces child porn, supports the rape of children repeatedly, one that supports the wholesale murder of children through the use of explosive devices, one that supports sabotage upon our men and women in the military.

  25. William the Elder
    Note: If you register to see full content on my blog, use a real e-mail. Otherwise you will be rejected. Thank you.
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    11:46 AM – 16 Jan 2015

    Am I the only one who loves it when a dive bar that no one patronizes puts up a velvet rope?

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