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Brett Kimberlin is a liar, and a surprisingly bad one, especially considering the amount of practice he’s had. He has made claims in his various court filings in his lawsuits against me and offered exhibits in those filings that refute his own allegations.

When he was on trial for the Speedway Bombings, his lawyers had him take a series of lie detector tests as part of their preparation. Leonard Harrelson was the examiner, and he was interviewed by Mark Singer for Kimberlin’s authorized biography Citizen K. The following begins at the bottom of page 324.

“We talked, I formulated the questions, and I ran two or three different tests. His tests indicated that he failed every relevant question. He bragged to me about flying drugs and outrunning government planes and dumping drugs when they were chasing him. And that was the truth.

“He made a lot of admissions about a lot of things. … He flunked the test every way in the word with regard to why I was testing him. …

“I think Kimberlin’s the type of person that if you talked to him face-to-face you wouldn’t even need a polygraph. But he was a good subject for the polygraph because he reacted  much better when he lied than some people do. There are certain types of individuals that do not react to a large extent, and he did; he reacted to a very large extent.”

I’ve had several face-to-face exchanges with Brett Kimberlin, mostly when he has been foolish enough to call me as a witness for his side of a court case. Mr. Harrelson was right. You can see the mendacity in Kimberlin’s eyes.

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  1. I’m a bit surprised. I thought sociopaths could trick lie detectors.

    But it also gives me hope. If he has enough guilt and conscience to fail a lie detector, perhaps he has enough to ask for and find some salvation.

    • I have always assumed a spectrum of pathology. Kimberlin is such a solopistic narcissist (much like a certain POTUS) that as SPQR says, he defies you to call his lies out.

      • Brett labors under the delusion that he can change reality with his mind.
        Not only is his delusional belief untenable in light of actual reality, even if such a belief could actually change reality, Brett is much too small minded to pull it off. Everything about Brett Coleman Kimberlin is small.

  2. And therein lies the difference between my soon-to-be-ex-husband and Tetyana’s. My husband believes the lies he tells to be true, so he is completely sincere when he tells them. I have to wonder if he would ever pass a lie detector test. I wonder if the rest of his body would convey the same thing his voice, attitude and physical expressions do. He lies so much he believes them all. It’s sad.

    • It seems to me that Kimberlin lies less to deceive, and more because it simply excites him to do so. That’s why he is unconvincing both to ones face and the polygraph. The machine picks up the subtle ways that your body reacts to the cognitive dissonance lying produces in normal people, and similarly picks up a kimberlin’s glee at wrongdoing.

      • Embrace the power of “and”!

        Communists and Leftists and Marxists and Democrats (but I repeat myself) suffer from the arrogant delusion that their vision for society overrides any moral imperative to respect the humanity and dignity of the individual. (The good of the many….) Therefore lying is not only ethically acceptable, but a necessary tactic to bring about their vision.

        Psychopaths like Stalin, Pol Pot, and Kimberlin are naturally drawn into and rise to the top of such movements because they’re naturally gifted at manipulation, betrayal, and the other blood sport aspects of tyrannical politics.

    • The obvious joke is SCREAMING to be made here, but I just don’t have the heart to do it.

      So I will just wish you good luck and good riddance…Gail.

      Oopsie poopsie!

    • Nor is John’s son named Howard. It doesn’t matter to the cyberstalking freakshow. He can’t lay a glove on Howard, despite years of effort and many faildoxxes. So he lashes out at literally anyone.

      Please correct me if I’m wrong, but iirc the worst that has been alleged at Hogewash! with regard to the bildo’s caretaker is that she may be a victim of domestic violence. That’s not a reflection on her, but on her evil spouse. John doesn’t allow the more colorful and offensive rhetoric here, afaik.

      So the Elkridge imbecile lashes out at John’s son for comments not made by the son, not made by John, and not allowed on John’s website. Yeah, makes perfect schmalsense to me.

      I wonder if Howard made formal complaints with protective services and various other state agencies regarding his suspicions?

      • Not sure that there haven’t been references to supplemental income activities. The question is were they made here or at TMZ?

      • Gus, those have been made at TMZ. On the off, off, off chance any were made here, I’d bet a whole lot that John would redact at least that part of the comment. Howard has mentioned a few times that John doesn’t allow all of the comments Howard tries to post, and often redacts ones he does allow.

      • Speaking of threats to attack families:

        He writes, “…fair is fair…” as if he has any clue what that means to the rest of the world. Hint: It does not have anything to do with schmalogic.

        I think we can all agree that if the demented cyberstalker photoshops a photo of the spouse of someone who has photoshopped his own spouse, that would be fair. But we all know that’s not what’s going to happen.

        “Fair” doesn’t mean if anyone posting on any website hurts his oh-so-very-delicate-fee-fees, that it’s “fair” for him to lash out at people who’ve never heard of him; nor is it “fair” to lash out at people who do their best to ignore him and have nothing to do with him; nor is it “fair” to attack a grieving family over their loss when neither the family nor their loss has a thing to do with whatever has his panties in a knot today; nor is it “fair” to doxx those who have nothing to do with his narcissistic injury; and so on. But that’s exactly what’s going to happen, because Howard is so far out of his reach, and will only humiliate the adjudicated stalker yet again.

        But nice of him to make his deliberate intention to harass others a matter of public record. That should help his reputation a lot, and will go a long way to convince others that he’s been unjustly vilified. /sarc

  3. I question the sanity, and the severity of an alleged illness, of a person who BEGS people to come after him.

  4. Did The Big BM just send an anonymous email to himself so that he could justify his further harassment of WJJH’s family? Methinks YES! The timing is so perfect – tweet degrading things about Hoge IV, get called out on it, demand that families be off limits, get reminded of what he did just 24 hours ago and … BAM! He’s getting “anonymous” emails that, of course, he attributes to the son of his Obsession, thereby giving himself justification to further harass and stalk.

  5. He’s not calling the cops because he doesn’t want to file a false police report.
    “William the Elder ‏@weltschmerz2015

    I’d call the cops, but Hoge would probably consider my reporting a death threat from his son as “contact.”

  6. One hour ago, BS states that it’s an anonymous email:

    William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 1h 1 hour ago

    An anonymous e-mail. How do I know whose mumsie or dadsie not to mock? Izzat you, IV? Gonna get me with your GUN?

    Now, he claims it’s Hoge IV. You know what I think is “not smart”? Faking an email, blaming an innocent party, and using it to bolster your case in court. That’s called falsifying evidence. That’s called perjury.

      • Exactly.

        Good grief. Does the big, dumb dope ever pause to think before he pounds out his idiocy on his sticky keyboard?

        The Big BM has been living on, and annoying the heck out of attorneys on avvo. Evidently, the Loser at Life cannot afford to retain legal representation. BUT, he’s going to request subpoenas for hard drives, and pay for expert witnesses to attest to their content?

        Yeah. We’re laughing AT the Blob.

  7. Baloney.

    “William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 3m 3 minutes ago
    @MJanovic Any travel for me is painful and difficult. Hoge is aware of this. That’s why he’s doing this.”

    • No, Mr. Hoge is trying to get the Blob to leave him alone.

      Which isn’t hard.

      I mean, I like A Reader #1, but I don’t follow him around; I don’t even have a nick-name for him/her, because that would be weird!

  8. Oh, another good chuckle!

    “William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 2m 2 minutes ago
    @MJanovic Just got a very nice letter from Senator Ben Cardin about the horseshit mailing investigation. Said he should have some info soon.”

    • “Well, Mr. Schmalfeldt, it appears that the package was sent from Sloven…I mean Slovak…Eastern Europe.”

  9. “Your honor, Hoge’s son …
    Your honor, Krendler . . .
    Your honor, wheelchair, babble babble babble . . .
    Your honor, the internet lawyers said . . .
    Your honor, WHO IS JERRY FLETCHER?!
    Spring Grove it is.”

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