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  1. For me, All is NOT forgiven. Until Islam is mocked, ridiculed, and shown disdain like other evil beliefs such as Nazism, we will continue to have its believers think they can control the discussion and our actions. We are not fighting Islamic extremists – we are fighting Islamic believers. Those who claim to be Muslim and are peaceful are not true adherents to that “faith”. And they are being used (some knowingly, some unknowingly) to provide cover for the real believers who are a threat to civilization.

    • While I appreciate the Christian sentiment, “All Is Forgiven” is not a valid path to long-term survival.

      • Foregiveness is an excellent path to longterm survival in the Christian sense. On the other hand, it goes without saying that if you want to enjoy life here on earth, you might have to protect the ones you love and your community at large. Personally I would have captioned the cartoon “Jamais plus,” or “Never again.”

      • There was a man who leased some farmland from a wealthy businessman. The farmer didn’t have the money to put up for the lease, so he entered a contract to plant corn and give the landowner 10 percent of the sales of the crops for payment.

        The tenant got envious and angry with the landowner and decided to grow thistle instead. After planting the thistle, and having it begin to grow, the tenant had a change of heart. He went to the landowner and confessed his misdeeds.

        The landowner forgave him.

        The land still grew thistle.

  2. LauraW has a good post on this over at Ace of Spades.

    Charlie Hebdo is mocking western hashtag foreign policy.

    And for good reason.

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