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Charlie_Hebdo_Mohammed_Returns_.0Most likely, the Gentle Reader has heard about yesterday’s terrorist attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The publication has targeted Islam with its rather coarse humor. For example the front-page cartoon on the left is captioned, “If Mohammed Returned.” The dialog translates, “I am The Prophet, fool!” and “Shut up, Infidel!”

After killing a dozen people and wounding several more, the gunmen were heard to say that they had avenged The Prophet.

If one reads the letter The Dread Prophetphile Kimberlin sent to law enforcement (see the exhibit attached here) in the context of his actions in outing the anonymous blogger “Aaron Worthing,” it almost seems as if TDPK was hoping that Aaron Walker might suffer the same fate as has befallen Charlie Hebdo. The fact that Aaron Walker was SWATted the same day that he beat TDPK in a court hearing over the unconstitutional gag order Kimberlin had as part of (later thrown out) peace order, …

One theme that keeps recurring in TDPK’s rants against Aaron Walker is his connection to the Everybody Draw Mohammed blog that posted all those “vile” depictions of Mohammed.

Here’s another interesting factoid: As of 11 pm last night, there was nothing on either the Justice Through Music Project or Velvet Revolution US websites about the Charlie Hebdo attack. There was nothing on Breitbart Unmasked either.

The Gentle Reader may draw his own conclusion.

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  1. I don’t think there has been anything new on VRUS in months and months…
    The only time there is a new post on JTMP is likely when Craig runs out of weed and decides to post something…about weed

  2. Here is one passage from the Washington City Paper including a quote by Brett Kimberlin:

    While in prison, Kimberlin made the acquaintance of a fellow prisoner who needed help getting family members out of the Soviet Union; Kimberlin, the jailhouse lawyer, read up on immigration law, and did their asylum applications. Over the years, he handled numerous asylum cases for Russian Jews, including relatives of one Valentin Kariman. After the U.S.S.R.’s collapse, Kariman became a high-ranking government official in Ukraine. To show his gratitude, Kariman brokered a few deals between Kimberlin and Ukraine; now, Kimberlin is exporting lube oil and tires to the former Soviet republic. “That’s how I got the Mercedes out front,” he says.

    Here is another passage authored by Brett Kimberlin:

    “Plaintiff also discovered that Aaron Worthing was the publisher of a blog dedicated to attacking, smearing, mocking and insulting the Muslim faith and the Prophet Mohammed. That blog was called “Everyone Draw Mohammed,” and it solicited vile, pornographic and insulting depictions of the Prophet from people all over the world. In December 2011, Defendant Walker had published more than 800 insulting depictions of the Prophet.”

    I find it odd that someone with such deep financial ties to Jews abroad would appoint himself Defender of the Muslim Faith. The contradiction begs for an explanation. One possible explanation is that while re-incarcerated after this interview Brett Kimberlin converted to Islam. I don’t buy that one for a second because, aside from his acknowledged atheism, it is obvious that Brett Kimberlin only believes in Brett Kimberlin. One possible explanation is that Brett Kimberlin is out for Brett Kimberlin and only Brett Kimberlin. While in prison Jews offered him a better chance of forming connections to get out, while out of prison forming ties with Muslims helped ingratiate him with the decidedly anti-Zionist hard Left. The hard Left, Jews and Muslims ought to be aware of this possibility. Jews ought to hate him for betraying them, while Muslims and the hard Left ought to have the good sense not to trust him.

    There is an even more sinister possibility. Maybe Brett Kimberlin never switched allegiance. One need merely ask oneself, “Who stands to benefit if Muslim extremists were to murder Aaron Walker for publishing the Everyone Draw Muhammad website?” After today, that question is no longer a hypothetical. We shall see the answer to that question unfold before our eyes. People have speculated that it seems that someone is pulling strings on behalf of Brett Kimberlin. That would be consistent with the more sinister explanation.

    What we know for certain is after today anyone, or any organization, that donates as much as a dime to The Justice Through Music Program or to The Velvet Revolution is, in the final analysis, standing with the Muslim extremists who murdered eleven folks at Charlie Hebdo, today.

    • You missed an alternative theory: Brett Kimberlin was lying when he talked about getting Jews out of the USSR.

      I think that theory has a lot more validity given that the only source providing that information is a compulsive liar.

      • Point taken. I just tried a google search on “Valentin Kariman” and “Valentine Kariman government official Ukraine.” Neither returned a hit. Brett Kimberlin’s exact formulation of his relationship to Valentin Kariman, more or less, accuses him of corruption. Government officials “brokering” something as important as procurement contracts have a fudiciary duty to the citizens they serve to base their decisions on factors such as least cost over any desire to reward their friends.

        Maybe, there wasn’t even a Valentin Kariman. Or, maybe, he is such a minor official no searchable record exists for him.

        In any case, it would be a distinction that doesn’t make much of a difference. Whether Brett Kimberlin was trying to ingratiate himself with J Street by falsely claiming he was an advocate for Ukrainian Jews, or whether was trying to ingratiate himself with J Street by bragging about his advocacy, he was trying to ingratiate himself in either case. It is an odd position for a man allegedly standing shoulder to shoulder with those that would wipe Israel off the map.

    • Exqueeze me: “One possible explanation is that Brett Kimberlin is out for Brett Kimberlin and only Brett Kimberlin.” It’s the ONLY explanation. It’s the complete explanation.

      • BSB, i think you are missing the music for all the notes. 1) i doubt Brett has done a single genuinely good thing his entire life, 2) in terms of Everyone Draw Mohammed, his only goal is to get me killed, intimidate me, and engage in a slo-mo SWATting. There is zero sincerity in his offense.

        I don’t think anyone is pulling Brett’s strings these days. He is alone and this lawsuit is his desperate attempt to start back on the road to relevance.

      • Aaron,

        While I’ll allow for the possibility that Brett Kimberlin has done a good act in his life, I seriously doubt he ever engaged in an act of altruistic self-sacrifice. He could make his daughters’ lives much better by abandoning his quest for the limelight, and seeking a new life of obscurity outside of Washington. His ego won’t allow it.

        I don’t doubt that his interest in the Everyone Blog About Mohammed is in having you killed by extremists. In attempting to do so he has postured as a Defender of the Faith for Islam. I seriously doubt his sincerity.

        Fundamentally, you have missed my point. One possibility is that “someone is pulling his strings.” Another possibility is that some see it in their benefit that Brett Kimberlin succeed in his project to have you killed by extremists. Such people would have a selfish motive for things like keeping Brett Kimberlin out of prison.

        You just to have ask yourself who benefitted politically from yesterday’s terrorist attack?

      • I agree with some of the suggestions above that Brett’s interest in “Everybody Draw Mohammed” has nothing at all to do with his personal beliefs and everything to do with his hope of identifying his enemy’s enemies, and riling them up to go on the attack.

        This sort of “enemy analysis” is characteristic of Rauhauser and the cat’s paws he find most usually have nothing at all to do with the original dispute. They also attempt to manufacture new groups of enemies by framing critics. For example, Neal’s “Weinergate” theory features a conspiracy that’s literally a who’s who of Brett’s enemies, plus he tacked on one guy that MissAnonNews/OccupyRebellion didn’t like because she had mild web forum arguments with him years before. Neal – who is manifestly up to his eyeballs in his own past criminal SWATting involvements(*) – absurdly tries to blame Brandon Darby for SWATtings to turn people against him. Neal has a cartoonish “Manchurian Candidate” theory that Lee Stranahan is some type of far left infiltrator bent on subverting the right.

        Most of these “conflict cupid” (Neal’s phrase, originally) attempts fail however there are some cases where they find a party who is unhinged and this can actually lead to a lot of damage and harassment. I won’t name names but Neal and Brett both have a knack for finding people with troubled psychological makeups. And then using them as cat’s paws.

        (*) I want to be very clear that I am, in fact, directly accusing Neal of having quite a large number people SWATted for various reasons. Neal is a criminal and this is one of the criminal things he does.

  3. Poor Bill, the clock is ticking, the walls are closing in, and he’s just mailing it in now:

    William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 3h 3 hours ago
    @antvq16 @stephensheiko nobody paid me to publish those. I have first amendment right to do so. I made sure they were legit, had news value

    William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 3h 3 hours ago
    @antvq16 @stephensheiko and then published them. I have no idea who sent them, as it was afake email address like you morons use.

    You don’t know who sent them? You get something from a fake email addy and you don’t wonder who sent it? And you published them anyway? What “news value” did the information have? This isn’t even a bad lie.

    This whole whirlwind of the past two days starting with the eerily prophetic motion of Ron Coleman’s coupled with the court date has really taken the sails out of old sailor Willy.

    • Indeed. Something to remember when BS complains about people posting his info or that of his family on line.

  4. Reading Aaron’s twitter tl today supporting #EverybodyDrawMohammed it’s important to remember that Bill and Brett both say he is endangering other people and should stop what he’s doing. That makes them either cowards or “slow motion swatters”. There is no other possible choice.

    What an empty place they have chosen to plant their flag.


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