In Re RICO Madness

Replies to The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s opposition to the motions to dismiss his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness are being filed. Here are the next two to be posted on PACER.

More replies should be coming in today.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—Here’s another one.

UPDATE 2—Here are two more.

42 thoughts on “In Re RICO Madness

  1. “To the extent any claim may exist in this thicket of frivolity” that is priceless. I love when the defendants throw a bit of humor is their responses.

    • Oh, he’s back. And, damn near wetting his Depends because the freaks he calls “friends” are actually paying him a smidgen of attention for a change.

      I actually feel a (very slight) pang of embarrassment for him when he behaves like an attention-starved, homeless mutt that someone actually bothered to pat on the head a couple of times.

      It just so has to suck to be Bill Schmalfeldt. *SMH*

      • I said it before and I’ll say it again, he lives for that little pat on the head and the good boy he gets like he just sat up and begged like a dog for a treat. Which when you think about it is exactly what he does.


    “The Plaintiff’s claim that his reputation can be further harmed is farcical. His reputation cannot be wounded or murdered: it died of suicide years ago. For all of those reasons, the Plaintiff has failed to state a claim for defamation.”

    Boom goes the dynamite!
    Well done Mr. Walker.

  3. “The Plaintiff seems to want this court to believe that ordinary people would say “sure
    he is a terrorist, caused a man’s death, cheated a widow out of money she was owed, forged a summons in a federal case, and has been found to be a pedophile into girls as young as twelve, but I thought he was a swell guy until someone implied he SWATted somebody!”

    Good Lord, who could be pathetic enough to think like that?…..oh wait…..Schmalfeldt. And he doesn’t even care if Kimby swatted someone. After all, he aided and abetted him in trying to get Islamic extremists to kill Aaron after all.

    • Yep. The walking, talking bowel movement BM Schmalfeldt most certainly aided and abetted the sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin in publishing sealed court documents.

      Who all had access to the sealed court documents?

      And, who would have had an interest in “anonymously” emailing them to BS in order for them to be published so Aaron Walker’s information would be exposed?

      Bill Schmalfeldt is a LIAR. And, a horrible, horrible one at that.


      • Heh. He forgets himself sometimes, believing his own lies. Some people keep emails and recordings of telephone conversations as well as chat transcripts instead of flushing them or killing email addresses.

      • Paul, every time you tease that I get a little chill up my leg like Matthews thinking about Obama. I can’t wait until we all get to see what you’ve got.

      • Army Vet: The defendants have almost everything. Almost. I have reserved certain items for self protection until after my Supervised Release is over at 11:59:59 PM EST on 28 Feb.

    • And, how exactly do “cartoons” differ in kind from “parodies?” It would seem that after the numerous thinly-veiled libelously attacks against Lee Stranahan offered as “parodies” Bill Schmalfeldt would be the last person to object to any erosion of the protection extended to them. Inasmuch as Charlie Hebdo is characterized as a “satirical magazine,” and “satire” is synonymous with “lampoon” and “parody” when Bill Schmalfeldt is claiming that special protections ought not extend to “[satirical] cartoons” he is by implication arguing that they should not extend to parodies either.

      I would only suggest we reinterpret his numerous radio skits about “pussy palaces,” and such, in the context of his new-found convictions.

  4. Michael Smith is my hero. His pleadings have consistently stood above the others and I am envious of his incredible abilities.


    “Mr Kimberlin’s allegations do not ‘cross the line from conceivable to plausible,’ but detour well short of that into the land of make believe.” Snap!

    “The first amendment makes all of that fair game for public comment, by Ms. Malkin and everyone else, and if Mr. Kimberlin doesn’t like it, he should move to a country that doesn’t have one.” Double snap!

    “Mr. Kimberlin is trying to impose silence on speakers with whom he disagrees, and while his chosen tactic obviously differs from that of terrorists who shoot up a satiracal newspaper, the chilling effect on speech if he is allowed to continue would be largely the same.” Oh boy, here it comes, the zorro snap, in z formation:


  5. I am still having a hard time believing that DBCS is STILL named as a plaintiff in this trainwreck. At least he’s demanding sanctions from TDPK.

    • I should also mention that Mr. Backer also hinted at some potential discovery issues (if it should get that far) that could prove interesting. Assuming TDPK were to actually participate in discovery this time.

  6. btw, read over the breitbart and erickson/redstate replies. you can save alot of time by just reading one. they say literally almost the same thing, and honestly, i think should should have just combined them, somehow.

  7. Reblogged this on Truth Before Dishonor and commented:
    Defamation proof terrorist scoundrel, drug smuggler, IED manufacturer and planter, adjudicated pedophile, cause of a wrongful death, vexatious litigant Brett Kimberlin’s shutuppery lawfare Federal suit gets more smacks. It’s almost like Kimberlin likes playing the sub role, with how much he keeps getting smacked around and keeps coming back.

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