Barbarian Thuggery


The issue shown at the left got the offices of Charlie Hebdo firebombed in 2011. (Mohammed is saying, “100 lashes if you don’t die laughing.”) Today, gunmen murdered a dozen members of the publications staff.

Barbarian thugs have struck a blow against the free expression of ideas.

They must not be allowed to win.

UPDATE—A first-hand account from the scene.

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  1. Reblogged this on Femininican and commented:
    Muslim savages committed a massacre in Paris today in an attack against free speech, and they did it on behalf of the thin skinned perpetually offended death cult of islam. The muslim terrorists slaughtered at least a dozen people today (including shooting a a cop in the head as he lay on the ground begging for his life) and injured at least ten more because islamic savages are “offended” by fucking cartoons. Western Civilization will be extinguished entirely if islamocoddling and political correctness is not immediately stopped.

    • Right on Zilla! If the musloid community will not police themselves and suppress these radical jihadists, we must step in and do it ourselves. Since these idiots have self-identified as Yemeni al-Qaeda operatives, the first step is to turn Yemen to glass. Radioactive glass. No more Yemeni terrorists nor their enablers and supporters.

  2. Be careful John, Brett Kimberlin might send this, along with your contact info, to all the Muslim orgs in the area. (if he hasn’t already)

      • Cartoons. Their goal was to kill comedy writers because their prophet was insulted? And some people really think these folks can be reasoned with?
        “Je préfère mourir debout que vivre à genoux.” — Charb. (I hope Google Translate was accurate)

      • I agree. But to be honest, I’d prefer a clearly defined enemy to die on my feet fighting.

        To die on my feet publishing cartoons because I cannot distinguish between the killers and the camoflauge is disheartening to say the least. To die for a principle seems to matter more, when your killers are at least evolved enough to grasp the principle. Below that, just survival for survival’s sake seems adequate moral grounds.

        I just wish the “Good Muslims” made the bad apples more obvious. Kinda like the “Good Cops” or the “Good” well, fill in the blanks to your heart’s content, and/or your stomach’s contents.

        The bottom line is, when enough of the “other” culture supports this, suspicion of the “other” culture is both natural and rational. It makes integration tough…

    • They are all over Twitter with the hashtag #CharlieHebdo and the Washington Free Beacon & Front Page Magazine have published them again today as well, and I’m sure more blogs will follow suit. If I get on my computer today, I’ll certainly be publishing them at, but whether I get on my computer today is contingent on the degree of misery my medical junk inflicts on me so right now I’m just writing from my phone and using my lazy blog (Femininican) reblog button. The pictures should be easy for you to find today.

    • Sadly so many people think you can decide to be at war or not. It only takes one side to start a war and one side to keep it going. Dec 7 and Sep 11 are just two examples that impacted the US.

    • I read a joke somewhere recently. I probably don’t have it quite correct, but I think the message will come across:

      In a coffee shop at a regional airport in the Montana wilds, sat three men – one American Indian, one Muslim, and one cowboy.

      The Indian looked out the window at the wild plains beyond the runway an lamented, “Once my people were many; now we are few.”

      The Muslim in his turn remarked, “I am sorry, my friend. Once my people were few, but now we are many. Why do you suppose that is?”

      Both men turned to the third man, who was slowly sipping from his cup. He pulled his cowboy hat low on his brow and said, “Well…we ain’t played Cowboys and Muslims yet…but it’s a’comin’.”

  3. Islamic immigration into the west must be stopped, and those Muslim immigrants already here should be encouraged to leave. Islam is a huge negative to western democracy, and brings no benefit at all to our civilization. Further building of mosques should be prohibited, and all tax benefits for this false “religion” ended.

    • I disagree greatly. Broadly applied restrictions against groups, instead of specifically applied laws against individual acts, are the tools of totalitarians.

      And if I may pompously lecture a bit further, our constitutional bill of rights is for the protection of the individual, not society. Individuals can then freely construct what our larger society is, based on all of their individual decisions about how they wish to live their individual lives.

      We as a civilized society must enforce our own laws within our own borders equally for everyone, including immigrants, which we all are in one fashion or another. European countries are failing to do this, mostly out of hyper-political correctness. Parts of London, Paris, Amsterdam, and other European cities are off-limits to police, and therefore off-limits to the enforcement of the laws of their societies. Now those countries are losing their historic identities. The U.S. can avoid this future by enforcing law equally for everyone.

      • Mr. Hudson, please tell me how you think we should handle a group of people who don’t believe they are required to follow our laws – that their “laws” supersede ours, and tell them to kill us (Smite the unbelievers at the neck….). They come here, attack and kill us, and then we put them in jail (since the death penalty has been all but wiped out in this country)? And in jail, they will recruit others who will then be released into our society and kill more of us…

        The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

      • AD, if I may: Charles’ argument is based on the pre-supposition that our government is acting is some fashion constrained by the Constitution. Under such a scenario any individual who fomented such an argument as to say that they would not accept US law over Sharia, would perforce be seditious and subject to deportation or incarceration under statutes in place.

        Unfortunately, while Charles’ argument is sound and right; the realpolitik leaves us with a government in moral decay, perfectly willing to ignore both the law and the will of the people. Additionally, and without regard for the propagandists denials, there are large groups of Islamists in America that hold the Constitution in contempt and believe Sharia is the only true law.

        To me, the solution is to return to the rule of law, call the perpetrators of terrorism terrorists, secure our borders, strengthen our military ability, succor our friends and punish our enemies (must resist use of “…see dem driven before you, and heyah de lamentation of der women.”).

        I am disheartened that mere days after President el-Sisi of Egypt called on the Imams to re-examine islam, we are left with the punditry and our “leaders” acting as apologists for the Medinian factions of the teachings i.e. militant islamist extremist terrorists.

        Regrettably, we may be seeing the beginning of the end of this grand experiment.

      • Your disagreement is naive. Would you also say that the Constitution protects religions that practice human sacrifice? Because Islam does exactly that. Or maybe it protects cannibalism? Islam is violent, seditious and intolerant. It has no place in our society. I agree with the statement that “the Constitution is not a suicide pact.” It should be banned.

      • Dog and Gus – I largely agree with both of you. I don’t see where anything I said precludes anything you said. That our current government is failing to follow our constitution or enforce our laws doesn’t mean we do away with the constitution.

        If someone breaks the law, immigrant or not, they should be dealt with according to our laws, not according to what religion they follow (which is where some of the European countries have failed miserably). We need equal application of the law for everyone. If our government doesn’t enforce the law, which is what is happening under Obama and his cohorts, then we need to double our efforts to retake the government and re-establish enforcement of our constitutional structure. Europe failed to enforce their own laws and now they are in a mess. We don’t have to end up that way.

        We don’t handle the group, we handle each individual singularly. If an individual doesn’t want to follow our laws, then they gotta go. If someone agrees to and actively abides by our laws, then they can stay. If an entire group attacks us, then that’s war and we should respond with whatever means are necessary to ensure our own freedom and liberty. It’s tough to fight a war against a religious faction when they’re spread out amongst us, so each one has to be dealt with as they pop up. Knowing what we know now, would we deal differently now with American-Japanese citizens than we did in WWII? Some of those people were third generation Americans. How about the fifth generation hispanics who are twice the patriots of either Reid or Pelosi?

        As long as every citizen still has a vote, legitimately counted, things can be made better. Two more years of Obama, then we’ll see what’s left standing and where to restart. If anything really bad is coming it’s going to happen in Europe first.

        And Paul – There are individual muslims around world risking their lives to fight the medieval direction of the extremist factions. Ayaan Hirsi Ali comes to mind. Of course, it’s hard to press on when they keep getting slaughtered, but for some reason they keep trying. They deserve our support.

      • Is Charles’ third paragraph naïve, Stogie? Is Earl right? Are we all fools for supporting Mr. Hoge in his battle against the censorious ass-hat Brett Kimberlin?

        Without the rule of law, idiots like bil schmalfeldt would be allowed to run amok.

        Again, we cannot wholesale isolate and/or remove segments of the population based on their beliefs, as much as schmalfeldt, Kimberlin, Ayers, Alinsky, et. al. would like to. Instead we must enforce the laws IN SPITE of the beliefs of the criminal.

      • Now this view, in its entirety, is forbidden by the Establishment Clause. Since the Fed Gov cannot create a state religion, it cannot decree Islam a heresy. It was meant to prevent the bloodshed England saw between the Protestants and the Catholics, but it extends quite simply.

        To quote Nursey from Blackadder the Second, “I do an excellent impression of Mary Queen of Scots…(pulls head under blouse neck) ‘Ooops, now where’s me head?'”

        Now, on strictly secular grounds there are large fields of action they are currently ignoring, like “If you swear ‘Death to America’ we won’t let you in” and a wide variety of laws that establish this is an epedimic of “known wolf syndrome”

        Or maybe the Russians calling up the FBI and saying watch this guy, and our guys ignore it until he sets off some really pathetic pressure cooker bombs at the Boston Maraton. Adequate, but thank God they weren’t comptetent.

        If Islam threatened me no more than the various Japanese (or other, pick one, I’m going more or less at random here) religions then I would not give a flea spec if it was a heresy, I would not call for them to be crushed and destroyed. If they are threats (and militant Islam is) then it must be dealt with.

        But not on grounds of heresy; as Americans we do not grant that power to our government, and I for one am grateful for it.

      • I declare it a heresy. Government can ban it as being not a religion but a violent expression of a cult. Does the Constitution permit or condone human sacrifice? Islam demands it, thus it is an illegal cult. The remainder of my comment is my opinion of what should be done. You may disagree and I will fight to the death for your ability to disagree.

    • At this point, let me say that is great to see a discussion among adults, without the invective or name calling that happens in so many forums. It is a testament to Mr. Hoge that his readers conduct themselves in such a manner, and attracts a crowd with differing opinions.

      I am swamped with other matters for the day – I hope to continue this discussion with you folks here and in other posts in the coming days. Thanks for all the “food for thought” – good points to mull over.

  4. And right on cue Baghdad Blob reappears to defend his most excellent friend for trying to get Aaron killed by the Islamic extremists. Who says there is no loyalty among dishonest lying leftists?

    • Is Bill Schmalfeldt a pederast?

      I hereby invoke Schmlogic and Schmalfeldtian journalistic ethics.

      Where did I put that doom clock?

    • Bill Schmalfeldt (Internet Journamalist!) has clearly expressed his contempt for the First Amendment (again) as it applies to his self-created enemies — and, furthermore — has made it very clear he supports the actions of radical, Islamic terrorists if they find themselves… wait for it… wait for it… offended.

      The walking, talking bowel movement (BM) is so very disappointed that his “excellent friend” — domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin — was unable to have Aaron Walker suffer at the hands and swords of unhinged muzzies.

      Sick freak.

    • With a concrete example of the murders that Kimberlin tried to incite, Cabin Boy is starting to figure out that the consequences of his criminal actions will soon come down upon him.

      This should increase the probability that Cabin Boy sees a jail cell.

    • What about expressions of opinion based on substantial quantities of evidence and personal testimony? Such as:

      Based on his authorized biography, song lyrics and court records; I believe that Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile.

  5. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 6m 6 minutes ago
    If anyone tried to get Aaron Walker killed, it was Aaron Walker…..

    How about:

    William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 6m 6 minutes ago
    If anyone tried to get the cartoonists killed, it was the cartoonists.

    This is turning out to be a very, very bad day for Bill Schmalfeldt and Team Kimberlin.

    • That’s what CNN has been saying all day. The publishers at the magazine were killed because of their actions in publishing these cartoons and mocking “The Prophet.”

      They outwardly condemn the terrorists, but they bow to their demands.

      Terrorism works against the weak.

  6. After the sorrow, and grief have been dealt with, I personally cannot wait to see the next cover cartoon of Charlie Hebdo’s magazine. I have to assume that this act will only renew the resolve of talented cartoonists and journalists to express opinions in the French press, and around the world. Is it possible to subscribe to Hebdo’s magazine here in the United States?

    • Unfortunately I believe the outcome will be the French govt telling the magazine to knock it off with the cartoons and the magazine complying.

      The French govt, and ours too under this president I’m sorry to say, will do what it takes to appease the terrorists. Chamberlain would be proud,

  7. Muslims kill thousands of Christians in the Middle East, and nothing is said.

    Muslims kill cartoonists and a cop in Paris, and the world stands up?

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