Who Does Kirby Delauter Think He Is?

Mr. Delauter, a county council member in Frederick County, Maryland, thinks he can sue a journalist for using his name without permission.

No. Really. I’m not making that up.

Who does Kirby Delauter think he is to be able to get away with that sort of anti-First-Amendment nonsense? Brett Kimberlin?

18 thoughts on “Who Does Kirby Delauter Think He Is?

  1. Popehat “Streisanded” all over this guy yesterday. It was quite funny.

    Self-entitled politicians who want to control public discourse are not the kind of public servants who should be in office. Here’s hoping the citizens of Frederick County show him the door this next election.

      • A censorious asshat is always a censorious asshat. They all need to be mocked far and wide if only to provide warning to those who would make butthurt into more than what it is. I know of several in keyboard shot… lolz

  2. Related: Brett Kimberlin is a convicted sociopathic bomber. Bill Schmalfeldt “bows down to lick the hand” of convicted sociopathic bombers.

    • Apparently Bill Schmalfeldt thinks harassing people and their families should not be against the law. Hence his collection of multiple court orders from multiple states.

  3. Note: Above named used feminine hygiene receptacle is a Republican, mocked by Conservatives all over the Rightosphere. Those of us on the Right are equal opportunity mockers, should the appropriate objets-des-mock present themselves.

  4. Getting elected to office must make your IQ drop by 5 or 10 points. Every election. Which kind of sheds some light on Joe Biden’s current state…

  5. I agree with the main aspect against the censorious asshat trying to threaten lawfare to restrict the use of his name and appreciate the Streisand aspect that occurred appropriately.

    There is another aspect here though that is being overlooked due to his censorious efforts that does leave me having to agree with him about. He has asked the woman multiple times not to contact him AND she has admitted that she is aware of those requests; but similar to another “reporter’ known in these parts, she has chosen to blatantly ignore the (not so well pleaded) requests. Additionally, she indicates that she will continue to harass the man in the future.

    Going after her for the harassment / contact is legally appropriate at this point. However, the censorious aspect of trying to keep his public life as an elected official from being written about by her is deserving of all the scorn that his Streisand moment is bringing him.

  6. This is so typical of progressives. They make a public post someone notices and comments on it and then they claim they are being stalked and harassed. Notice their libelous, harassing and stalking behavior and they cry like they are the victim.

  7. “Who does Kirby Delauter think he is to be able to get away with that sort of anti-First-Amendment nonsense? WJJ Hoge?”

    Not an original thought in that dented noggin.

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