X-ray Binary Circinus X-1

cirx1 smallThe youngest member of an important class of objects has been found using data from the Chandra X-ray Observatory and the Australia Compact Telescope Array. A composite image shows the X-rays in blue and radio emission in purple, which have been overlaid on an optical field of view from the Digitized Sky Survey. This discovery allows scientists to study a critical phase after a supernova and the birth of a neutron star.

Image Credit: NASA

2 thoughts on “X-ray Binary Circinus X-1

  1. I’m sorry, but this one reminds me of something from the main view screen on the original Star Trek series. Wrong aspect ratio, but still…
    (Which raises the question: When Kirk says “Put it up on the screen…” What did they have on the screen before? Don’t they look where they’re going?)

  2. Well, it’s Kirk, so maybe a loop of a couple of green chicks making out?

    Also, this image looks like a purple witch-mask or something. Parieodolia is a hell of a drug.

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