How the Government Saves Us Money

As a part of the $2,500 a year that Obamacare was supposedly going to save each family, the “Affordable Care Act” mandates that all Americans have health insurance or pay a tax penalty. In 2014, the penalties were 1% of your household income or $95 per person—whichever was greater. In 2015, those penalties ramp up significantly to 2% of total household income, or $325 per person.

12 thoughts on “How the Government Saves Us Money

  1. Well, you should’ve bought health insurance when you could, and you could avoid that tax.

    Wait a minute. The company I work for, which has a grand total of one employee, will fire anyone who buys ObamaCare. Guess I’m stuck.

  2. It’s the last night of Bill Schmalfeldt’s 50’s, and possibly the last night of his life if you take his piteous hyperbole seriously (DON’T!)… What does he do after proclaiming it’s nighty-night time?

    Yeah, you guessed it. Check Hogewash and tweet some whinging horse-pucky.


    You gonna get served.

    You gonna get your ass dragged to court.

    You gonna get spanked for your idiotic inability to refrain from direct and indirect contact with Mr. Hoge.

    Get a lawyer, Bill. And an extra case of Depends.

  3. Bill Schmalfeldt’s staying up after his bedtime, with this lovely bit of “wit”:

    “When is California going to stop teasing and just go ahead and fall into the Pacific? These little phony quakes.”

    Hilarious, eh? Poor Bill, teased by the lack of a truly massive California earthquake… What’s the potential deaths and injuries of millions of human beings and the loss of billions if not trillions of dollars of property and productivity compared with horrible suffering of Bill Schmalfeldt in being subjected to a news report of a minor shake on the other end of his continent.

    Really? Is Bill Schmalfeldt really so incapable of reading what he’s about to tweet and recognizing it sounds like the muttering of a psychopath? Evidently. It’s not like he’s proven his utter lack of self-awareness time and time again, oh no oh no oh no.

    • I lived those earthquakes. I joked about LA falling off into the sea in one of those earthquakes so that I could have beach side property. But if that were to happen, then the food prices for the ENTIRE COUNTRY would double, possibly triple. Guess good old Bill doesn’t like the rest of the country. Utterly psychopathic.

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