51 thoughts on “Worst Advice of the Year

  1. Well, he does support deadbeat dads, violent felons, racists, and spouse abusers. It’s not like he has good judgment. Or morals.

  2. William the Elder
    Unlike Hoge, I do NOT allow supporters to goad me into taking stupid actions…***snip**

    “They don’t need to, I do it myself”

  3. WJJH never attacks Schmalfeldt’s family. BS, on the other hand, loves to go after Hoge’s son. Question: what was this business between the Schmalfeldt’s and [redacted] about? Hmm? Is BS a deadbeat? Just Investigating here. Just asking questions.

  4. Non misericordia, non quaeritur quarta vel detur, et vincere hostem pugna sibi reconciliare statuunt. Schmalfeldt patietur ignominiam (iterum), de exaltatione et humiliatione, deuictum. Sed intelligere est, minus cladis suscipienda veritate?

  5. It always makes me chuckle when I see the obsession these freaks possess concerning our Gentle Host’s finances.

    Tis called… a life well lived. Hardwork, education, determination, priorities, and wise choices go a long way in accomplishing as much.

    None of which the Bill Schmalfeldts and loser Twitter trolls would know anything about, of course.


    Just an educated guess, mind you — but, I’d wager Hoge Manor was not lacking for Christmas gifts, and generous charity, this holiday season.

    Envy is such an ugly, ugly thing. *SMH*

  6. Happy Birthday from Alaska, Mr. Hoge. Hope you have a great day today and my best to you and yours in the year ahead.

  7. Mr. Hoge I hope you had a good birthday and many future returns.

    I will say to B.S. once more; get an attorney at law, then do every thing he instructs you to do–if that means frying and eating crow then so be it.

  8. “Unleash on Hoge all the way.” What in heaven’s name does THAT mean? The man is only able to type. What’s he going to do? Come up with a witty retort? Faildox commenters here? Cut and paste a book or two? Mr. Schmalfeldt has NO bag of tricks.

    Everybody have a great New Years!

  9. Ah, a name like @liberaluniverse. What is a liberal universe?
    A place where you can tax at 100% and people still work. Where a brain surgeon and a basket weaver can get the same compensation for their work and yet you have precisely the right number of each without complaint or force. Where government use of force is only employed against those who resist utopia, as no one sane would ever do that against a world where everything is free and plentiful. Where everything is free and plentiful. Where the weather is not only predictable, but planned in advance by the government, yet still fully natural in every respect. Where climate never changes. Where everything is predictable. Where there is no crime because there is no want nor property. Where you can generate all the energy needs for all the people using zero resources or space. Where plants can be trained in communist principles so each is willing to take a little bit less for the greatest of the whole, thus you can plant anything anywhere at any density and expect it to work. Where you can farm without pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, or even land, and still get the same, if not greater yields of higher quality organisms. Where genetic engineering is never employed to increase the good qualities of plants or other organisms, and yet the plants and other organisms become better, because you didn’t engineer them. Where once a species exists, it will never die off. Where there are precisely the right number of the right sort of houses in precisely the right places to house the whole population efficiently, where they need to be, without complaint. Where those houses are all located without affecting the natural beauty of the world, or taking up spaces. Where everyone has a job, but none of those jobs are forced, compensated, or difficult. Where someone who’s decisions affect millions and where someone who’s decisions affect less than one are interchangeable, and thus should be compensated the same. Where children belong to the nation because parents can not be trusted with something as precious as a child. Where wants are filled without markets to explore what those wants are. Where healthcare, houses, food, clothing are all free because they are a right. Where those things can be provided in the highest quality without forcing people to work. Where speech and self-defense aren’t rights as they can hurt other people’s feelings or their person, thus the first should be regulated and the second should never be needed. Where no one needs to work but everything gets done. Where people will cast aside all wants for everyone else’s good without complaint. Where the wealth of a few individuals can be spread among the multitude, leaving the multitude nearly as wealthy and the wealthy only a little poorer. Where the state gives you ice cream and cake, and God does not exist. Where people precisely align in wants and needs with other people in their class, thus, you don’t need to know the needs of the individuals. Where there are no classes and everyone wants the same things.

    An unrealistic fantasy which ignores that humans are flawed animals with biological imperatives and a selfish streak common to all life and necessary for survival, things take up space and require resources, that wants of others are unknowable without giving them choices, and that in giving them choices, it is important to relate the relative cost in time, energy, and resources of those items, that everything is a trade-off, that climate, the assortment of species, even the face of continents change with time, and none of this is changeable, thus a market is the best means we’re likely to find of dealing with actual reality.

    This post is not made of good grammar. Happy New Year.

    • This is really very good Onwyrd. The absurdity of what some think is possible bears repeating lest we beggar ourselves trying to achieve it. If you ever wanted to write this up as a blog post I would be happy to publish it on my site sometime. More people will likely see it in the comment section here than as a post there, but every bit helps and you never know which click is the one which might move or persuade another person to think similarly.

      Despite the many vexations Mr. Hoge faces he has succeeded in creating a place which attracts many people with high quality minds and I suspect that pleases him greatly. Like is attracted to like so it is a great compliment to him.

      Happy New Years to everyone — and especially — a happy birthday to our wonderful and worthy host!

    • He doesn’t have friends. He has handlers. And enablers. All of which work for someone that most definitely is NOT Bill’s “excellent” friend. But Bill is just too stupid and narcissistic to understand that.

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