Team Kimberlin Year in Review

It’s New Year’s Eve, and we’ll wind things down with a look at the top Team Kimberlin stories from November and December—and we’ll take a poll.

Kimberlin Unmasked Strikes Again!

OriginallyPosted on 10 November, 2014

In Re Kimberlin v. Kimberlin Unmasked

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has reached a settlement with Lynn Thomas and Peter Malone, the two individuals he alleges to be Kimberlin Unmasked, in his copyright trolling case.

TDPK never had much of a case. He said that Justice Through Music Project owned some of the copyrights, and he didn’t have standing to sue for those. He failed to register the copyrights he did own in a timely manner which created other problems for the viability of any suit.

I am unaware of the terms of any settlement agreement.

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After the post, I picked up an interesting follower on Twitter.

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Kimberlin Makes An Admission Against Interest

Originally Posted on 8 December, 2014

It’s 5 pm, and there’s nothing on PACER yet.

I suppose we’ll know by late tomorrow if The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin bothers to get his omnibus opposition to the motions to dismiss his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness in by midnight.

Meanwhile, Aaron Walker has this interesting post up at Allergic to Bull.

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Aaron’s interesting post describes how in TDPK’s motion for a new trial he wound up saying that one of the things we did to defame him was to divulge private facts. That implies that what we said about him was factual—which is a tacit admission that the description of him as a pedophile is factual.

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So there are the top Team Kimberlin Stories month-by-month. Let’s have a Readers’ Choice poll for the best of the best.

11 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Year in Review

    • I’m with you 100%. I almost went with December because the contest to figure out what he had done was compelling, but August really did contain the best of the best news.

  1. Happy birthday to our good and gracious host. May you have many more.

    (the link back to your story from 11/11 starts with an extra ‘http://’)

  2. Heh. Schmalfeldt is getting advice from Acme law. Just before a number of defendants are to supply responses in the RICO Madness shenanigans. I wonder how that’s going to work out for Schmalfeldt, if he follows Acme advice? Past success rates might be an indication. Multiple court orders from multiple states might be a clue.

    .@weltschmerz2015 Time for you to unleash on Hoge all the way.
    2:52 PM – 30 Dec 2014

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