Prevarication Du Jour

@weltschmerz2015|201412301703ZNote that the Cabin Boy’s™ picked an audit date of “about a year ago,” that is, just after Stacy, Aaron Walker, Ali Akbar, Kimberlin Unmasked, and I were each hit with around 100,000 fake followers on Twitter. It took me several weeks to flush as many as I could out of my account. Stacy has never bother to do so.

An interesting thing about picking up all those bogus followers is that it happened simultaneously to the five defendants in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit just after the suit was filed.

One more thing … if, as the Cabin Boy’s™ audit figures show, 7% of the followers of @wjjhoge are bogus, that would mean that my relatively insignificant fake following is the same size the Cabin Boy’s entire following.

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  1. Since Bill apparently wants to have a discussion, let’s start with this: Bill, why do you hate Asian people? Bill, why do hate homosexuals? Those two questions are a good place to start a discussion.

    • Bill, why do you forge evidence and then lie about it?

      Bill, why do you claim to keep your word, when the very fact you’re still blogging and twittering at us Lickspittles is indisputable evidence you’re a liar?

      Bill, do you think that deleting tweets and blog posts prevents those you lie to and about from pointing out your lies?

      Bill, why do you impotently threaten dire consequences when Mr. Hoge fails to moderate his blog to YOUR satisfaction? And, Bill, are you so stupid you have no clue about Section 230, or are you so obsessed on quashing speech you have no hope of rebutting with fact or logic, that you’ll just spew any menacing bullshit you pull out of your ass?

      Bill, don’t you think you should acknowledge the fact you were utterly wrong about the legal implications of someone mailing you horse poop in the mail?

      Bill, don’t you think you should acknowledge that your efforts to dox have been utter and self-defeating failures? That all the faildoxes, empty threats and predictions of doom have irredeemably cemented your online reputation as that of a profoundly creepy, bitter crank?

      Bill, don’t you think that someone who frivolously filed a motion (YOU, against Grady) and then abandoned it should think twice about calling for sanctions against someone for (disputably at best) the same thing?

      Bill, don’t you think trying to prove to TwitterLand that a pingback isn’t unwanted contact is kinda pointless when a judge has already ruled against you on that point, and in this matter?

      Bill, what do you think about the Mr. McCain’s observation that the best way to discredit you is to simply quote you?

      Bill, why do you posture as a political activist, when you are incapable of expressing a political thought more complex and nuanced than that which would fit on a bumper sticker?

      Bill, why do you attack people on Twitter, and then block them when they reply?

      Bill, why do you seek to inflate every butthurt scored against you into a federal case? Is your Lib’tardianism to blame for your reliance on the apparatus of state to pursue your grievances, or is it just that you’re so utterly impotent and deranged you feel justified in doing so?

      Bill, if you are so desperate to be left alone to pursue your “satire” and whatever else it is you do when not howling “HOOOOOOOOOGE!!!” at a spittle-flecked LCD… Why do you keep coming back for more?

      Bill… Why don’t you just go away?

  2. Since its likely that Team Kimberlin actually produced the fake followers as part of a fake follower suspension attempt, its especially noteworthy.

  3. Bill seems upset about something. And he’s back to pleading his criminal case using twitter. I wonder how that’s going to work out.

    • Great point, A Reader #1. He whines and carries on that none of us “know” him. He ridiculously and falsely rants that untrue info about him is disseminated.

      However, at least 99% of what we know about him came straight from his own keyboard, either through admissions on twitter or one of his many, many blog attempts.

      I mean, none of us were in Japan when he had sex onstage with a tranny. And I don’t recall any of us condemning him for having sex with a tranny; as I understood it, those who took issue were referring to him being on a stage.

      None of us were aware he was repeatedly cuckolded by multiple wives, nor were we aware how obsessed he was, until he was able to pull up a 30 year old note within seconds. Seriously – how many of us can do that with any 30 year old piece of paper? I may have notes and cards that are that old, that I liked so much that I’ve kept them for decades, but I didn’t scan them in to each computer I’ve had over the years, kwim? And the only memorabilia related to a romantic relationship that I have kept is from my husband.

      None of us knew his own children wanted nothing to do with him. None of us knew about his dementia diagnosis, nor that his symptoms were so severe he felt he had to warn the general public that his words could not be trusted. None of us knew that he would be so demented, or so unfamiliar with telling the truth, that he’d contradict himself repeatedly in the same blog post, or tweets posted minutes apart.

      None of us knew he wears diapers. None of knew… so many, many, many things that normal people would not want publicized.

      As RSM sagely observed: “All that is necessary to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.”

      • This inability to keep one’s private life and facts to oneself (especially EMBARRASSING facts) is kind of curious. The last time I saw anything like that it was with a guy who’s a (supposedly) ‘high functioning autistic’. He’d just blurt things out. Like his tendency to shit his pants.

  4. William the Elder
    Sanctions for filing frivolous motion? Those apply. Potential defamation lawsuit? Perhaps. Criminal charges against Hoge? A possibility.
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    3:59 PM – 30 Dec 2014

    I do love William’s bursts of braggadocio. They make his eventual humiliating retreats so much more entertaining.

    However, if I slip and fracture my noggin from laughing, I’m holding John responsible!

  5. I believe the Cabin Boy’s careful choice of date is completely intentional. In fact, considering the hateful Team Kimberlin members sometimes stoop to throwing him scraps of info, he may have even known about this childish twitter retaliation from them.

    If you look at my own twitter account, you will see around 95% fake followers right this moment because Neal Rauhauser is retaliating against me for criticizing him. He’s in a rotten mood lately; I wonder why?

    * link to my account:

    • To be fair to BS, Twitter audit gives you a previous audit date, and if you wish to have an account reaudited you have to pay them $4. McCain was last audited by them a year ago.


      I tried the Social Baker’s audit tool, and while it doesn’t give you hard numbers, it does appear to give you current info. It says that right now only 8% of McCain’s followers seem to be fakes. Ali’s numbers are improved too, with less than 20% deemed likely to be fake.

      • HE could have NOT posted the info because it was a year old. Or he could have pointed out it was a year old. Not his style to be forthright.

  6. Forgive my ignorance, but wasn’t the United States Postal Service supposed to have disposed of William’s antagonists several weeks ago? His recent silence on this could lead one to think that they laughed him off and told him to be on his way.

    But THIS time, THIS time will be different ….

    • Oh. Yeah. That’s right!

      The feds were supposed to come by and sweat the sekrit identity of Paul Krendler out of me. Or something like that.

      I must be lost in the bottom of their in basket.

    • The wheels of justice grind slow but exceedingly fine.
      I’m sure that, right now, a veritable army of US Postal Inspectors, armed with a John Doe warrant, is scouring the Slovakian countryside for the horse that is a match for the DNA they recovered from the evidence.

  7. Schmalfeldt currently seems to be in the threat-making phase of his cycle. After about a week of this noise will follow the negotiation phase. About a week before the hearing is the begging phase. Then the always entertaining woe-is-me phase, accompanied by the usual histrionics and whining. A week after the hearing the cycle will start anew.

  8. “Hoge got his peace order because the Judge doesn’t understand Twitter. I’ll just use this technology that automagically sends messages to John’s blog and hope that the Judge understands this better. I’m sure the Judge will take the word of a self-professed journalist over the word of an engineer who contracts with NASA. Whatever could go wrong?”

    Still wondering if he really tried to interfere with John’s NASA employment.

  9. There is a lot of information behind the WordPress Happiness Engineer’s blanket confirmation of CabinBoy’s bias. And as usual, he blows right past anything that conflicts with his preconceinved notions. Some of that information gets rather technical, but it all boils down to the fact that nobody sends a pingback to Our Gracious Host until the Cabin Boy does something stupid. Which is the default setting for his life.

    Safe link to TMZ.

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