8 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Expecting a Mars-Shattering Kaboom!

  1. 100% of scientific papers researched show that the percentage of scientists who overtly deny Mars nukes are 0%. Therefore 100% of scientists agree, therefore the science is settled.

    I hope they got that obnoxious little Martian guy from the Bugs Bunny cartoons. Hated that guy.

  2. This guy ran a plasma physics lab at UC Davis. He started with a theory that at one time a natural nuclear reactor existed on Mars. Now he says things like, “Imagery at the radioactive centers of the explosions shows no craters, consistent with airbursts.” Which appears to make sense, I guess. However, just because something is consistent with a nuclear airburst it doesn’t mean that there was a nuclear airburst!

    This sort of thing is very interesting to me. How does a guy with Dr. Brandenburg’s credentials get so far down the rabbit hole?

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