Prevarication De l’Année

Xcitizen10 is a member of Team Kimberlin who has spent some time trying to keep Bill Schmalfeldt stirred up. He was the source of some amazingly bad advice for the Cabin Boy™ and an even worse prediction.XC10201407142141Zpopcorn4bkThe last time I checked, Hogewash! was still on the Interwebz, and traffic this year is about 3X that of 2013. If the counters that the Cabin Boy™ has included on his websites can be trusted, his annual traffic count wouldn’t quite make a decent week around here.

ICYMI, my friend and codefendant Lee Stranahan has IDed Xcitizen10. Lee says he plans to make a video about Xcitizen10. I look forward to seeing it.

18 thoughts on “Prevarication De l’Année

  1. Apparently Junior Varsity troll XC10 doesn’t like Lee. Lee comes across as an ok guy to me, but I don’t really know him and I can’t tell people who they can like and not like.

    What I do know is the harassment directed at Lee from CBBS – and J.V. troll XCitizen10 – is totally unacceptable. When you disagree with someone or don’t like him, you do NOT have a right to team up with vile Brett Kimberlin P.R. flacks to torment the person you don’t like.

    In fact, completely regardless of what the problem might be, the solution is NEVER to team up with Kimberlin or his oft-denied Team in order to “get back” at someone. Anyone who reads my posts (thanks for your patience!) knows I am interested in the idea of atonement for wrongs, and consequences. First of all, there are limits on consequences, not the least being that only right and just means are proper for bringing the consequences. Secondly, XC10’s beef with Lee seems to be that Lee never produced a movie about Little Green Footballs. XC10 seems unhinged so his point may have not come across clearly, but this was his only stated reason that was not plainly contradicted by easily verified facts.

    I don’t care HOW urgent it is for there to be a video about LGF: what XC10 has been doing is flat out disgusting.

    It is reprehensible that his petty gripes with Lee are his “reason” for finding common cause with a harassment campaign run by Bill Schmalfeldt and Brett Kimberlin. Shame on the J.V. troll.

      • So far as I am aware, Lee Stranahan was never all that active on LGF. XC10? I think he/she was, and was one of those who was very, very bitter about how Charles behaved. That Lee did seek funding to make a documentary about LGF, and then that project fell through, is a legitimate beef. But the way XC10 has gone about questioning what happened to the funding is (at best) counter-productive.

    • It doesn’t take much. In a twitter discussion just before he went private, CB admitted that all Hoge did was call him “some clown”. And that was enough for him to declare war and go after John.

      Thinned skinned, these guys are.

      • That’s not quite accurate; yes, Schmalfeldt said he first contacted Hoge after the “some clown” comment. But then someone started using a Brazilian Internet host to send a bunch of harassing messages to our gentle host. Schmalfeldt claims he not only didn’t send those harassing message, but as they were sent during Hurricane Sandy he couldn’t have done so.

        Our gentle host may have forensic evidence linking Schmalfeldt to those harassing messages, but absent that evidence another option is that someone else on Team Kimberlin sent the anonymous harassing messages.

        We can only speculate on the motives of that hypothetical third party, but note that he result was not only to harass our gentle host, but also escalation of the conflict with Schmalfeldt.

        This of course doesn’t justify all the tweets Schmalfeldt did send our host that formed the basis of the peace orders, and Schmalfeldt bears all the responsibility (moral and legal) for his own actions. But in cyberspace where attribution is problematic, and in a multi-polar set of adversarial relationships like this, there may be others that also bear responsibility for this long running conflict.

      • Indeed, Parallel, that is “the rest of the story”. However my point is that this entire situation arose due to Bill getting butthurt for simply being called “some clown”.

        Honestly, if you cannot deal with criticism that mild, you need to get off the internet.

  2. Click through this tweet to see the whole conversation. In the whole conversation, you see the J.V. troll being a donkey (as he often does) and managing to take Kimberlin’s side against Kimberlin’s critics on any matter mentioned relating to Brett Kimberlin.

    It’s hard to deny the pattern that the people who run interference for Kimberlin often turn out to have very petty motives.

    • It’s almost as if someone figures out the petty motives of people to not like his/her own perceived adversaries, and recruits them to his/her cause by affirming those petty motivations and offering an opportunity to join in harassment of their shared enemies.

  3. None of these socks are normal people or even necessarily single individuals; They all read as damaged, and various mixtures of feeble-minded and morally corrupt or mentally ill. Bad guys.

    If Lee has a name for x10 beyond “John”, good, and maybe that’s one less hand in a sock; but either say the name or don’t. Not a fan of games, just get on with it.

  4. He said he did in his twitter feed, with IPs and emails and other confirmatory information. First name John, Lee says, but says no more.

  5. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015

    I have much more on the subject, but I will save it for later in January. #malicious #frivolous #vexatious #vindictive #loser

    Fear pee Tsunami sensors have gone off in the Baltimore general area

    Sure he can wait until the 30th – 30 hours maybe 30 days no way

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