9 thoughts on “Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

  1. It is common to fudge the math when trying to create public interest in a matter of concern. It’s also unfortunate that focus on whether the math is correct or not sidesteps dealing with real problems. I can’t actually remember hearing the “1 in 5” statistic myself. I just thought it’s terrible that any female would EVER have to worry about being assaulted on campus. Schools offer an image of being a safer place than the world at large in which to transition to adulthood. My concern would be entirely whether or not that is true, not how mathematically true or untrue it is.

    • Nature is red in tooth and claw. Teach our young women situational awareness as well as accuracy and efficiency in the use of firearms instead of teaching them fantasies about the beauty of diversity and that they are safe anywhere, much less on campus grounds..

      • ^ THIS!

        “fantasies about the beauty of diversity” Heh. Those fantasies are much more attractive than the real world, though. Too bad Reality always wins.

    • Liars, including those who lie with statistics manipulate others into positions they may not support if they were told the truth. And it is impossible to deal with real problems unless we know what truth (or Reality) actually is.

      Fudging the math and ignoring truth is another way of saying that the end justifies the means. People who think that way are dangerous, especially so when they gain power over others. Inevitably the noble goal “the good of all” is replaced with ensuring the survival of those in power. Such leaders always end up with the attitude “I’ve got mine, f*#k you” and will do anything to make certain that they get to keep theirs.

    • My daughter, who is a mother herself, received from Santa this year a Gen 3 .40 cal Glock 23. She is as deadly with it as her mother is with hers. red in tooth and claw, indeed.

  2. 1972: Feminists fight for gender equality in business, government, media, science, academia.

    2014: SocialJusticeWarriors create unsupportable narratives to try stay relevant.

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