In Re Hoge v. Schmalfedt

My petition to have Bill Schmalfeldt held in contempt of court for violation of the current peace order was initially assigned to Judge J. Barry Hughes. Judge Hughes has recused himself, probably because we are neighbors. The petition has been reassigned to Judge Thomas Stansfield.

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  1. That can’t be the reason. Come clean John, you bribed him right? I mean there can be no logical reason found in the fetid swamp that is Schmalfeldt’s brain for this to have happened.

  2. Poor Cabin Boy. He’s not looking forward to having to explain pingbacks to a judge who already ruled that he should not have contact with Mr. Hoge directly or indirectly.

  3. Whenever I think that William can’t be that stupid, he proves me wrong. That’s what makes him such a delight.

  4. He’s also playing “YOU’RE TRYING TO KILL ME!” again, which I suppose means that nothing came of the Grand Horsepoop Inquisition of ’14 by the Postal Service, the FBI, Congress and Jesus. #WAR

    • “This is the nature of war, whose stake is at once the game and the authority and the justification. Seen so, war is the truest form of divination. It is the testing of one’s will and the will of another within that larger will which because it binds them is therefore forced to select.”
      ― Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West

  5. I see we are back to the “you’re trying to kill me” vintage of Cabin Boy now on Twitter. His medical condition, while unfortunate, does not rectify that he is a malignant sociopath who flaunts laws and decency per both left-wing and right-wing sources, though he only claims the right is out to kill him.

    Yet shockingly (or not, if one has followed this sage more than 20 minutes), CB can’t muster a reason for all this beyond “because they want to get at” TDPK. Um, TDPK creates enough problems for himself through his deranged legal filings, nor does anyone assume a convicted bomber much cares about his “friend” anyway. Or does it “get at” TDPK by depriving him of the Cabin Boy’s keen intellect and reporting skills? If so, the Cabin Boy is a far better comic than I previously thought.

  6. Judge Hughes has recused himself, probably because we are neighbors.






  7. “Hoge wants to take this 60-year old man with Stage IV Parkinson’s disease and put his ass in jail because he thinks that will harm BK.”

    He’s going to face-plant again when that tired old crutch snaps under the stress it obviously must endure.

    • If Mr. Hoge has any sense (of which in my opinion he has a very ample supply), he merely wants the horror of Elkridge to stop harassing him. A simple enough thought for most, but a mind armored in such vehement delusions of rectitude, brilliance, and entitlement has repeatedly found that thought too abstruse to comprehend. Sadly, it appears that jail time is the only message sharp enough to penetrate those delusions.

  8. Amazingly, we’re no longer hearing about William standing over us, glorying in his final victory.

    Funny that.

  9. In the several times I visited the Cook County Circuit Court Over the past 3 months in pursuit of a Stalking No Contact Order, I was privileged to witness judges grant other orders of protection in other cases than mine. Those judges regularly advised the respondents what the order meant, and what it required, and what it forbid. The speech went something like this:

    “Now sir (or ma’am), you need to pay very close attention to me right now. I’m going to tell you what is required of you under this order. This is a no contact order, and no contact means No. Contact. You are not to speak to Ms. Smith, you are not call Ms. Smith, you are not to text him/her. Do not post things about them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media. Again, let me reiterate that no contact means just that: NO CONTACT. If something you do can be interpreted as contact by this court, then it probably is a violation. And you must also be aware that this is a court order, this is an agreement not between you and the petitioner, but between you and me. Ms. Smith does not have the power to lift this order, she has to come and ask me. If you contact her, or write anything to or about her, then you will have to contend with me, and I could send you to jail. Do you understand that, sir? What I am telling you is that you want to err on the side of caution. The line is clear and distinct, and your best course of action is to stay far away from it. Am I making myself very clear, sir?”

    But let’s not kid anyone. Not even that much clarity would make a dent.

    • William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 4m 4 minutes ago
      Now, a person could ask, why would he approve it? BECAUSE HE WOULD NOT HAVE A REASON (however weak) TO SEEK CONTEMPT CHARGES OTHERWISE!

      Our esteemed investigative reporter appears to be of a mind that the order requires John to keep William away from him.

      Little wonder he can’t hold a job.

      • In CT, restraining orders can involve something called “indirect contact” such as posting on public bulletin boards. I imagine the theory behind it is to prevent people from posting things where they know the victim is likely to see them, but claiming it “isn’t contact, your honor!” because it was “about” rather than “to”. Talking about someone in the 3rd person where they are likely to read it isn’t really much different than addressing them directly in the 2nd. And with people like Unca Biwwy who can’t keep the lines straight anyway, you have to make it very easy for them to tell the difference, and if that involves a fixed period of prior restraint on a single topic, their harassment victim, so be it. If they’d just stopped harassing earlier in the proceedings (or better yet never started), this wouldn’t be an issue anyway.

      • And I just saw the invisible sarc tag. o_o Mea culpa.

        I’m working on my morning coffee having slept very badly due to a change in the weather waking (and keeping) me up with stabbing pains in my knee for about an hour a little before dawn.

      • (740 ILCS 21/10) “The Stalking No Contact Act”

        Section 10. Definitions. For the purposes of this Act:

        “Course of conduct” means 2 or more acts, including but not limited to Acts in which a respondent directly, indirectly, or through third parties, by any action, method, device or means follows, monitors, observes, surveils, threatens, or communicates to OR ABOUT a person, engages in other contact, or interferes with or damages a person’s property or pet. A course of conduct may include contact by electronic communications. The incarceration of a person in a penal institution who commits the course of conduct is not a bar to prosecution under this section.

        Of course, Illinois’ statute seems to have quite a bit sharper teeth than Maryland’s has.


    Well, William, you have about five weeks to pack a toiletries bag.

    You should avoid wearing a watch to court, since the handcuffs will ruin it. Leave your belt at home because it’ll be taken from you. Ditto shoelaces, so get some loafers.

    Luckily, your clothes all seem to be already imprinted with your name, which will make everybody’s job easier.

    Aren’t you glad that you’re so much smarter than everyone else?

    Happy trails!

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