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This another one of the improperly pleaded allegations that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has been throwing around in his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 231-22

In order to be well-pleaded an allegation needs to specify the who, what, when, where, and how of the act in question. In order to recover for damages, the damages must be specified. Simply alleging John Doe hit me isn’t well-pleaded. That’s only who and what. A proper allegation would be something like this: John Doe hit me in the ribs with a baseball bat in City Park at around 10:15 am last Fourth of July; he broke two of my ribs, causing severe pain; and as a result of that injury, I sustained medical expenses of $2,369.14 and lost $752.00 in wages because I was unable to work.

Oh, and when you get to court, you better have witnesses and/or evidence to back up your story.

Just saying that I falsely called TDPK a “swatter” doesn’t cut it. He needs to say when, where, and how I did it. Of course, he can’t because I have never called him a “swatter.” I have noted that people have been SWATted after run-ins with Brett Kimberlin, but I also have noted that there is no proof of whodunit. Correlation doesn’t prove causation, but I can understand why some folks are suspicious.

It is true that I do try to raise money via this blog. The Gullible Victim Gentle Reader will find the Tip Jar here.

There’s also a fund set up to help defray some of the costs of defending bloggers from Brett Kimberlin’s Anti-First-Amendment lawfare. Go to Bomber Sues Blogger to find out more.

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  1. I don’t know for sure if any usable evidence has escaped the control of the perpetrator(s). But I do know there have been repeated rumors and accusations of a conference call including Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, and Melissa Brewer in which they discussed one of the SWAT incidents afterwards and congratulated one another for their work on it.

    Melissa Brewer used to operate the immature @catsrimportant attack account before she handed it over to Neal Rauhauser. She spent her evidently very copious free time attacking people Neal and Brett told her to attack. And of her own initiative, she also viciously attacked people who disagreed with her strong opinions about cable TV reality show stars. Melissa Brewer appeared to drop out of the scene after her detractors learned of and publicized her prior conviction for prostitution (in which she was caught working with a very creepy violent sex offender who drove her to jobs). But actually she has been around from time to time since then incognito, sometimes defending and egging on CBBS but mainly deflecting responsibility for fallout of some of the more outrageous actions she took when she was obsessed with attacking people who disagreed with her about cable TV reality shows.

    Yes, this is the type of person Brett Kimberlin recruits to his team. She lives in the DC area so maybe they know each other personally.

    I believe she owes the victims of both Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser. She should cooperate with them on every single matter needed to give justice to the victims, regardless of the cost to herself.

  2. I read Walker, Patterico, Hoge, Ace and McCain every timethey posted on the matter. There are NO specific incidents listed in the court documents because there were no such statements on the blogs. Given an opportunity to speculate on air w/Beck, I think it was Patterico who stated he did not think it was Kimberlin. Commenters sometimes were less shy. Acme Legal is just wrong on the facts.

  3. If it comes down to it, I am sure many of us who have hit our host’s tip jar could testify that indeed we do donate to protect him from suits intended to deny him his legal right to express his opinions publicly. I do not see how BK could rebut that testimony. Nor do I see how my gifts have in any way harmed BK whether or not I was induced to give under false pretenses, in which case the resulting cause of action is mine, not BK’s.

    Now it is possible that BK has witnesses (maybe the Cabin Boy) who will testify that they gave to protect our host from swattings by BK. That does not represent a tort against BK by Hoge unless, as a threshold matter, they can also point to the words that reasonably induced them to make a gift for that purpose.

    I have disagreed vociferously with Mr. Scruggs on occasion, but on his central point that the federal court has made a hash out of this idiotic excuse of a suit, he is 100% correct.

  4. Hope someone uses your idea and does attack you with a bat, Hoggy. You deserve some severe pain. Karma, like [redacted], is/was a bitch.

  5. Alert! There is a downtwinkler on the loose. Most posts on the first page have two downtwinkles. This means one TK member was unhappy when he visited today.

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