Lucky 13

After a recount in which she picked up 6 votes, Martha McSally has defeated Ron Barber in the race for the Arizona 2nd District Congressional seat. A pro-Second-Amendment Republican now represents the district formerly represented by Gabby Giffords. The Republicans have now picked up 13 seats in the House this year.

11 thoughts on “Lucky 13

  1. Rep-Elect/Retird Colonel McSally is also a former A-10 Thunderbolt pilot, the first woman to fly in combat, the first woman to command a fighter squadron, the de facto victor in McSally v. Rumsfeld, my homegirl, and an all around badass.

    Arizona’s 2nd, ya done good.

      • In the last analysis, the winner of a Congressional race is the candidate the House of Representatives votes to seat. Had the Democrats held the House of Representatives, we’d be counting ballots until the first count in which the Democrat was ahead [This actually happened once in Indiana.]

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