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This is from The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s omnibus opposition to the motions to dismiss his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 231-6Words have meaning. Consider the word youth.

youth n. \ˈyüth\ : the time when a young person has not yet become an adult.

Brett Kimberlin’s first felony conviction was for perjury when he was 19 years old. That might be stretched to qualify as during his youth, although a 19 year old is legally an adult. It’s not a series of crimes.

He was convicted of a series of crimes beginning in 1979 with his drug smuggling conviction. He was 25 years old, old enough to serve in the House of Representative, and clearly not a youth.

Brett Kimberlin is one of the clumsiest liars I have ever dealt with. He makes Joe Isuzu seem to be a pillar of probity.


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  1. Joe Isuzu?

    That may well qualify as a “blast from the past.”

    Lord knows that name hasn’t crossed my mind in years.

  2. Brett perjured himself at age 18, and received his perjury conviction and sentence at age 19. You know who was really youthful? 10 year old Debbie Barton, whom Brett Kimberlin took as his girlfriend when he was 20. Sick, and sicker all the time. They saw each other for over four years until they had a falling out in which Brett slapped her multiple times, took her puppy, and finally killed her grandmother.

    • Replying to myself is part of my schtick, and I wanted to add that Kimberlin defines “youth” as 18-19 when making excuses for perjury, whereas he pretends to believe the multiple different schoolgirls in the 10-17 year age range were totally acceptable girlfriend material for a full grown adult.

    • And great investigative skills to read his own biography to learn he committed other crimes in his “youth”?

      Even Cabin Boy Bill, with his notable “investigative journalism skills”, could have found out about Brett’s past.

      • Let’s also not give a pass to Brett Kimberlin mouthpiece Matt Osborne, who conveniently managed to miss every salient fact about Brett’s lawfare campaign besides the fact he approved of, i.e., most of Brett’s chosen victims were on the political right.

        We should also bear in mind “journalist” Karoli Kuns, whose investigative inability (or is it just trouble telling right from wrong?) led her to endorse the excuse that “team Kimberlin stands for good. Eff ’em.”

        Neither of them have apologized for enabling the pedo-terrorist lawfare bomber, so they are still on the hook for atoning to their victims.

      • The Left excuses BKs criminal past because he was helpful to them. Making the false claim that he sold marijuana to Dan Quayle gave the press something to feed on for days, and it helped defuse the Bill Clinton as a dope smoker thing. I don’t think it was the difference between Clinton winning and losing, but it did help.

  3. Youth, infer, restricted delivery — these 21st Century terms confuse him. Sadly, half the so-called adults in this country think the same way: “If I did it before age 25, it doesn’t matter.” It mattered to the Delongs, the ten year old, and the grandmother who was shot dead. He has created a lot of real pain in his life. A little butthurt won’t kill him.

  4. Its interesting the real difference in the Maryland Music scene between pathological liars is that one actually was paid to perform at the Chesapeake Music Hall in a musical that actually required not only to sing in tune but additionally to delight an audience and the other liar made junior high level backwards baseball cap silly dumpster smoking lyric low budget video:

    I give you Joe Isuzu In the musical Scrooge:

  5. No one has yet mentioned that in his filings Brett Kimberlin continually refers to Ali Akbar as “a convicted felon.” Ali Akbar was convicted in 2007 when he would have been around 22 years of age. If crimes committed at age 25 ought to be considered youthful indiscretions, then crimes committed at age 22 ought to be considered likewise. If the Court is to not believe Ali Akbar, then, consistency dictates that it ought not believe Brett Kimberlin, either.

    Least it be said that I am offering a moral equivocation between Brett Kimberlin and Ali Akbar I would note that at age 29 Ali Akbar acknowledges his guilt. At age 60 Brett Kimberlin still denies his. Brett Kimberlin denies he ever committed perjury, a crime for which he was convicted of, in part, for denying he manufactured and sold LSD. Brett Kimberlin denies that he bought the components, assembled, and placed bombs detonated in Speedway Indiana. One of those bombs maimed Carl DeLong. Though he was held civilly liable for Carl DeLong’s wrongful death, he denies he owes his widow the judgment against him. He even denies having sex in Maryland with his estranged wife when she was 15 and he was 41. The only crime to which Brett Kimberlin admits is selling “a little” marijuana, though he was convicted for smuggling bails across the Mexican border.

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