Quid Est Veritas?

Daniel Greenfield considers life in post-truth America. (H/T, Instapundit)

Progressives don’t only live in a post-American world; they live in a post-Truth world. A world without facts and without truth is one in which the America that was cannot exist.

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3 thoughts on “Quid Est Veritas?

  1. As long as it fits the narrative or advances someone’s ideology, then it becomes fact. This isn’t totally new. Some of out legendary “events” did not happen exactly as described. It’s just worse now, and it’s being directed by people who do not have your country’s best interests at heart.

  2. I recall seeing commentary about this by Ann Coulter a while back. The Left buries opposition under such a mountain of bullshit, you wear yourself out just trying to get to the facts of the matter (if there even are any), so you wind up conceding some of it to start with.

  3. When Progressive necks are at risk, truth will become very important to them. Unfortunately the ones who threaten them at that point will have been trained by fellow Progs that truth doesn’t matter, only Narrative. And thus the evil they have done will come back to bite them at last. Followed by incessant whining about how “Waahh, it’s not FAIR”.

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