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I believe that I have done something that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has not done. That is, I read the memorandum by Judge Hollander that he attached to his motion to ID Ace of Spades all the way to the end. At the very end she writes:

Moreover, plaintiff has agreed to a protective order, and the Doe defendants’ privacy concerns will be addressed adequately by a protective order limiting disclosure of the defendants’ identifying information to the parties and their counsel.

So part of her reasoning in granting the subpoenas in question was that the plaintiff in the case had agreed to a protective order limiting disclosure. Given Brett Kimberlin’s history of giving away sealed court papers, … let’s just say that I’m sure that Ace’s lawyer Ron Coleman will have fun writing that part of the opposition to TDPK’s motion.

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  1. Here’s another off-topic post from BKWatch! But this one is even worse because it also has bragging.

    Today an old (but not very good) Team Kimberlin member confirmed that I am doing a good job exposing their misdeeds. The confirmation takes the form of someone, most likely Neal Rauhauser, arranging for hundreds of automated spambot accounts to start following my account, @BKWatch.

    I would appreciate if you keep an eye on this tweet:
    If you agree with Team Kimberlin that I do a good job exposing their misdeeds, please consider retweeting this and maybe chipping in your remarks on the thread (I’m unsure whether I’ll be near keyboard when @support is active).

  2. I still think the easiest portion to prove actionable conduct by TDPK is the blatant releasing of the discovery from the State case. Let him and CBBS try using the mole in the lawyers office explanation for it having gotten out.

  3. It might be a good time to mention how while in jail Brett Kimberlin was reported by two separate inmates as having solicited them to commit murder on his behalf. One provided a list hand-written by Brett Kimberlin enumerating a number of people targeted for violence, with some to be beaten, and, others marked with a cross to be killed. That listed included witnesses and the prosecutor for his trial. And, it might be a good time to mention that Brett Kimberlin wrote a letter to law enforcement noting that public exposure of Aaron Walker as the editor of the Everyone Blog About Mohamed website could very well result in Walker being murdered, and, then, repeatedly moved to unseal that information so that it would be part of the public record. He, subsequently, by his own account, called a number of Imans to inform them of a upcoming public appearance by Aaron Walker.

    • “Solicitation to Commit Murder” also seems to be the term applicable to getting William Bowman to shoot Julia Scyphers. My reading of the state law is that there is no statute of limitations on it.

      • As I’ve pointed out before, he was convicted of the bombing charges, and the only reasonable motivation would be to distract the police from the murder investigation. Deposition question #1 in Pervy Bomber v. Ukuleledave…”Mr. Kimberlin, why’d you set off the bombs? Were you trying to distract the police from an active investigation into the death of a woman who forbade you from seeing her grandaughter?”

      • Had Scyphers not been murdered, any attempt to arrange her murder would be the offense of “soliciting murder.” Since Julia Scyphers was murdered execution-style, the act of arranging that murder is more properly called “felony murder.”

    • ….and wasn’t that around the time that TDPK was “working” with the State Dept to teach community activism to people from the Middle East?

      • I am not clear if it was Brett himself or just his “charity” that was “working” with the state dept. That’s because there’s been obfuscation about the exact relationship between Brett and his “charity” “employer.”

      • It will be interesting in discovery to find out what the “charity” is and who the employees “are” and information on the contracts and donors..

      • It’s hard to imagine an area of Middle Eastern activism that hasn’t surpassed Kimberlin’s skillset: bombs, whining, targetted assasination, more whining, recruitment of the weak, bombs, assaults on minors, followed by claims of victimhood.

        I honestly can’t think of anything he’d be able to teach them.

    • Dear Judge: The Anonymous Blogger “Ace” who blogs at Ace of Spades HQ would like to remain anonymous as Mr. Kimberlin has a history of exploding bombs in public places, and has really been trying to get Muslims to behead Aaron Walker over that whole silly “Everyone Draw” whats-his-name site. Someone with thins kind of history really does not need this court to expand his knowledge base.

    • “repeatedly moved to unseal that information”

      I don’t think TDPK ever moved to unseal the information. He simply published the information in motions that were not filed under seal and then, when those motions were sealed so that only the headers were visible, filed motions including the sealed information in the headers.

      To say that he filed motions to unseal the information suggests that TDPK respects the court enough to follow the proper procedures. TDPK has shown he has no respect for the court beyond how he can use it to punish his enemies.

      • Looking at Brett Kimberlin vs. Seth Allen, Docket item #127 reads in part, “PLAINTIFF’S MOTION TO UNSEAL PLEADINGS RELATED TO JOHN DOE AND ATTACHMENTS.” There are more.

  4. Anyone know why Documents 232 and 233 would not be available on Pacer? They are listed, but not able to be clicked or downloaded.

  5. The letter requesting sanctions against Frey was docketed, even though it was not in compliance with the CMO. The CMO states:

    If a Request fails to comply with any of these requirements, it will be summarily STRICKEN and will not be considered by this Court.

    Hazel has allowed the case to get out of his control. The defendants should take advantage of the green light that he has given, and each defendant should file a request for disposition on the Show Cause for the forgery. And for sanctions for failure to abide by the CMO. And for failure to abide by the FCRP. And for filing motions for the purpose of harassment rather than for valid legal purpose.

  6. Heh! It pays to read everything of the exhibit you are proffering as your backup to your reasoning. Somehow I don’t think he did. Excellent catch! lolz!

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