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Here’s an interesting claim from one of Exhibit 7 of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s omnibus opposition to the motions to dismiss his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. ECF 231 EX7-9The SAC (that’s the second amended complaint) alleges that the mythical RICO enterprise began picking on Brett in August, 2010, although it doesn’t mention any specific acts occurring until October. So what sort of “social causes” was The Dread Performer Kimberlin “highlighting” before August, 2010? Well, in March of that year he was promoting teenage love with werewolves.Op-Crit Tweets

As for TDPK’s claim that he was unable to produce songs and videos after August, 2010, Freakin Frackin was posted to YouTube on 12 January, 2011; Occupy Music Video: Anonymous was posted to YouTube on 17 June, 2011; Coal Miner’s Family was posted to YoutTube on 5 December, 2012; and that’s not a complete list of TDPK’s work published online since 2010.

The most amazing things about Brett’s lying is how clumsy he is with it. You’d think that after all those years of practice, … oh, never mind.

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  1. I hope some more readers will try listening to some of these songs. You’re expecting bad singing, but I believe you’ll find the singing is worse than you expect.

  2. What movies?
    What social causes?
    Dates? People? Places?
    Supporting evidence and testimony?

    Come on, Brett. You need something to back up these claims.

    And remember, you can’t just make stuff up. You’ve already been in trouble for perjury before, so you know what that means.

    • Yeah, I didn’t notice him mentioning he actually got paid for his efforts, kwim? Young children sing songs (whether or not they know the words) and promote things without pay all the time. And they’re much better at it, and much more likely to actually be paid for the efforts, imo.

      That he hoped one of the projects would like his stuff isn’t the same as a paid gig that he lost. And there is no way to show the reason his awful screeching wasn’t picked up was because of the defendants.

      “Exhibit A, your honor, a youtube video by the plaintiff.” Absolutely NO judge, no matter how partisan, no matter if they’re senile, again, absolutely NO judge could listen to him and find the reason his stuff wasn’t bought was anything other than his total lack of ability, and grossly negative amount of talent.

    • More importantly, what harm and how did it (clearly not) prevent him from making the sound of felines fornicating?

      Did it stuff his throat with sheet music? Did it go all Bluto on his guitar? Did it occasion a visit from the Music Police?

      Then, how did this harm TDPK? It seems if it harmed anything, it was the 501c3 which would have been the (ahem) beneficiary of the diddler’s artistic expression. LOL!

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