In Re a Peace Order

On 27 August, 2014, the Circuit Court for Carroll County granted my petition for a peace order against Bill Schmalfedt. I believe that he has violated the terms of the court’s order and have petitioned the court to hold him in contempt.

I have not yet been advised of the date of a show cause hearing, and I do not wish to comment further on the matter until after the court has ruled on my contempt petition.

33 thoughts on “In Re a Peace Order

  1. Ftfy:
    “I believe that he has violated” ==》 “he has violated the ever-living daylights out of.”

    I don’t consider it a coincidence that some of Brett’s PR flacks have deep disrespect for law, justice, and fairness. Note that Brett recruited the Cabin Boy all the way back in 2004 to help promote Brett’s “charity” scam.

  2. Like a toddler child who persistently tries to squirm around known rules, Bill Schmalfeld requires persistent responses to his shenanigans. Good job, Mr. Hoge. Hopefully he’ll have an epiphany and spend his life on productive activities, rather than sitting at a computer thinking up ways to harass people.

    • Failing that, let’s do our best to give Brett every incentive to rein in Bill, rather than letting Brett benefit from Bill’s tactics. Or at least shine a light on the benefits Brett gains from having Bill harass their common adversaries.

      Yes he is still 100% responsible for his own actions, but opprobrium from their association should flow both ways.

      • Schmalfeldt has already been shown more than enough incentive to stop with the shenanigans. Multiple court orders from multiple states should be a clue. He needs to somehow arrive at the realization that being an attack dog for Brett Kimberlin has not benefited Bill Schmalfeldt. What’s that saying about doing the same thing over and over…?

      • I think you guys give BK way too much credit. All of his shenanigans are way beyond BK, or Knot My Wisconsin, or anything else. Being a whack job is what he does, and he needs little to no encouragement from BK or anyone else. There’s a reason his wives left him. There’s a reason his family can’t stand him. He thinks he’s right, so he can do or say whatever he wants, because dammit, he’s right! He’s done this stuff to others even before this group ever heard of him and he will continue to be a pathetic little (figuratively) man until the cure finally takes him.

        And, he’s a whack job. Remember that – it’s important. He thinks that John Hoge is the leader of an organized group that is out to get him. When really, all that group is doing is having a laugh at him.

  3. All well and good, but CBBS and TDPK seem to never actually suffer any consequences for their repeated acts. What is the point such an order if the courts refuse to actually punish those who flagrantly violate the court’s orders? This crew seem to act with impunity both before and after rulings and orders against them. There is something seriously wrong with “justice” in Maryland.

  4. Bill’s reading between the lines is interesting. Apparently asking that someone be held in contempt for violating a court order is simply an attempt to get them sent to jail, not at attempt to get them to stop doing stuff that violates the court order. And if Bill is upset about it’s proximity to his birthday, maybe he shouldn’t have done stuff that could be considered in contempt of a court order?

    Nah, that’s just asking too much. Much easier to believe that Mr. Hoge is evil and the only reason he is doing this is as a “birthday present”. Riiiiiggght.

  5. I noticed that his activity seemed to hit peak bullshit, sorry, I meant horseshit about the time BK’s response was due.

    I have long suspected that Hoge has taken a “Germany First” policy (see US/UK WWII policy) and relegated CBBS to the role of Japan, “We’ll get there eventually” except Hoge seems to have actually offered and meant the idea of forgiveness. I have also long suspected that WJJ Hoge is a far, far better man than I am.

    I wonder if, perhaps, some vestige of sentient thought in Bill’s brain decided Hoge would be distracted by the pedophile terrorist Brett Kimberland’s farcical legal brief, or more likely if the low cunning of the terrorist diddler Brett Kimberland realized that this would be a useful time to “unleash the kracken?” (the results deserve neither capitalization nor an exclamation mark, I probably should have gone with a semicolon at most.)

    However, having been through Pearl Harbor, Midway, and Leyte Gulf, I hope and suspect that we are now going to witness the Great Elkridge Turkey Shoot. (It’s a historical reference, not a death threat. Look it up, keyword is Marianas. You fat turkey.)

    Commence googling “Great Elkridge Marianas Shoot”…

  6. Our Gracious Host has impressed me as a man of great patience and mercy where the Demented Oedipal Freak is concerned. There comes an inevitable point however, when patience runs out and the forgiveness and mercy goes ignored.

    The time for turning back has passed. The time for patience is passed. The time for mercy has passed.

    The time for the demented troll to stop has passed.

    The time to make him stop has arrived.

    No quarter.

  7. Some time in jail for contempt of court is exactly what Cabin Boy has earned. He wants to be TDPK puppet in criminal harassment, he better be ready to do time.

    • Sadly, I’m afraid even jail time won’t suffice. Not until CBBS accepts that the consequences of his actions are 100% of his own making, *and* that seeking the acceptance/approval of TDPK is never in ones self interest.

      • There you go again with your nasty logick! The first part of the second sentence? Impossible! They are of his own making? You don’t say! Sigh. Getting him to realize that is a monumental task. May God be with us on this journey.

    • I highly doubt that the judge would order jail time. A fine, perhaps, or a stern talking to. A wise judge would see the fundamental cause of this problem and sanction Shakey with one week of absolutely no Internet, with a warning that any further violations will result in a permanent injunction.

  8. I’m sorry to suggest, this will NOT convince him to abide by the orders of a judge. He may grovel for a moment, and he might stay off the Hogewash site for a few days, but he will eventually return to his own ways. He believes that he is in the right! Whether he is being persecuted by Hoge or by the civil courts of Carroll County, it does not matter.

    The best outcome would be loss of computer for a while, followed by some intervention by outside experts. I really don’t figure that will happen, either.

  9. Charles wrote:

    “Maybe this is their way of cutting Bill loose. Get him sent to jail.”

    I don’t think you are far off.

    But on the other hand, you know how they have always had his best interests at heart. No way they would try to make sure anything he could ever tell authorities unreliable to cover their own hides.

  10. I may be the last to notice, but I don’t see anyone else posting about it: CBBS has killed his and websites. I’d venture this is the expected return of I’m-not-on-the-net Bill.

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