24 thoughts on “I Must Not Be Very Interesting

  1. Maybe one day @imaAsshole will become available and he’ll never have to change twitter handles again. Well until he gets suspended again. Which happens a lot.

  2. Based upon history, he decided he has said enough things which could get him in trouble, and he has deleted it all. Of course the Internet never forgets, and the Lickspittles rarely forget. (Doesn’t building an audience have to do with staying in one place and consistently delivering product? I mean, if you’re going to be a humorist, satirist and world-wide comedy sensation.)

  3. Oh, and for the record, the mayonnaise thing?

    It’s FUNNY. One might even call it ORIGINAL. You should try it sometime. (Being original, not mayonnaise – everyone already knows you get more than enough of that.)

    But it doesn’t have to be mayonnaise… it could be Alfredo sauce, horseradish, sour cream, tartar sauce, cream gravy, ranch dressing, Elmer’s glue, Cool Whip, vanilla Fro Yo, marshmallow fluff…the possibilities boggle the mind. Anything creamy, gooey and sticky.

    Maybe you should branch out.

  4. Note: I posted this over at TMZ. Reposting here because it is more appropriate here.

    Hoge says: “I must not be very interesting.”

    Well, have you ever had sex on stage with a tranny in Japan? Stormed the beaches of Beirut? Been the subject of ground breaking surgery? Published (but not sold) more books than some farmers have cows? No? What have you done? Designed stuff for rocket ships that fly into space? Phhffttt! Uninteresting.

  5. Bill Schmalfeldt @ParkinsonPundit · 56m 56 minutes ago
    And yes, it was ground-breaking surgery. http://news.vanderbilt.edu/2012/08/events-honor-patients-of-parkinsons-study/dbs-group-065/ … Please stop mixing fantasy with facts. Thank you.


    Here is the headline for the “ground breaking” surgery:

    Events honor early patients of novel Parkinson’s study

    Willy, you witless wonder. Novel isn’t “groundbreaking”.

    Oh, and the caption to the picture is wrong.

      • I think you’re confusing the deep brain thing with a full frontal lobotomy. Which still may not help bil. INAD but my thoughts would be that a sub temporal lobotomy would be the best for society.

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