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OK, folks, I can’t comment on the substance (assuming there is any) of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s omnibus opposition to our motions to dismiss the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.

However, this video sums up my initial reaction. It’s a pity that my respect for the dignity of the court prevents me from quoting it in my reply.

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  1. I’n partway through it, and almost pulling out my hair over the nerve of the irrelevant, the dishonest, and the just insultingly stupid arguments that are so bad they deserve a legal punishment all by themselves. I know you have been dealing with this awful nonsense longer than I have been around so I hope it helps to know we will always be there with you against Brett, no matter what. And if that isn’t enough, ask for more and we will try to do more.

    And readers, remind yourselves, the filing is not as mendacious as what Brett did to Sandra DeLong. Nor as viciously vindictive as what he did to Julia Scyphers. Nor as disgusting as what he did to Debbie Barton. We MUST all come together to support the victims and frustrate his later, smaller misdeeds by being more dogged than he is. After then, we can work back on the older injustices. Using, ourselves, just means only.

  2. I have filed many, many motion responses that use the Vinni Gambini argument technique. The other side presents their 50+ page memo, full of (they think) well-researched arguments, containing accusations of misconduct and chicanery on behalf of my side. And I write a two or three page response saying, in essence, “everything that guy just said is bullshit.” I throw a few cases or statutes to give it some “gravitas,” but I’m basically telegraphing to the judge that we both know this is totally retarded, lets just deny the motion and move on. It works EVERY TIME. The judges actually know I’m in trouble when I bother to fully brief the other side’s argument.

  3. Wow, I could only get through five pages of his drivel. IANAL but even a layman can see he has zero clue. “gave an order on twitter to a number of his soldiers” was the line that made me literally LOL. The punctuation is atrocious.
    What a joke

    • It is so laughable to be sure. I just cannot fathom the labarynthine power structure Kimby has devised in his head. And it changes each time he makes a new pleading. In this one, it seems that Michelle Malkin is in charge. With Frey running a paralell course.

      A complete tour of Crazy Town with a few side jaunts to WTF City. lolz

    • I note that Ali almost entirely disappeared as the crime boss. He’s a mere felon (which means he is really, really bad) in this one who associates with people who point out that BK is a felon (which is totally, absolutely, positively not anything bad in any way whatsoever).

  4. There is some stronger evidence that he and tubbyware are coordinating…..

    Fat lot of good that got them, I liked the part where the world’s strongest man in the preteen world girl weight class was sent to the emergency room by Aaron removing his ipad from his freshly manicured fingers, and missed several days of work…..

    Discovery over what he actually does for work is going to be real interesting

    • The many times he hammered on Aaron bashing him into a “pulp” just left me giggling maniacally. As if there wasn’t VIDEO TAPED EVIDENCE from the courthouse that completely eviscerates what he is claiming. My boyfriend thought I was going insane last night as I giggle-snorted and drank my way through the complaint.

  5. K needs to remember that while there is an absolute privilege preventing someone from suing because of libel stated in court documents, he may still face sanctions for false pleadings and perjury charges.

    *I’m not your lawyer, this isn’t legal advice.*

    • Perjury has to be brought by the state. And this court has given BK a free pass on forgery, so might as well go in for the perjury, too.

      • Can litigants in future cases cite this one for why they shouldn’t be sanctioned for forgeries? (Or even perhaps perjury?) Not being a lawyer, I don’t know what might or might not be considered as precedent.

      • I would bet that it will be a defense in the future, at least in the Maryland District court.

        I am pretty confident that people are going to use this process, faking service, then getting a default judgment, in the future. And if they get called on it, they will point to the Kimberlin-Hazel precedent to say that they can’t be sanctioned for it.

  6. He keeps alleging harm to his “businesses.” You guys need to bring these businesses into the case. Businesses can’t represent themselves pro se, and would have to have an attorney handling everything.

    Discovery against the Kimberlin “businesses” would be very helpful in actually showing the proof (or lack thereof) of his allegations.

  7. Haven’t the allegations in 9 already been litigated and dismissed?

    Based on 35, only one of the defendant’s has a RICO enterprise. Which one?

    In 56 and 57, he claims that NBC has never provided proof that it is a 501(c). I thought that got settled months ago, to the dismay of a certain hopeful for the position of NBC President?

    It has seldom been my misfortune to read that many lies strung together before, except in BK’s other filings. Please G-d let the judge see this pile of dung for what it is, and treat it appropriately. I can only imagine that it is causing serious health issues in various court personnel due to excessive laughter, drinking, or both.

  8. I suspect that the judge is not going to dismiss, and that this case will continue.

    Defendants should subpoena NR. Get him on the stand. Because it looks like he is the real mastermind here. He laid out the lawfare strategy (that was nothing new to BK) and he is the one that wanted ace’s identity. He is the one with the Weiner fetish (SWIDT?) He is the one that had the real beef with Breitbart and with Patterico. He is the one that drew RSM’s attention.

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