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  1. Lots of middle school dance recitals yesterday and all weekend, may not have had the energy to get up and get his flimsy sheaf stuffed into the…

  2. I’m confused. I’m sure BK will insist that you have your reply to his response by the 18th of January; but how do you respond to crickets?

    Small mouth bass?

    • He is, after all, just a poor unfrozen pro se caveman; your calendars and deadlines confuse and frighten him.

  3. I know some learned lawyers will disagree but if you file motion after motion including some that you were sitting on for weeks and then granted a gift extension and then you file at the very last second

    You do not want to piss off the court – especially when the fallout from the suit as normally plead is going to be intense and very personal for Mr. Kimberlin. When this began, he was already looking at a good chance that he was going to be going back to prison, now, that is rising to a level of certainty. Remember a couple of things, once he gets processed under new charges his wife is automatically granted not only custody but access to everything. And that situation arises to even more charges now that he can’t retaliate or intimidate.

    And the rest will be dragged with them, Osborne, Brad, Bill, Neal who knows maybe a brother, sister, handle of idiot fake 501c3 attorneys – I see the next year being very tough on pedo singing bombers who recruit pedo’s, child porn makers and assorted weirdos, who keep predicting democrat wins in races already decided….

    • Somehow I doubt it, but you probably have some inside knowledge. When the documented lies and flim-flams are exposed, I sure do hope that the FBI/IRS and other agencies get involved. If he were convicted of setting bombs these days there would be no chance of freedom.

    • I am not a lawyer, so I don’t quite understand how he’s destined to return to jail. I’d love to see it – he deserves it, for no other reason than his continued refusal to compensate Mrs. DeLong – but I’m not sure what he’s done that’s going to send him back to jail.

      Yes, his “charities” strike me as sketchy. Really, really sketchy. But the best we can hope for, there, is that they get closed down. Some fellow out here embezzeled over a quarter million dollars from the symphony of which he was executive director, and he’s only facing a short jail term. So…well, much as I would love to see it, he’s not going to jail for the charities.

      • Brett has submitted forged documents to the court. He is on parole for multiple crimes, one of which is forgery.

        Committing the same crime you’re on parole for has been known to get that parole revoked.

      • What are the parameters with regard to BK’s parole?

        I’ve always thought committing crimes while on parole was a big no-no.

        And, I’m not challenging you here, Dianna. Sadly, I agree that BK, unfortunately, will not see the inside of a prison for his criminality.

        For shame.

      • Grace – excuse me when I get a little philosophical for a moment.

        With patience, perserverance, wisdom, and sacrifice, we can have all the justice that is possible on Earth. It won’t be perfect but it will be more justice compared to what would happen if we do less.

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