In Re RICO Madness

I have been informed that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin filed his omnibus opposition to the motions to dismiss the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness late yesterday afternoon and that it is now posted on PACER. I’m told he used all of his 50 page allowance and that he included 15 exhibits in spite of the 10 exhibit limit in the Case Management Order.

I will have no comment on his opposition until I file my reply.

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  1. Heh. Rules are for others, Kimby sees himself as teflon and special. I wait with bated breath a link to the PACER entry so I can have a hearty chuckle at his display of weirdness and delusion (as well as his faulty understanding of ancient cases and superseded case law).

  2. In the poll for length off the omnibus, I guess 52 pages. The BK logic being he would not be bound by rules from the man, but would not do it so egregiously as to get the whole thing thrown out.

    So, he stayed in the 50 page boundary, but went over on exhibits. Because the man was harshing his mellow with that ten exhibit limit.

  3. Questions for the non Hoge armchair legal eagles. In the tome K writes “Defendants Robert McCain, Ali Akbar, Lee Stranahan and National Bloggers Club have failed to file responses within the time set for by the Rules, and are therefore in default.” Is K referring to being in default on the case, or just in terms to a motion to dismiss?

    • What he presumably means is that they are in default on the case. However, if I remember correctly, there are some defendants who were not properly served, and thus K would be wrong about whether they are in default; the time for them to file a response would not have started yet if they haven’t been properly served.

      • I concur with Joshua, or at any rate that the judge hasn’t yet declared them served. But that’s not gonna stop Kimby from obfuscating. I also notice that he daintily omits that he won a pittance from Seth Allen in a default judgement. He only mentions the win/loss status.

    • I have no answer… because I’m laughing so damn hard at the sawed-off, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin pretending he cares about “the Rules.”

      Tis funny how he consistently demonstrates that the rules only apply to others.

      “Funny” in the ‘diabolically evil and demented’ kind of way, of course.

      • Yeah, Just because you keep saying otherwise Kimby doesn’t make the truth any less true. You blew a guy’s leg off, you were told by federal courts to pay his widow. You subsequently sued his widow instead of paying her. I’m pretty sure that’s part of what got you sent back to prison.

        Let’s see; as I understand from your own writings and quotations you have a real hankering for underage girls. And not like “she’s real mature for seventeen, and her birthday is in three weeks”; no more like “Dude she’s already like in double digits old, she’ll be an old hag in another seven or eight years.” That’s just gross man. And according to court documents, various and sundry, your estranged wife was only fifteen when you brought her from eastern Europe and had sex with her a bunch until you could put together the paperwork to legally marry her. That’s pathetic and gross. As such I personally am left with no doubt that: Brett Coleman Kimberlin, the “Speedway Bomber”, and wannabe rock star is a lowlife murderous scumbag pedophile. I’m surprised you don’t drive a windowless van with “Free Candy” painted on the side.

      • I don’t know whether Brett Kimberlin ever considered trying to lure little girls by painting “FREE CANDY” on his Prius paid for by his “charity. ” He DID, however, seem quite proud of his creation, “Twilight Angel,” which you truly must see to believe:

        More seriously, Brett Kimberlin needs to be kept well away from young girls in the age range that the video probably appeals to. Until his criminality lands him back in jail, we help the community by warning of the pedophilia, violence, and vengeance in his personal history. It is not a joke – we do good by warning others that Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile.

  4. “101. Not a day goes by….” Dang. The best part of his previous document is gone. Just ’cause we mocked him for using the phrase “nary a day goes by…” Foresooth, methinks I shall use it as a cudgel against him.

  5. I couldn’t find the old embed code, so lets see if this works:
    I think this is an appropriate response to that mess the diddler filed:

    Having read most of it (I stopped reading after 35 or so pages and then just skimmed) it is abundantly clear that the diddler has completely lost his grip. There were multiple times I audibly gasped at what I just read. Clearly the diddler doesn’t understand that this is NOT the opportunity to add dozens of pages of factual allegations to his complaint. He alleges new facts which do not appear anywhere in his complaint in order to attempt to justify that he has plead sufficient facts to salvage the cause of action. It doesn’t work that way.

    There is way to much to comment on…. When he call’s out the attorney’s who have filed pleadings in this case, suggesting that they are unethical… I was completely and totally blown away. What do the young people say these days? “I can’t even?” Well I can’t. I can’t even.

    • One of the quotes I found particularly abhorrent. This appears in a footnote: “It is truly shameful and far beneath what is expected of well-respected attorneys such as Ron Coleman, Michael Smith, Mark Bailen, and Eleanor Lackman. They know that their clients engaged in wholesale defamation plus abhorrent conduct meant to destroy Plaintiff, which are indefensible, yet they threw all their ethical obligations to the wind and personally attacked Plaintiff with even more defamation along with frivolous arguments.”

      If this doesn’t violate the Order prohibiting ad-hominem attacks in the pleadings, I don’t know what does. I am sure these attorneys have thick enough skin, but that scum would dare to make such accusations is truly offensive.

    • I am not as far in as you – did you notice anything he said which is actually relevant to the purpose of the filing? I’m no legal expert but everything I read up until now is …. well signature Brett really (thankfully minus songs extolling older men having sex with underage girls, this time) but also doesn’t address a single thing from the motions to dismiss that I recognize.

      • He is addressing both Jack and Shit in this ommibus motion. It is utterly incredible to me that he could be so obtuse. But then again, this is Brett Kimberlin, of course. lolz

  6. It’s interesting how Brett Kimberlin always goes out ofhis way to cry about having his name associated with SWATting. You remember – the many SWATtings that kept happening to people right after they exercised their legal rights to say true things about Brett Kimberlin’s violent criminal past? The violent criminal past that includes a lifelong string of false reports to law enforcement as well as perjury? The lifelong crime spree that includes vindictive retaliation against his own innocent victims?

    Man, I had better make sure not to talk about how Brett’s enemies often get SWATted, or how he falsely accuses people of crimes in retaliation for those people pointing out his own crimes.

    In conclusion, Brett Kimberlin, the pedophile, hates it when you point out that his repeat connection to many SWATtings brings to mind his long violent criminal past as well as dishonest behavior such as perjury, forgery, and his failed attempt to frame one of Julia Scyphers’ daughters for her murder in 1978.

    I may need to write up some new blog posts.

    • He also gets very upset when someone says, Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile.
      Considering the massive volume of evidence to support his pedophilia, the axiom that “the hit dog barks loudest”, and his indignant squealing about associations with the SWATtings that occurred to several folks shortly after they vocally criticized his pedophilia and questionable dealings with his “non-profit” organizations; I could see where the “preponderance of evidence” could lead a “reasonable person” to conclude that Brett Kimberlin was associated with those SWATtings”

      I can haz runonz?

      From Wikipedia (yeah I know):

      Swatting is the act of tricking an emergency service (via such means as hoaxing a 9-1-1 dispatcher) into dispatching an emergency response based on the false report of an on-going critical incident. … The caller typically places a 911 call using a spoofed phone number with the goal of tricking emergency authorities into responding to an address with a SWAT team to an emergency that doesn’t exist. …

      One need only read the papers to realize that police in many jurisdictions have become over-militarized and disconnected from the communities they serve. Sending the wrong crew of young overcharged men into what they think is a life or death situation can/will eventually result in a fatal tragedy; if not for the victim of the SWATting, then equally as tragically for Law Enforcement.

      • Gus, are you suggesting:


        because of info you’ve read over the years such as his authorized biography by Mark Singer entitled Citizen K – The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin and Aaron’s excellent piece:


        Or the older piece at Aaron’s blog (no link to avoid moderation but easily found with a search on his blog, or various search engines):


        and various other blogs, articles, broadcasts putting forth the evidence to indicate BRETT KIMBERLIN IS A PEDOPHILE?

        Did you know that the search term BRETT KIMBERLIN ADJUDICATED PEDOPHILE generates over 1,000 links? And BRETT KIMBERLIN ADMITTED PEDOPHILE generates over 4,000? Wow! And to think, I’d never even heard of him before he started attacking people for telling the truth about him.

        Were you also aware that according to Mark Singer’s authorized biography and various Indiana newspaper accounts that BRETT KIMBERLIN WAS THE ONLY PERSON OF INTEREST IN THE MURDER OF JULIA SCYPHERS? Many believe he had her murdered because she interfered with his “relationship” with her young granddaughter, only 10-14 years old.

        According to newspaper accounts at the time, while in jail on other charges, BRETT KIMBERLIN PLOTTED THE MURDER OF A PROSECUTOR AND OTHERS?

        I’m not sure which charges he was jailed on at the time, maybe because he set off bombs around Speedway, Indiana, causing newspapers to refer to BRETT KIMBERLIN as the SPEEDWAY BOMBER. One of those bombs was placed in a high school parking lot and detonated right after a football game ended. What kind of person tries to blow up children? Evil, pure evil, to do something like that.

  7. “80. Like the Mississippi sheriff in 1960 who wore a gun by day and a white robe by
    night, Defendant Frey…”

    It is nice to know there is a case management order in effect.

  8. Lol, I just got to this part!

    “Plaintiff has composed songs and produced videos to promote several award winning documentaries, including […]”

    He left out what is by far his most popular youtube video, which is a not-very-well-sung original ditty about the Twilight angles. I believe he is trying to underplay his interest in underaged girls.

      • Meanwhile… I just noticed Neal Rauhauser has blocked me on twitter. Who’d have imagined he has such thin skin? He really is a coward and a wimp. No wonder he and Brett Kimberlin found each other, then. Same goes for cowardly liars like Bill Schmalfeldt and Matt Osborne.

  9. I see he suddenly switched the defendant from Ace of Spades Blog to Ace of Spades. Too bad there is no Ace of Spades

  10. Since when did he decide that the National Blogger’s Club has raised over $100,000 to target him, specifically? Did i miss that previously?

    Lord almighty if I start drinking reading this thing I might actually get through it all. Or I might die of alcohol poisoning. Ooof!

    • I really hope you are right, nobody should get away with what Brett is doing no matter what the underlying motivation. In his case the underlying motivation is to have pedophilic relationships with underaged girls in the area, murder her grandmother, bomb her hometown, get jailed for 50 years over it, and he expects us to worship him as a musical virtuoso and activist for this.

      It would be most perfect justice if the sanctions award payments to Brett’s lawfare victims – assuming Brett has assets that don’t go to Sandra DeLong instead – but arguably payment to the courts compensates taxpayers for the waste and abuse being heaped upon the justice system they pay for.

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