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Well, today’s the day. The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is supposed to get his omnibus opposition to all of the motions to dismiss his second amended complaint in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness into the court by close of business today.

The judge has given him 50-pages to attempt to salvage at least one of the claims in his suit.

Although I’ve brought it up in my motion to dismiss, I haven’t written much about the fact that TDPK needs to save one of his federal claims for the suit to survive. You see, because Kimberlin and I are both residents of Maryland, he needs to have a federal claim against me in order to sue me in federal court. Otherwise, he doesn’t have diversity of citizenship. Having me in the suit without a valid federal claim against me kills the suit. Completely.

popcorn4bkThe Clerk’s Office is open until 4 pm, and the Greenbelt after-hours box is open until 7 pm. If TDPK is really running late, the Baltimore box stays open until midnight. We should see something on PACER by late tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


11 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

      • Since his last extension was granted just hours before the deadline, the court ought to assume his work product was almost complete weeks ago.

      • Since he was granted the last extension Brett has been busy giving Ebola victims tours of the JTMP offices for the State Department and teaching them how to become activists.

  1. My guess is he will be asking for another extension, but that may be too late in any event.

    Whatever he submits will be a mess. I’ve yet to see anything from him that was not.

    It’s good our legal system bends for pro se litigants, one should not have to pay a lawyer to access the justice system. But when a guy brags about abusing the system to harass his perceived enemies, the system needs to say, ‘Enough, already!’ at some point.

    • The ideal point may have been when he started frivolously suing witnesses and a prosecutor after losing his bombing trial. If that wasn’t enough, maybe it would have been suing a childrens refuge administrator for trying to stop then-jailed Brett from writing love letters to a teenage girl who lived at the childrens refuge. Or when he filed his first pro se federal RICO suit against a porn publisher because, he argued, the porn wasn’t good enough. But if not for those things, then DEFINITELY when he filed totally frivolous nuisance suits against his own bombing victim, Sandra DeLong, and her lawyer, as part of his various utterly disgusting actions that got his parole revoked.

      When you realize how long he’s been getting away with it, you see how anyone interested in justice needs to be serious and persistent when it comes to Brett Kimberlin. He has a long trail of victims stretching back decades, and I believe almost any of them could have prevailed with enough outside help.

      Also, Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile.

      • Yes, but what fun we’ll have tomorrow; either mocking a morally bankrupt clown and his marvelously pathetic pleading or mocking an intellectually bankrupt usurpation of our system of justice.

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