It’s 5 pm, and there’s nothing on PACER yet.

I suppose we’ll know by late tomorrow if The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin bothers to get his omnibus opposition to the motions to dismiss his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness in by midnight.

Meanwhile, Aaron Walker has this interesting post up at Allergic to Bull.

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      • What Krendler said!

        Couldn’t the sawed-off, domestic-terrorist, and pedophile Brett Kimberlin have simply stepped up and owned his evil-and-sick perversion from the get-go, and saved himself and everyone much time, effort, and expense?

        Sheesh. He really gets off on this annoying, time-consuming, lawfare, faux-lawyer world he’s created for himself, doesn’t he?

        Round-and-round-and-round-and-round… and, then the creepy, stunted, rat bastard turns around and fesses up to all of it all by himself.

    • This reminds me of something I once suggested, except he has perverted the suggestion into something insipid and pointless.

      While deflecting good natured criticism of his PR flack role for pedophile Brett Kimberlin, Matt Osborne tried to dodge responsibility for his bad behavior by changing the subject to Ted Nugent. In order to defuse his false equivalence attempt, I suggested he should start a TedNugent watch account since sexual exploitation of minors is bad whether it’s Brett Kimberlin doing it or some stupid celebrity.

      People who can’t escape their culpability usually resort to false equivalence to avoid taking responsibility for what they have done.

  1. Interesting. He names himself “editor” of his new “blog,” and he’s using the word “hubris” again. Seeing that he has lost every other time he has used that word, I view that as a favorable omen for Shit Express in Slovakia.

      • My .02?

        Your “sympathy” and “understanding” of Bill Schmalfeldt is misguided.

        Brett, nor Neal, are responsible for Bill Schmalfeldt and his behavior…

        Bill Schmalfeldt is responsible.

        Why do YOU insist BK and/or NR = BS and his behavior every time?

      • Grace, Bill is 100% responsible for his own behavior.

        But that doesn’t foreclose the possibility that Neal and Brett are also somewhat responsible for the harm Bill does.

        For example, what if Neal or Brett pointed Bill at Stranahan because of Stranahan’s assistance to Andrew Breitbart? Yes, Bill is completely responsible for the unconscionable evil he did to the Stranahans, but wouldn’t Neal or Brett also rightfully bear responsibility if they used Bill to harass the Stranahans?

        If a mad dog bit a kid we would hold the dog accountable, up to and including killing it so it could never hurt another child. But if a sociopath put that mad dog in the kid’s yard in revenge for the success of the kid’s mother, shouldn’t we also hold the sociopath responsible?

    • So does that mean Wee Willy has to provide exculpatory evidence or everyone can assume he’s a serial boy diddler? Just asking questions while using the matrix he built.

    • There is an obvious way to test whether, or not, Bill Schmalfeldt has the courage of his convictions. Peace Orders are granted to folks who want to be left alone. They are granted to people who are experiencing unwanted contact. If John Hoge sent Bill Schmalfeldt the tub of horsesh-t, either directly, or indirectly, he was initiating contact with Bill Schmalfeldt. Either contact is welcome, or it is not. If Bill Schmalfeldt really believed that John Hoge had initiated contact with him he can show the courage of convictions by reporting that contact to the judge!

      Somehow, I don’t think Bill Schmalfeldt is going to contact the judge. For all his bluster, he knows that he his claims are pure, unadulterated horsesh-t.

  2. On the original topic, I’m utterly unsurprised. Having followed this for a while, Kimberlin almost never files anything before the absolute deadline.

      • Understand, Kimberlin’s a classic Narcissitic terrorist. Waiting until the last possible moment maximizes attention onto himself while incurring the greatest possible discomfort on his terror subjects. Brett will never, ever file a court document do much as 10 seconds before his latest possible deadline just for those reasons.

        • Or in the case of Hogewash!, it maximizes the length of time I have to make fun of his complaint before moving on to making fun of his opposition.

      • That, and the fact that Brett Kimberlin is lazy. But, mostly the fact that Brett Kimberlin is lazy. Only a deadline can motivate him to finish his work product. And, even then the work product is riddled with errors that indicate that he didn’t proofread it..

  3. In fact, going forward, in the absence of exculpatory evidence, I’m just going to assume that BS is an adjudicated harasser and friends with a domestic terrorist. Oh wait, I don’t have to assume those things!

  4. I was going to claim responsibility for the Shit Express package, and even forged a USPS green card to prove it… but I screwed up the forgery.

    Dammit, I’m going to have to accept my innocence in this one…

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