In Re RICO Madness

Judge Hazel has granted The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s request to file a motion to identify Ace of Spades. However, the deadline for his omnibus opposition to our motions to dismiss is still today.ECF 229 copy

Tick, tock.

15 thoughts on “In Re RICO Madness

    • :Shrug:

      On the plus side he still has to file a motion, which he’s not all that great at. Presumably ace would get the ability to file a reply as well (although granted, Hazel seems unconcerned with what all those replies say.)

      • Maybe, Paul Levy can write a letter stating his intention to rejoin the case to protect the anonymity, and, then ask for a delay until after all efforts to disqualify him have been adjudicated.

  1. So, essentially, Judge Hazel says Kimberlin can submit a motion? But by the time he does so, he may already have had his case dismissed?

    Does that mean, “You can *ask*. But you probably won’t even make it past the 8th, so, go ahead and make yourself more work to no purpose.”?

  2. Kind of ridiculous, but not completely.

    I hope Ace’s reply to TDPK’s motion makes it clear that the entire point of naming Ace as a defendant is to enable TDPK to harass and intimidate Ace at his place of employment.

    • …and his home, and any other place he may frequent (or occasionally visit), and to harass his family and neighbors, etc. etc. etc. At least that seems to have been the pattern from the team.

  3. I wonder if Paul Levy can petition the court to reenter the case as the attorney for the anonymous blogger “Ace” solely for the purpose of protecting his anonymity?

      • At some point one would expect Eugene Volokh to take interest in this again as well, no?
        Levy’s good and all the jazz, but he’s not the only one in the game either. I’d pay good money to (well not really, because I’m broke) to see Volokh write a crushing brief for the case.

  4. Earl, that was really the only possible outcome, and you called it.

    I expect Brett to flamefail out today (or rather, as a result of his poorly pled opposition he will turn in today – or not)

    • I did not actually call this. I laid out a number of possible outcomes and while it is in the neighborhood of what I thought it would be, in hindsight, this was actually the most obvious outcome. (Well, everything is, in hindsight. But, no, this did not occur to me, and it should have.)

      By simply granting permission to file a motion, it is the least amount of work for Hazel. I thought he would grant permission, but also take some action to clear up the Case Management Order because it seems to have gone far afield. But it leaves his decision on service intact, which is the main thing as far as ace as a defendant goes. Ace was served, and will be receiving the omnibus response, and will be obligated to respond to the response even though technically (hyper so!) she is not even a defendant.

      But, hey, Twitchy isn’t technically a defendant, either, but they did at least get a forged summons which Mr. Hoge hasn’t even received.

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