How Busybodies Kill People

The nannystate is lethal. Laws are ultimately enforced by the state’s use of force, and that includes the possibility of deadly force. David Harsanyi has a worthwhile essay on the topic at Real Clear Politics. Here’s the money quote:

If they can kill you over a cigarette tax, why would you trust them to run the internet, regulate your speech and choose your health care?

Read the whole thing.

2 thoughts on “How Busybodies Kill People

  1. Busybodies can also kill you is with regulations that slam the door on medical treatments that work in favor of ones that don’t work but are politically correct. The worthless (bleep) feel good about themselves for “doing something” while your health degrades or you die.

    If only there were a way to push the costs onto the nannys, busybodies and the Smarter Than You crowd that they want impose on the rest of us. We’d see a whole new respect for Liberty.

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