The Contest

A couple of weeks ago, I announced a contest to see if anyone could find the amusing fatal error that Aaron Walker found in The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s motion for a new trial. No one has found it yet. I’m disappointed.

If no one has claimed the prize by noon tomorrow, Aaron will publish the answer over at Allergic to Bull around 5 pm ET tomorrow evening.

BTW, we didn’t bother to point out this particular error in our oppositions to TDPK’s motion. We didn’t need to. There are more than enough other reasons to deny his motion.

14 thoughts on “The Contest

  1. I tried readying his nonsense but it made my eyes and head hurt. I just couldn’t wade through that much trip to seriously look for anything specific.

  2. Patience.
    You need to wait until midnight when the Baltimore after hours box closes.
    In fact , you should wait until you see on Pacer on Tuesday that the response has been filed before you reveal the answer.
    Do not be surprised if the TDPK files a motion for extension just foul up the trial judge and the appellate judges.

    • Of course he will ask for an extension, but he may have screwed up by not putting that into the system before now.

      When I was in college, one professor announced his ‘one grandparent’ rule. He’d allow you to get an extension on the midterm, final, or any paper for a death in the family or some such non-medical emergency. But if perchance you lost a second, tough beans, Cookie.

  3. You ALWAYS point out mistakes the opposition makes, even when the mistake is obvious. If you don’t raise an issue at trial then you may waive it at appeal. You never want to be in that position.

  4. Ostronic has more of a minimalist approach. Its obviously not the same approach I use, but there you go. And this is a response to a motion for a new trial. nothing is being waived.

    Its a calculated risk. bring up only the best 2 points, instead of 15 points, so that the judge puts all his attention on the two.

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