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Today, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and then time’s up. The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin will need to have his omnibus opposition to the motions to dismiss his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness to the court by close of business next Monday. With that kind of time pressure, one wonders why he has wasted time on side issues such as the letter he sent to Judge Hazel concerning early discovery related to Ace’s ID.

I’ve heard several theories advanced.

The first is based on the idea that TDPK believes that the case is doomed and that the judge is going to grant the motions to dismiss. He’s trying for early discovery related to Ace’s identity because he thinks it’s his only shot.

A second theory is somewhat similar, except that it is based on the suspicion that TDPK is purposely blowing the case in order avoid being subjected to discovery by the defendants and that he’s trying to get the info on Ace before the case is thrown out.

timer-blackI’m not sure that I buy either. From what I’ve seen, Brett Kimberlin is a fairly disorganized doofus. The simplest explanation is that he simply hasn’t spent his time wisely.

Meanwhile, the timer is ticking down.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Style point. The implication of “doofus” is of a harmless, indeed likable, incompetent. The incompetent part is correct, but …

  2. It was a pure attempt at a shakedown. Brett Kimberlin has already stated his willingness to maintain the anonymity of Ace the blogger in exchange for a settlement. The minute Judge Hazel orders his name released, Brett Kimberlin will offer to settle on his terms. All Ace the blogger need do is hold out his anonymity until the case is dismissed and Kimberlin will get nothing.

    The “theory” is simply enough. Brett Kimberlin is running a containment strategy. In the media there are big fish and little fish. A Bill Schmalfeldt, with ever-changing blogs with a handful of followers, is a krill. A Velvet Revolution is a minnow. A Hogewash is a small fish. A The Other McCain is a modest size fish. An Ace of Spades, or a Michele Malkin blog is a big fish. A Glenn Beck or Simon and Schuster is a tuna. And, a Fox News is a Great White shark. Brett Kimberlin has abandoned all hope of intimidating Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain and John Hoge into silence. His new “theory” is that if he sues, threatens to sue, and otherwise harasses the bigger fish he will make them sufficiently radioactive to cause their stories to fizzle out rather than to go viral. Ace is a key figure in his containment strategy. His settlement might very well be, “Anonymity for silence.”

  3. Ace is one of the top bloggers who remains anonymous, which tells us it is important to him for whatever reasons (probably work-related). That to TDPK is a weakness, something to attack.

    Maybe it is fruitless to analyze the actions of a sociopath, but remember this litigation is both retaliation and intimidation for him. The spotlight on his history certainly cost him potentially lucrative donors to his ‘non-profit’ groups, and while the current actions have been only annoyance to his targets, he also has in mind preempting the next wave of bad PR by letting others know the lengths he will go to in order to attack them.

    Even if unsuccessful, other less-well-connected anonymous bloggers may take note of Ace’s problems and wonder if they could survive such an attack.

    The only cure is to either have TDPK declared a vexatious litigant, restricting his lawfare, or find a way to return him to prison to serve out his sentence.

  4. When Ace blogged on this issue, it was after Aaron was identified and with knowledge that he might be IDed, even that it was likely. For whatever reason he would rather remain anonymous, and his blog post was purely factual, so nothing for which his anonymity should be legally compromised. There have been a few successes so it may happen. He went into it knowing that possibility existed, I don’t really see him settling. I can’t really imagine Malkin or McCain settling. Maybe the publishers, but as far as most of the individuals he would have had to try hard to pick a worse group to try and bully into submission. A lot of stubborn individualists who are used to being told Jump by much bigger fish, and never the less responding, “No.”

    • I think it is safe to say that McCain would rather cut off his head with his own hand than settle with Kimberlin. Malkin as well.

      Insofar as tactics as to who he chose to sue, I agree that a more poorly chosen lot could not have been found. They are ALL not willing to give ground to leftist scum that they have made their life’s work to take down.

      And I will happily support them monetarily to continue to do so.

  5. The fact remains that Kimberlin already got a lot of what he wanted from Ace. Silence. Go ahead, try and mention his case on their blog. It will get you banned. There has been 0 mention of Kimberlin, his criminal past, or his shady non-profits. He has already beaten Ace into silence. I’m not sure what more Kimberlin wants other then possibly a full retraction of truthful blog posts. I’m sure Ace is doing what he and his lawyers think is best, but at the same time they handed Kimberlin exactly what he wanted.

    • I am hoping it is because he is building up one hell of a post for when this is all done. I can understand wanting to minimize damage for himself and the blog. But it does suck that that is what Kimberlin wants and got.

    • I suspect silence on the subject is out of fear of the Moby troll. Given the “persona management” technics used by some of the members of Team Kimberlin that is not an unreasonable fear. After the lawsuit is over, we shall see.

      It is often the case that the lawyers for a defendant order silence concerning the case. This is done out of a concern that some statement could have unforeseen consequences in the case. Kimberlin has exploited this reality by suing people, and, using dilatory tactics to maintain such blackouts as long as possible. Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain and John Hoge have not implemented such a policy. Kimberlin’s reaction has been to argue to the courts that they must order such a blackout.

    • ace put the kibosh on BK as a topic well before this lawsuit existed. NR targeted ace’s identity as something to be gotten through discovery in a lawsuit after the Weiner takedown. This lawsuit was just one of the ways that BK has tried (remember his attempt to subpoena the info from an ad service in Virginia courts?)

      So the silence is strategic on ace’s part, even though it didn’t work. Because she silenced the topic, and she still got sued. And if BK decides to go jurisdiction shopping for his case, with the state of our judiciary it wouldn’t be surprising for some robed Solomon somewhere to identify ace, even if that decision got overturned on appeal. As with terrorism (which this is), the good guys have to be perfect, the bad guys just have to get lucky once. So ace wants to keep the opportunities for BK to sue at a minimum

      Again, as with terrorism (which this is) it is kill one frighten one hundred. ace must fight to preserve anonymity. Anyone else who also wants to protect their identity has to consider this.

  6. The answer of course is that he does not think that he is wasting his time by pursuing identification of ace. As noted, BK stated that he would allow ace to maintain his anonymity in exchange for a settlement, and Ron Coleman in his justification for an extension of time on a response offered time to consider a settlement as a reason. Now, no joint motion dismissing the case has appeared regarding ace, so one can take from that that the settlement negotiations have not gone where BK wants them to – given the other settlements, I would suspect that he wants removal of prior posts regarding Kimberlin from the AOSHQ blog. While ace has squelched any new talk of BK on the blog, she has not removed his prior posts.

    So this is just escalation of the harassment – okay, you won’t remove the posts, well, I will just increase the pressure on revealing your identity.

    So, why is it that important to a sociopath? I would say that it should be remembered that as much as people would like to say that this is a First Amendment issue, that is only because people are trying to use the government to suppress speech. And make no mistake – it is people on the Left going after people on the Right. Okay, yeah yeah, Seth Allen. So effing what?

    BK and his his digital brownshirt crew decided that they needed to go after Ace’s identitity after Weinergate. Because ace was a player – a big player – in that. She was pretty much Breitbart’s right hand on it. Ace helped take down Weiner and thus her secret identity was threatened.

    Obviously ace places a value on her anonymity – it is jealously guarded and we can see it is being defended vigorously in court. So that is what they are going after. Because the Left wants to take scalps in revenge. This isn’t about getting some posts removed from the internet, this is about telling people on the Right that your life and livelihood are in danger if you mess with the Left. Yes, BS is like krill, he’s a piece of shit, but he is not a useless piece of shit to the Left. Seriously, he calls the employer of the wife of someone who comments on the internet? That will no doubt keep some people from commenting on the internet. Fat piece of shit who gets so scared he pees his own pants when challenged has real power to shape conversations, if ever so slightly.

    BK may not be able to outcrazy RSM, but there are lots of people he can outcrazy. Like I said, Dave Weigel’s coverage of the state case was probably very “fair” to Kimberlin because he didn’t want to get sued.

    Anyway, that isn’t so much about the First Amendment as it is about making the political personal. The Sherrod case against Breitbart’s estate is of a piece with all of this – the Left says you must not tell the truth about us we will pursue you even beyond death.

    Getting BK declared a vexatious litigant will be a small victory. But it will take something else entirely to stop this activity. There needs to be some sort of real price to pay for taking a stupid political argument to child protective services or someone’s employer.

    Some day a real rain will fall and wash all the scum off the streets.

    • …And the angel broke the fifth seal, and from heaven poured the righteous wrath and fury of EARL and the ground shook and all the creatures of the land and of the air fell silent. And in Howard’s pathetic corner of the Land of Mary there was a squeak and an odor of rotten mayonnaise.

      I may be misquoting that slightly.

    • Some day a real rain will fall and wash all the scum off the streets.

      Sorry, but it ain’t gonna happen. There are too many “Don’t lower yourself to their level” behavior scolds on the right/conservative side to allow that to happen. Unless you see some Biblical-like avenging force descending to earth to cleanse the scum?

      • I agree with you here, dog.

        I very much understand the importance and wisdom behind, ““Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… ” however, I see far too often where individuals/factions on the Right are far too concerned about getting a little dirty and silly perceptions when faced with evil creatures who will not hesitate to use everything in their arsenal to destroy people, their livelihoods, and their family/friends.

        There are numerous ways of “going to the mattresses” with those whom seek to destroy without losing one’s soul in the process. Our Gentle Host has served as an excellent and admirable example in this regard. But, far too many are far too hesitant to employ the tactics necessary to expose and fight the depraved.

        A very clear message needs to ultimately be sent to the Deranged Cyberstalkers like Bill Schmalfeldt, the sawed-off domestic terrorists and vexatious litigants like Brett Kimberlin (AND, Bill Schmalfeldt!), the diabolical social engineers like Neal Rauhauser, the creepy and morally-corrupt supporters like the ridiculous, anklebiter Pet Willy Ferguson (et al), and anyone-and-everyone on the rabid Left who fosters and supports “personal destruction” at any cost…

        … the most important message of all being — “No quarter!” Eventually, even the most mentally-challenged of the evil Left (see: Bill Schmalfeldt) will be forced to conclude tis not worth their time and energy… as the possibility of them “winning” is simply not an option.

        I don’t have a problem with “some Biblical-like avenging force descending to earth to cleanse the scum” either. 😉

        TL/DR… “Go to the mattresses!”

  7. I don’t think your second theory holds any water. TDPK has already refused to participate in discovery in the Maryland case, and was at best not held to account for it. At worst TDPK saw his refusal to participate in discovery as rewarded – he got information from you (the defendants), was able to “put you on trial” before a jury, and was able to buttress his federal court against the other defendants.

    None of this actually happened, but to the delusional mind anything is possible.

    Further according to his delusions the Maryland judge didn’t dismiss the case because he failed to present evidence (not that he should have been allowed to present evidence anyway, given his repeated violations of court rules), but because of either stupidity or bias by the judge.

    TDPK can never be wrong. It’s one of the things that defines a psychopath. Everything is always someone else’s fault, never their own. That’s not necessarily true of a pedophile, it’s just a coincidence in this case.

    • Actually, TDPK’s diddling with discovery undercut his ability to introduce evidence in the state case. He was not able to introduce evidence related to any of our discovery requests that he blew off.

      • My option is that when he as plaintiff refused discovery the case should have been dismissed with prejudice sua sponte.

      • Yes but….also no.

        The sanction of not allowing in evidence that did not come in through discovery is fairly routine, and it is cost free. Especially if you never really planned to introduce evidence to begin with.

        BK brought up many items in the courtroom even though the judge counseled him that he could not. Sometimes objections would sustained. Sometimes they would be sustained and then BK would continue anyway.

        So, no, there really was no sanction for not providing discovery. A nominal fee was levied but he has not paid it.

  8. The sad thing is that Brett hasn’t even seen their A game, the lawyers, the pro se have been holding back waiting waiting waiting. The 5.5 body slam earthquake is going to be beyond epic and who knows how many of his organizations are coming down the hole of his dark empty murderous void.

    I mean when you are totally laughed out of court in Maryland and when the judge asks you if you ever were arrested for rape – there’s nowhere to go.

    Bye Brett, some of us don’t really like terrorist who rape young girls, and like you we don’t forget either

  9. I just got the joke. Sorry, I’m slow today. Is the picture a Mark Time timer, for the win?

    Any other ticking time bombs we need to deal with? Sorry, that’s a bad metaphor to use…

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