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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin alleges that the coverage he receives here at Hogewash! is bad for his business. This is from his second amended complaint in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 135-265Ear-plugsMusician? Humpf. From my point of view, the biggest obstacle to The Dread Performer Kimberlin’s success in the music business is his lack of talent. I more fully explain my feelings about his musicianship here.

Perhaps his omnibus opposition to all the motions to dismiss (due at close of business a week from today) will offer some crackpot legal theory that will attempt to keep alive the claim “supported” by this allegation.

Stay tuned.

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    • Uh huh. Battery?

      Is the sawed-off, domestic terrorist making reference (again!) to his iPad/courthouse/Walker lies there?

      “Defendants, intentionally and willfully engaged in a concerted campaign of… BATTERY?”


  1. If the JTMP feels it has been damaged in any way, it could seek relief by hiring a lawyer to sue on its behalf. It has not. The facts remain that Brett Kimberlin was an employee of the JTMP drawing a salary of $19,500/yr before this “campaign” alleged began, while the alleged “campaign” occurred, and after this lawsuit was filed. Brett Kimberlin suffered no economic losses in that period, certainly none attributable to Hogewash.

    Think about it for a minute. Assuming he is expected to work a forty hour week for fifty weeks a year, his salary amounts to an hourly equivalent of $9,75/hr. The loony Left which with he claims solidarity advocates for minimum wage laws well above that figure. Yet again he is the rankest of hypocrites. In Brett Kimberlin you have a man who claims to be a Prius-driving anti-fracking activist, yet actually drives a gas-guzzling SUV, who claims to an advocate for “diversity,” yet hurled the N-word invective at least two Black men, and, who claims to stand with the oppressed Palestinian people, yet, bragged about enriching himself by arranging the immigration of some IDF soldiers.

    • Good post. I would like to suggest the possibility that he has surreptitiously awarded himself FAR more than $19,500/yr out of the coffers of JTMP. As John Hoge has repeatedly pointed out, if you look at JTMP’s tax forms, they’re signed by Executive Director Jeffrey R. Cohen, who apparently can’t be bothered to even say a word about allegations of scams by his colleague, a notorious forger, bomber, pedophile, money launderer, and pathological liar. Jeffrey R. Cohen can, however, be bothered to draw about $11k out of the “charities” to compensate himself for “legal expenses.”

      Under the pretense of doing something productive with his time, formerly licensed attorney Kevin B. Zeese smears his name all over Brett Kimberlin affiliated “charities,” but can’t be bothered to say anything useful about scummy activities emanating from the principles of the “charities.” Including such scummy activities as his frivolous legal threats that he sent to Brett Kimberlin critics. Including when he is asked direct questions about the frivolous threats, such as whether he was licensed to practice law at the time he sent them.

      In between overindulging on psychoactive drugs, maybe he can lift a finger to do something about Brett’s suspicious accounting. Don’t hold your breath.

      • Insofar as his salary, BK is most likely drawing a daily per diem – which is not reported on tax forms because it is a reimbursement for food and other necessities of life, such as parking and dry cleaning, while you are working. I would say that he could be making anywhere up to $150 per day in per diem. This is typical for some DC and the surrounding area contractors in order to make it “cheaper” for their employees while still getting the salary they were promised for working in that very expensive area.

  2. Drug trafficker.
    Terrorist bomber.
    Person of interest in murder case.

    I guess the paragraph wouldn’t make sense to say “Plaintiff intentionally and willfully engaged in a concerted campaign of poor life choices and self destruction.”

    • Indeed. Being a recidivist pedophile, who bombed his murder victim’s hometown and then fought his own surviving bombing victim for decades, SHOULD be bad for business for someone who seeks to be a public figure. One suggestion for Brett is that maybe he can start by getting right with Sandra DeLong, only in addition to the court ordered judgment, he also owes her atonement for the constant frivolous legal filings and fraud he committed against her out of spite.

      And once he addresses that loose thread, he can go on to do something about his actions against Julia Scyphers.

    • Oh. It would make a lot of sense as far as truth is concerned. But, not so much in the face of the “false narrative” the sawed-off, domestic terrorist is working feverishly to spin.

      Drug trafficker.
      Terrorist bomber.
      Person of interest in murder case.

      But, but, but… TUB O’ MANURE and HOOOOOOOGE!

  3. Of all the people in this subset drama – the bloggers, their minions, the bombers, their handmaidens – there is one person in this subset that has a documented history of leaving behind unmarked containers and travels to that region on a regular basis

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