Second-Rate People Hire Third-Rate Employees

That’s a principle of personnel management that I’ve seen demonstrated many times during my business career. It explains a lot about Team Kimberlin. Consider, for example, the choice of someone like Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt to handle PR.

It also explains Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson. (My recent post touching on The Dread Performer Kimberlin’s musicianship reminded me of VOSF.)

After listening to his Sub-Aetha offerings on iTunes (which mostly sound like electric Jew’s harp recordings), it’s obvious that he is a part of Team Kimberlin to make TDPK’s stuff look good by comparison.

25 thoughts on “Second-Rate People Hire Third-Rate Employees

  1. Did you miss a word in the title? As far as CBBS as PR flack, I hope that’s not his role. I think he’s really comic relief. Like Pancho on the Cisco Kid.

      • Weak-minded fool, indeed. And, that’s being somewhat kind.

        The Blob’s latest, “above-it-all” schtick is so tired and so darn transparent. As we all know, far too well, it will be short-lived. A creature with less self-control does not exist.

        Furthermore, if The Elkridge Horror is sitting there in his tincan under the delusion that simply because he has oozed back into his phony “moved on” phase (*yawn*) all of his threats, extortion, and libel have been forgotten and will not be addressed and dealt with at some point in the future — he is beyond weak-minded. He may be feeling all smug and teflon-coated at the moment… but, I’d wager this soon will change.

        And, I have learned my lesson well, Howard. I’m excercising and strengthening my LULZ muscles as I type.

  2. Someone already disapproves of your reviewing prowess.

    But he says he’s bathed, so there’s that.

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    Bill Schmalfeldt
    Now that I’ve washed the Hoge stink from my body, he’s starting on my friends. Nobody ever did anything worth anything… except Hoge.
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    10:02 PM – 1 Dec 2014

  3. Insecure leaders gather even less capable people to themselves so the leaders will look good by comparison. Superior leaders find the very best people to support them, give their excellent subordinates every chance to shine, and then reap the rewards for outstanding performance remembering to share with their subordinates.

    • On those lines, the most junior non-commissioned officer is taught at PLDC that a good leader molds good subordinates. One of the best ways to do this is through the Participatory form of leadership. A very trainable and intelligent subordinate can be lead to a course of action advocated by the leader, and will believe that the idea was exclusivley theirs.

  4. Bill Schmalfeldt @CabinBoyBilly · 9h 9 hours ago
    @sub_aetha He’s all yours, boy-o. He’s too disgusting to touch for my taste. Anyone who would defend mailing shit to someone. Guh!

    If that’s true Billy Boy why have all 7 of your tweets to your new account (just counting since you cowardly shut down the account where you threatened folks) all contained references to Hoge? Oopsi Poopsie…one was to block someone who did the unthinkable by retweeting you, you giant mangina. So it’s only 6 out of 7 tweets that are about Hoge. You can’t quit him!

    BTW, telling Wee Willy that Hoge is all his is like telling a 5 year old to take on Manny Pacquiao. The only thing little Wee Willy is good for is pushing you to do very stupid things.

      • I noticed that. That’s why I’ve dubbed him Worlds Stupidest Man. He’s like a special kid that just can’t learn the stove is hot. Between the Knots, Hoge, Grady, Krendler, you, the infamous Jerry Fletcher, and dozens of others he’s been humiliated more times then I can count and he keeps coming back for more. Wonder how he can act like all his failures have not occurred? He always claims he doesn’t fail, but when it’s pointed out to him in black and white he just ignores it. Is it a brain malfunction? Some sort of sociopathy? Voices in his head? Kooky.

        • When I was in my first year of high school, they had just started a program where they tried mainstreaming Downs Syndrome program kids into a regular school setting. There was this one kid in the program, one of the happiest, friendliest people you’ve ever seen,and was also a dwarf. The older guys, being cruel assholes, used to pick him up and put him in a locker for an hour or so at the end of the day.

          The funny thing was, he kept coming back to the older guys. He wasn’t so disabled that he wasn’t aware that he was being humiliated for being different, but the attention just made him feel special.

          William reminds me of that kid in all but one respect. The kid wasn’t an evil little bastard who deserved that treatment.

  5. I’m still working on the logistics of an electric Jew’s Harp. It sounds like something Pinky would think up. “But where do we put the amp pick-up?”

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