Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

CBPR201411300042ZPerhaps Tupperware isn’t allowed, but zip-lock bags are apparently OK packaging for manure sent through the mail.

A simple bit of googling shows plenty of companies offering to sell various kinds of manure with shipping via U. S. Mail. It’s most commonly offered by businesses catering to mushroom growers who only need small quantities for use as fertilizer. BTW, horse manure seems to be preferred for mushrooms.

UPDATE—OK, let’s assume that the Cabin Boy™ files a complaint with the Postal Inspection Service. So what? The only result will be that there’s one more government office where eyes roll when they hear the name Schmalfeldt.

51 thoughts on “Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

  1. I would have laughed a bit and then fertilized my roses. Talk about it online or social media? Heck no. Nobody elses business. Why make is everybody elses business by posting it online? That opens you up to ridicule, criticism or parody. Keep private things private.

    • Yes, Paul, but a box of horseshit labeled as “Here’s the stuff you talk” would something you could take as a joke. In the Cabin Boy’s™ case, …

      • I am 100% sure I didn’t send it and I am 100% sure that I never ever heard of these services before today, and I am 100% sure I don’t know who did it and I am reasonably sure if someone has me on the stand about his tape to cross examine me with this line: “where exactly did the child get raped in my audio” I am 100% certain the judge and the jury will have a different take on it…

  2. I am curious. He knows the type of animal that produced these ALLEGED feces how? Is this one of his fields of study? He can distinguish between various types of equid?

  3. As for Mr. Hoge’s ability to read the law and comprehend it, who was it who won the peace order? And who has failed in his reading comprehension of MULTIPLE states’ statutes?.

  4. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Bill already admit to sitting on a ship off shore and doing nothing more than treating a banged knee of a pregnant woman in Lebanon? Now he’s claim he stormed the beach, unarmed, with Marines? Wonder why all the different stories?

  5. If I’m not mistaken, William has promised to send no fewer than a dozen people to the hoosegow, some multiple times. As I remember it, he was sending three there just last month. If he’s to be believed, Justice Jones has had lengthy correspondences with law enforcement in multiple jurisdictions. Of course, it’s never mentioned again when it fails to happen, but such is the joy of being William. You’re always betting .1000 when you ignore the times you strike out.

    It’s the fact that he keeps going back to the well that he’s drowned in so many times before that makes me love him so. The man’s misanthropy and mental illness are heavily mitigated by his overwhelming incompetence. Say about that what you shall, but it’s great fun to watch from home.

    Gail likely feels differently.

    • How very transparent of Blob to admit he bothered the State Attorney of Carroll County. Heaven help the poor schmuck who finds himself filling the void the deceased Mr. Barnes left behind.

      And, may God provide comfort to Mr. Barnes’ loved ones. Suicide. *sheesh* What a tragic death.

  6. I believe the time has come to adapt Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s masterwork to the contemporary era. Accordingly, I shall soon commence authoring “One Day in the Life of Gail Schmalfeldt.”

    The narrator finds herself condemned to a life of double-wide drudgery, trapped with a heavily diapered antagonist who insists on boring her almost to death with his fantasies of revenge against enemies both real and perceived, but mostly perceived.


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