Day Off Cancelled

I was going to give Team Kimberlin a day off for Thanksgiving, but circumstances alter cases. I went to bed very early last night, so the call that came in at 8:52 went to voicemail. I didn’t listen to it until I was drinking my coffee this morning.

Team Kimberlin are a bunch of cowards. I’ve been pointing that out since 2012. Threats and insults sent from spoofed IPs, sock puppetry on Twitter, and harassing phone calls sent from spoofed numbers are how these gutless wonders engage those of us who speak and write about them. (Note: It’s interesting that they use the phone harassment quite a bit here in Maryland which one of the states that does not allow voiceprint evidence to be used in court. OTOH, it can be admissible in federal court.)

Last night’s call was a real prize. I doubt that the person whose voice is on the call would actually show up at Hoge Manor for dinner today. He knows what the consequences would be, and, in spite of his ranting about cowards on Twitter, he doesn’t have the audacity required.

According to the caller ID data, the number spoofed belongs to someone I’ve never heard of in Columbia, Maryland and who happens to have a number on the same 596- exchange as my cell phone. Several other recent harassing calls have come from random 596- numbers. Other calls have IDed as from local Carroll County phones, including county government agencies. (Suggestions for Team Kimberlin: You might want to verify whose numbers you’re using. You also might want to google the name Joseph Curran.)

Team Kimberlin should consider these words from George Orwell: Do remember that dishonesty and cowardice always have to be paid for.

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    No surprizes here John. Cowards, especially insignificant cowards that have only theis spite and misery to keep them company, will always try to spoil the happy days of family celebrations of those who live satisfying and fulfilling lives. Just another fail for Bill.
    The Curran debacle in Boston hould serve as a warning as spoofing a government office or official does have rather stiff consequences.

  2. yeah I wonder who this was that was all stirred up and coming at me – could it be the same person:

    DemHipster @liberaluniverse
    · 7h 7 hours ago
    .@cbparodyrecords @CantonDelaware @mayberryville Send me this bitches info. Thanks.

    DemHipster @liberaluniverse
    · 7h 7 hours ago
    .@mayberryville Tell Ya what punk, you want to try a piece of me you best get a fucking army, then a navy and a seal team. Else STFU bitch.

    DemHipster @liberaluniverse
    · 7h 7 hours ago
    .@mayberryville Bitch, you don’t like his free speech I suggest you stop reading it you low life piece of human filth.

    DemHipster @liberaluniverse
    · 7h 7 hours ago
    .@mayberryville fuck you think I care about elections in Texas bitch? This ain’t about that. It’s about you thinking you can fuck with me.

  3. As I stated in the “Truce Thread” (i.e., about giving TK a “day off”):

    Why? The only thing he deserves is a jail cell. Along with the rest of his merry band of internet goons.

    When your enemy takes your kindness as proof of weakness, you don’t show any kindness lest you appear weak.

    You play as dirty as, or dirtier than, they do. You make their lives 10 times as miserable as they have made yours. It’s the only thing they have a chance of understanding.

    And then you double down.

    Remember, they wanted a street fight, give them one they will regret.

    • Street fight? all alone? They never appear, soiling their depends at the very thought of a real-life encounter. Weak inconsequential men, brave only behind closed and locked doors and on a cheap computer. In the mold of “Brave Sir Robin”.
      Despicable pissants!

  4. And I see that a certain party is all het up this morning, going on about cowards lying to get peace orders, and claiming that he could never physically hurt someone. Completely ignoring that POs cover unwanted verbal and written contact too, without physical threats. And really, really, ignoring the two emergency POs he got against Patrick Grady, where I seem to recall he did claim to the courts that he was afraid of a physical confrontation, while almost immediately afterwards admitting online that that was NOT the case. But he’s not a coward; it’s everyone else who’s pointlessly afraid of an old cripple. He’s never perjured himself; it’s everyone else who has lied to the courts to make him look bad.

    Does he really believe that (easily disproved) idiocy that he spews? I’m not sure which would be worse, him honestly thinking that, or just being a lying SOB.

  5. And sort of on the topic of the post: even though some have to deal with this, and others are reading, commenting, and supporting – it is my sincerest wish that everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving, and a joyful, thankful day shared with family and/or friends.

    • Especially when riding what were his horses, on what were his lands, with who use to be his wife, while watching the police paddy wagon driving him away in chains.

  6. Lowlife scum gotta be lowlife scum. I do think it’s amusing that the Blob just HATES anonymous posters (because it’s too hard for him to dox someone that doesn’t use their real first and last name apparently) but he and his ilk just love to leave anonymous comments, emails, phone calls etc.

  7. Some how I doubt the sincerity and veracity of the Cabin Boy’s™ claim. I just do not believe that anyone who is a regular here is calling him and spoofing numbers and such. We all know that would actually be detrimental to the cause.

    Anyway…Happy Thanksgiving everyone…including you Cabin Boy.™ Hopefully everyone gets the day off and enjoys it with family and friends.

  8. Be a damned shame if somebody spoofed Cabin Boy’s number on some phoned-in threats to a local government agency. The fun would be watching while they seized Billy’s computer for forensic search . . . Heh.

  9. Oh threatening again to file charges so his material doesn’t get sunlight is going to go over so well in a court. Legal action – didn’t he just go 0 for six?

    • And I see he’s claiming that this tweet means he doesn’t stalk or harass anyone.

      Pro writing tip: if one says “X and Y aren’t the only things I have or use”, that means that one does indeed have or use X and Y. One just has Z and B in addition to, NOT instead of.


  10. Poor Bill, poor Bill. He doxes strangers, harrasses a family that lost a baby at childbirth, threatens a woman with the loss of her children, harrasses wifes and family members of his “targets”, all resulting in the imposition of multiple court orders from multiple states to stop his harrassing behavior. Then he has the convoluted gall to imply that his life is like that every day and that everyone should feel sorry for him. Poor Bill.

    • somewhere a shiny wet stained hand is reaching ever so slowly for the Bell Baltimore area white pages, – the heavy book slips to the floor, into a pile a discarded DNA. A dog wimpers in a low keening song and slinks to the other end of the decorless house with a hitch.

      With a low grunt and an even more distant wet rumble the eggwhite vingar and xanthium gum coated forefingers grasp the creased cover of the listing of over a million people who’s only fault was it to be THEIR DAY.

      With an expulsion of several layers of saturated moist breath, the page is flipped to nowhere and the finger slowly moves down the page, in the gloomy shades of tinted light from a twitching monitor the smile on the neckless monster grows ever grinchy wider as it rests on a family listing. A home in a suburb, is about to be coated in doxin.

    • Though I don’t think I’ll mention the names, the folks he faildoxed sure didn’t start anything. That includes the felon who he wrongly accused of being a regular on here.

    • Lauren Stranahan, the baby stranahan, Mandy Nagy, WJJ Hoge IV, Mrs Hoge, the Johnson girls and their mother, Robin Causey, A Random police officer in VA, a widow in Oregon…. there are soooo many

      • Fancy that, he ignores every single one of those names except for two, Lauren and Robin who he thinks he can claim “started it”. He’s claiming that Lauren made Lee call the police on him. I guess the fact that she responded to his threats means she is responsible for his initial comments too/about her? And he’s claiming that he apologized to the Causeys but they responded by lying to the courts about him. So in both cases, the fact that the person he attacked responded means that they started it? That does seem to be a rather psychologically unhealthy view of the world.

      • I know you all will be shocked to learn he’s just wrong again. I did not have Lee send the police to his house.

    • I could play his game, but, I won’t. If Bill Schmalfeldt has evidence that any of his victims harassed him first, then I suggest he name names, places, actions and dates. [We know many of his victims have documented their grievances against Bill Schmalfeldt successfully at Peace Order hearings, etc.]Otherwise, his argument boils down to, “You inadvertently brushed into me on the elevator, so I am entitled to kill you, your family, and all your friends. And, it would all be your fault.”

  11. Apparently the tryptophan wore off and His Grace has returned to screaming at Twitter like the drunk hobo tries to fight with the bushes in the park. It’s both sad to watch and amusing….

    • Well, you gotta figure that he knows the order from IL is coming tomorrow, so the bill for court costs and fees will be due. It’s gotta suck having that over your head.

      • I’m sure he will make it up in royalties for his…um… “books?” Ramblings? Screeching? Anyways….. at least we know he won’t STARVE…. go hungry maybe but he won’t starve.

  12. I got a hand written note from Afghanistan today thanking me for my daughters service – a note from a Col, then minutes later a email from my farthest child that she is coming home in a week and then an email from my wife.

    My joy is unabated by childish threats of lawsuits by someone who just wrote this on twitter”

    The Liberal Grouch @cbparodyrecords
    · 16m 16 minutes ago
    Name one thing I’ve done that justifies Eric Johnson contacting Vanderbilt and claiming I am tying them in with child rape audios. Well?

    The Liberal Grouch @cbparodyrecords
    · 1h 1 hour ago
    If the addled Eric Johnson and his dingleberry friend were just sucking each other’s dicks, no problem. However…

  13. “Dear Mommy Judge Hollander,

    It’s Bill! Miss me?

    The Hogeists are being mean to me again, Mommy Your Honor. One even had me adjudicated as a stalker in Illinois! Me! Can you imagine? Well, I made him waste a lot of time and money here in Maryland. You’d be so proud of your big boy amateur legal scholar. Except now I have to give Illinois my book royalties for the next two thousand years. Oh well.

    Anyhow, I’m suing everybody again for aggravated meanness. They know that I could die any day, but they won’t stop, even when I lie about leaving the Internet because the “Schmalfeldt brand is dead.”

    The problem is that I’m still poor and I’d really like it if the taxpayer will foot the bill for my psychotic vengeance quest for justice. And they should, because I’m a cripple and the world owes me!

    But we’ll get to be together again. Aren’t you excited? I know I am!

    PS: Can you spellcheck my complaint before it goes on PACER? They make fun of me about that, too. They call me “Paragraph 83.”



    William M. Schmalfeldt”

    • His Immensity sounds like a wife whose husband said he would pick her up to go see friends and got stiffed instead. Geez…. the man is not just LOOKING for attention he is desperately lonely. Surrounded by empty picture frames of false memories, hiding behind walls like a nasty hairy spider…. just waiting to lunge out at unsuspecting or unwary prey.

      A sad, fat old man who has driven everyone away from him and now seeks refuge and validation online….. where he can repeat the process over and over again. I’m just not sure if he is Tina or Ike Turner at this point……

    • But then you probably aren’t the sort of person who others have to get restraining orders against either.

      As far as I can tell, the grouch considers anything negative said about him to the courts, even when demonstrably true, to be perjury. I do not think that word means what he would appear to think it means.

    • And sweet Jesus, but he’s dumb.

      cbparodyrecords 10:04pm via Twitter Web Client
      And I’m still waiting for that list of people I’ve “victimized” who didn’t take the first shot. I guess that must mean there aren’t any.

      How many copies of the list are there here? I guess he thinks it only counts if we post it to his timeline.

      • Army_Vet left an example in his timeline – Patrick Grady. Bill is ignoring it.

        Grady’s “shot” was leaving a slightly critical, but respectful, comment on the Cabiin Boy’s blog.

        A normal, rational response would have been “thanks for the input.”

        An ill-tempered, unfriendly response would have been a sarcastic or insulting comeback.

        An unreasonable overreaction would have been to ban Grady from his bllog.

        A psychotic, completely irrational overreaction would have been to initiate an extended Twitter and blog flame war.

        So what did Bill do? He contacted Grady’s employer and tried to get him fired. (And he bragged about making the calls..). He posted pictures of Grady’s family and ridiculed his son’s disability. And so on.

        And he has the gall to claim he was hit first!

        Don’t get me wrong. The Stranahans endured much worse abuse from the Adjudicated Stalker, for much longer. But most of that nightmare I learned about after the fact. The Grady Affair I witnessed in real time, as it happened. I can personally refute Schmalfeldt’s lies, denials, misdirection etc. based on what I saw.

        C’mon Bill. Tell me about how Grady got the first shot!

  14. The Parky Pundit says:

    This person is the same individual who has left one-star reviews on practically every product I’ve placed on Amazon. He has neither purchased the book or listened to it. He is just attempting to harm me and interfere with sales. Any of his reviews that have not been removed from Amazon by Monday morning will be entered into a lawsuit against this person. I don’t mind if people don’t like my stuff. But I insist that you have purchased and/or at least have listened to the product before reviewing it.

  15. I am truly honored to be in the company of our gentle host and epwj in having garnered the attention of Mr. Downtwinkles! Hi Bill! Did I hit a nerve? Too bad! But you are a man (?) f no consequence so your disapproval has no meaning! Bless your insignificant heart!

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