They Seem to Have This in Common

Before I get started, let me say that I have no knowledge of whether or not Darren Wilson was justified in shooting Michael Brown. I’ll defer to the grand jurors who sifted through the evidence.

I’ve heard and read a lot from talking heads and pundits about how Officer Wilson’s story is incredible, how it doesn’t hold up, how it’s unbelievable. All of these “experts” seem to have one characteristic in common. All of them appear to be sheltered individuals who have never been in a life-or-death confrontation that required them to use violence or die.

I was about to hit the post button when another common characteristic hit me. Nearly all of them believe that cops should be the only people in civil society allowed to have guns.

UPDATE—Stacy McCain has some related thoughts on these talking heads and pundits. You can read them here.

UPDATE 2—Don Surber expands on Stacy’s thoughts. (H/T, Instapundit)

16 thoughts on “They Seem to Have This in Common

  1. I do believe you meant “have never been in a life-or-death confrontation.” And yes, I will completely agree with this premise.

    And based on the second characteristic you identified, just what would they have a cop actually *do* with the gun? Keep it safely holstered on their hip just for looks? Their cognitive dissonance is loud and harsh in my ears.

  2. If only he were wearing a body camera that could have recorded the body blows that would have never made it into the news when they pulled it off the lifeless body of the officer to see what really happened…

    We would still have a walgreens in Ferguson today if he only let the man beat him to death.

  3. While I agree with your argument, I would question the tone of contrasting “…have never been in a life-or-death confrontation…” with being “…sheltered individuals…”.

    I consider myself rather experienced in and out of academia. I have played basketball with chain nets and on polished maple floors. I have degrees and professional licenses and years of experience in dirty, muddy, hot & sweaty construction. I have, by the Grace of God, “never been in a life-or-death confrontation”, but I certainly don’t consider myself sheltered.

    That said; oh absolutely, those clowns wouldn’t shite from shinola.

    p.s. Why on earth doesn’t WordPress recognize it’s own name and/or shinola?

  4. Ashterah mentioned cognitive dissonance above, at that concept is at the core of a thought that has been rattling about my brain for a couple of days now.

    I find it interesting that among common pieces of advice given to the average citizen when confronted with a gun (or knife) wielding criminal are these gems of common sense:

    1. No sudden moves
    2. Give the person with the gun what they want
    3. Do not argue with them. Your money/purse/watch/jewelry/phone/gadget can be replaced, but you cannot.

    But the same people who would make men into sheep before the wolves offer this as the appropriate behavior for an armed police officer confronted by a belligerent suspect.

    1. Keep your weapon holstered
    2. No sudden moves
    3. If they do not obey your lawful command, escalate only in the smallest possible increment. “Stop! Or I’ll say ‘Stop!’ again!”
    4. Under no circumstances whatsoever may you EVER shoot a teenager who is trying to take your sidearm. Unless you WANT to be responsible for your town being burned to the ground?

    Three types of people in this world. The few sheepdogs keep the majority sheep safe from the many wolves, and the sheep hate them for it. But if the sheep actually manage to banish the sheepdogs, the wolves will be SO MUCH WORSE.

    But the sheep will be too busy getting digested to complain.

    • The problem arises when the sheepdogs refuse to differentiate the wolves and coyotes from, shall we say, domesticated hunting dogs who are neither interested in the sheepdogs, their sheep, the wolves nor the coyotes. All they want to do is provide for their pack and go about their business. They’re perfectly capable and prepared to deal with the wolves and coyotes; and if necessary even the bears, eagles and dragons, just leave them alone!

    • As for the “people who would make men into sheep before the wolves… ” — I’m curious as to what they believe the 300-pound, poor, widdle, “unarmed” child Mike Brown would have done had he managed to wrestle Officer Wilson’s sidearm away from him?

      Stick a flower in the barrel, and giggle “BANG?”


    • So, doxing is illegal except when the NYT does it? I’m confused. It’s so hard to keep it straight who has what privilege at any given time.

  5. It seems that whenever I see anti-vs-pro-gun arguments arise on the web, the antagonist side always start with “I don’t understand why you people feel a need to have guns…” and then continue off with their rant. Really, though, they could sum up their entire anti-gun position with just their first three words: “I don’t understand.”

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