In Re Grady v. Schmalfeldt


Ahem …

UPDATE—IANAL, but this order seems a bit more serious than a Maryland peace order.

(740 ILCS 21/125)
Sec. 125. Violation. An initial knowing violation of a stalking no contact order is a Class A misdemeanor. A second or subsequent knowing violation is a Class 4 felony.

(730 ILCS 5/5-4.5-55)
Sec. 5-4.5-55. CLASS A MISDEMEANORS; SENTENCE. For a Class A misdemeanor:
(a) TERM. The sentence of imprisonment shall be a determinate sentence of less than one year.

(730 ILCS 5/5-4.5-45)
Sec. 5-4.5-45. CLASS 4 FELONIES; SENTENCE. For a Class 4 felony:
(a) TERM. The sentence of imprisonment shall be a determinate sentence of not less than one year and not more than 3 years.

UPDATE 2—Patrick Grady received a voicemail message from the Cabin Boy™ this afternoon. Mr. Grady informs me that it and any further contact will be forwarded to his local police department. Because of possible questions about service of the court order, Schmalfeldt may get away with that contact. However, he has admitted to constructive service on his Twitter feed, so further contact probably won’t be ignored by the Illinois authorities. Additionally, I was present when Howard County officials assured Mr. Grady that they would enforce an Illinois court order.  Since the Cabin Boy™ has acknowledged notice of Mr. Grady’s wish not to be contacted, further contact would probably violate Maryland’s harassment statute (Md. Crim. Law § 3-803).

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  1. “The Respondent is ordered to pay the Petitioner’s costs, including attorney fees”
    I wish the judgement specified the Respondent can not pay with jars of mayo.

    • Yep. The Cabin Boy™ is ordered to pay costs. If he doesn’t, Mr. Grady has the option of filing a petition to have Schmalfeldt held in contempt …

      • AH HA HA HA!
        Who’s the dumbass?
        It’s a good thing he’s not “indigent,” what with all the web sites, productions costs, book sales, and new “IT’S A SCHMALFELDT THING” swag.

  2. Oooooohhh, BURN! That will leave a mark. Maybe even a “making bigs” mark.

    He doesn’t know when to stop digging. What a pathetic waste of space.

  3. Jeez, Schamlfeldt really walked into that one. Heh. If he was smart he would lawyer up and start dealing with all of his problems in multiple states. Narcissism is a real bitch.

  4. Hmmmm

    wonder if Dr Charles is available for comment?

    IL will impose a weekly fine until it is paid? Many do, its not uncommon for a fee of a few hundred dollars to force foreclosure within weeks. IL need the dough, so to speak

    • As fast as he’s racking up no-contact and no-stalking orders? Will never happen. Though, if he wrote about Kimberlin he would sell books like hotcakes. Might even get on MSNBC.

      • Bill could have been a powerful force for good, HE CHOSE the other way, I begged him not to do it – but (ph)mayo’s heart was hardened

      • Who knows? One or more of the messages might make it on to the Interwebz.

        Maryland is a two-party permission state for recorded phone conversations, but leaving an answering machine message is considered permission to record.

      • I don’t know, but it seems to me that telling somebody you have a court order telling you not to contact, to check their phone messages, is a prima facia violation of the order. Not to mention almost as dumb as leaving them a message.

        Illinois is apparently still (pending Federal court issues) a two party consent state, but I have to assume (assuming the law is rational, not necessarily true) that if (a) I set up a voicemail recorder, so I consent, and (b) you, knowing this is voicemail, agree to record a message by speaking when prompted to “record a message after the beep” then both parties have consented.

        If party B just happened to consent to the airing of evidence that he was violating a court order, as evidenced by the call itself, well, that is just too bad, isn’t it?

        Luckily nobody he mentioned would have a reason to publicise this…Krendler would have an incentive to keep quiet in case BS hit a true phone number… (HINT: the copyright paperwork for the TMZ page in the DMCA case CLEARLY showed Krendler’s contact being at WJJH’s house…PROOF! PROOF! 151 PROOF!)

        Mmmm, 151 rum and mayo…

    • #3? Exactly. Different states define things like stalking differently. The general outline may be the same, but stuff that is doesn’t count in one state may not be a good idea in another, and vice versa.

      I wonder if that’s part of the reason the folks at the HoCo court house suggested that Patrick stick with IL; not just more convenient, but it seems to cover a lot more stuff.

    • Bill isn’t big on reading, is he?

      From the actual Stalking No Contact Order itself:

      Stalking can include contact via electronic communications.

      My God he’s dumb.

  5. #Feldtdown in progress. He’s admitting to a lot of interesting things (contra his own interests):

    When you take the one, truly altruistic and decent thing I’ve ever done and SHIT on in….

    (emphasis mine)

    Not pretty.

    • I don’t recall anyone ever “shitting” on him by claiming he does not have Parkinson’s Disease. I do, however, recall quite a few people (including some at least self-avowed Parkinson’s Disease sufferers) commenting at length on how his “disability” from this does not seem to correlate with real life evidence.

      His ability to type seems to come and go. His ability to record podcasts seems to come and go. His ability to walk seems to go the closer he is to needing to go to a courthouse under his own power. In his defense, that is, in offense, his good buddy will give him a ride.

      As someone said, “For Sale: Used Prius. Excellent condition, only used to drive a friend to the courthouse. Needs new springs on the passenger side.”

  6. Owie. That one left a mark alright. If Cabin Boy™ was smart he’d refrain from additional contact with Pat. IL looks like it don’t play around. And THAT is the jurisdiction in place.

    Man…brutal. He was asked several times to just leave him and his family alone…why he doesn’t just stop baffles me.

    • Because he can’t. His emotional requirements are so infantile that “look at me” is really the only thing that he can say. You don’t go around babbling anal rape fantasies without a truly gigantic need for attention.

  7. thought he was proud of his work, so now he admits he was cut loose from organizations based up his work content…

    Vanderbilt will most likely offer serious legal assistance to anyone who tries to defend their reputation, same for the boy scouts. They will be extremely grateful for the heads up and they will take most likely direct swift and sweeping measures. I would not want to test the child porn statutes of the States of Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana or Texas by blustering and threatening a family who HAS STOOD up to his childish puerile nonsense.

  8. BTW, thanks for the update.

    Certain parties had seemed to assume victory in the absence of evidence; I assumed this blog would be honest enough to admit defeat if Grady had (somehow) lost, I am glad to see my assumption of strategic silence (Hint 1: STFD! Hint 2: STFU!) was correct.

    I assumed TMZ also, but the mutual radio silence had me a bit concerned.

    Good to hear of legal sanity, even if it has to come from IL.

  9. Wholly apropos for Thanksgiving. Everyone gets together and roasts a turkey.

    (how ya like that there pseudo-intellectual vocab DumbassBunny? Hope your Fauxkinson’s flares up for the holidays)

  10. Does anyone know if the part of an Illinois order to not talk about someone has withstood a 1st Amendment challenge?

    • There is an exception in the stalking statute for “the exercise of free speech or assembly that is otherwise lawful or picketing a workplace…” The picketing is permitted within the context of legitimate labor-related activity.

    • Yes. There is a distinction between talking to and talking about someone. Various state courts have ruled that laws such as Maryland’s and Illinois’ are constitutional. In the case of Maryland’s law, the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal.

    • What I find interesting is that while Bill Schmalfeldt may write about Patrick Grady, one reading of the statute suggests that he can’t read Patrick’s facebook page, twitter feed, google his name, or otherwise “monitor” him in any way. Since Bill Schmalfeldt believes in his own mind that Patrick Grady is Paul Krendler, that presumably would include reading TMZ. So, Bill Schmalfeldt can write all he wants about Patrick Grady concerning events that transpired before yesterday, presumably, he can’t write about Patrick Grady about events that will happen over the next two years, at least without implicating himself as having violated the Stalking No Contact Order. Even when he writes of events that happened before the Order, he should be mindful as to whether, or not, a reasonable person would consider his remarks a cause for emotional distress, so as to stay within the “otherwise lawful” condition. Given his pattern of behavior towards Lee Stranahan, I don’t think a judge would give him the benefit of the doubt. In short, I’d advise Bill Schmalfeldt that he would be a lot happier these next two years if he forgot Patrick Grady ever existed.

  11. “The Respondent is prohibited from threatening to commit stalking or committing stalking. “Stalking” means engaging in a “course of conduct” directed at a specific person, when you know or should know that this course of conduct would cause a reasonable person to fear for his or her safety or the safety of a third person or suffer emotional distress. A stalking “course of conduct” includes acts in which you DIRECTLY, INDIRECTLY, or through third parties, BY ANY ACTION, METHOD, DEVICE, or MEANS follow, monitor, observe, surveil, threaten, or COMMUNICATE TO OR ABOUT, a person; or engage in other contact; or interfere with or damage a person’s property or pet. STALKING CAN INCLUDE CONTACT VIA ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS. See 740 ILCS 21/10 for ADDITIONAL definitions.”

    SHAZAM! Illinois don’t play around.

    The Deranged Cyberstalker, Adjudicated Harrasser, and ADJUDICATED STALKER BILL SCHMALFELDT should just wrap it up for good… close down all blogs, abandon all Twitter accounts, and burn his computer in the garbage can that sits alongside his tin can.

    NO WAY… NO HOW is The Elkridge Horror EVER going to be able to exert the degree of self-control necessary to avoid repeatedly violating this Order.

    This couldn’t have happened to a bigger and more disgusting sociopathic, evil freak.

    I’ll just leave it at… LOLOLOL! (<— Blob loves that!) 🙂

      • Yes. I did. Given that I had to go for an extension of my first peace order followed by a second peace order, I strikes me as a good thing that the Illinois court maxed the length of its order.

      • For some reason the order covered 1 year, and 365 days, rather than two full years. Perhaps, the court didn’t want to ding him for leap day.

  12. Something to ponder:

    Especially this:

    ” People who are diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder use splitting as a central defense mechanism. According to psychoanalyst Kernberg, ‘The normal tension between actual self on the one hand, and ideal object on the other, is eliminated by the building up of an inflated self-concept within which the actual self and the ideal self and ideal object are confused. At the same time, the remnants of the unacceptable images are repressed and projected onto external objects, which are devalued.’ “

    • Maybe Bill will post a sign-up sheet. We need to help Bill out here, by recruiting someone from each of the 58 states to sign up. Then B‎ill can just dox away.

      • What the Cabin Boy™ doesn’t seem to understand is that his cyberthuggery has devolved from effective threats and harassment to an inconvenient sick joke. Schmalfeldt can try with all his might, but he won’t again be able to cause the kind of disruption that the Stranahans suffered. Too many people know of his sterling reputation. With outstanding court orders against him in three states, he no longer has any credibility.

        He’s done. With apologies to Paul Krendler, Schmalfeldt’s career as a cyberbully is the real zombie.

        There still is a bit of mess to clean up, but the guys with the mops and buckets are on the way.

      • I will repeat what I have always said: willfully violating the law and openly defying the various Peace Orders against him will continue to be an effective strategy for Bill Schmalfeldt right up to the time he goes to jail. That hasn’t happened yet. While I wouldn’t be shocked if some judge, of District Attorney, drops the hammer on him in the short term, I wouldn’t bet the farm on it either. Nor, would I presume a jail cell awaits him. In the ideal world, already he would be rotting in a Texas jail for what he did to the Stranahans. In the world in which we live, he just might end up on probation. Then, nothing would stop him from continuing to openly defy supervision. Again, we would have to wait for the next hammer to drop. I concur wholeheartedly with your assessment that the cost-benefit ratio for his actions has changed dramatically. Reflecting on that fact he ought to quit while he still can. But, when has Bill Schmalfeldt ever shown good sense?

      • BSB, I wonder if the underlying trouble is that Bill might be receiving some bum advice from Brett Kimberlin regarding what strategies to use here. While you would guess most people wouldn’t take how-to-stay-out-of-jail advice from a convict with a body count who’s out on parole on a 50 year sentence, I think much of Brett Kimberlin’s life work has been to search high and low for the few people who have poor enough judgment to listen to him.

        One wonders if the Dread Pedophile Brett Kimberlin also offered BS any counsel about either the underaged porn imagery Schmalfeldt produced, or, the audio underage anal rape fantasy Schmalfeldt recently made. Parallel to the earlier comment, you’d think one would discount advice regarding sexualization of children coming from someone who has recently been charged with statutory rape. Let alone someone whose still-in-force jail sentence was the result of his violent efforts to clean up the mess he made in Indiana by murdering the grandmother of a junior high school age girl he was fixated on.

        In closing, I echo the last words that were said from the stand in Brett Kimberlin’s disastrously embarrassing trial from September: Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile.

      • I think Bill has hopes to be the new Deb Frisch. The notoriety, the Wikipedia entry, the new phrase “Pull a Schmalfeldt” replacing “Pull a Deb Frisch” … he’s even hoping his new tag “It’s a Schmalfeldt Thing” will become a catchphrase.
        Sadly, as he is such a minor and insignificant person, he’ll fail at that too.
        Poor sad, inconsequential Bill. No fabulous legacy for you.

      • BKW, I suspect that Bill Schmalfeldt is trivially easy to manipulate. All someone need do is stoke his vanity.

  13. Ok, so he can’t talk ABOUT Grady? Wow. Very interesting. Tell someone with impulse issues that they can’t talk about someone. This will not end well. Yes, praying that this will help him see the light. Pretty sure it won’t. I feel like Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder) staring at Augustus Gloop stuck in the chocolate tube as the pressure builds.

      • Still waiting for the emails he allegedly sent to Vandy today, what could he possibly say – all they need to see is the dossier that is sent whenever he thinks he can cause someone trouble. Or they can google his name, I wonder if they played the link of some of his greatest hits harassing rape victims, harassing children, audio rape fantasies, and oh the enclosed screen cap of his website when he made the comments about the young girl from Racine.

        He owes money now in IL and it is just the beginning I imagine, its hard to keep up a sterling reputation with 5 open restraining orders in 3 states from 5 unrelated people.

        Not everyone can say that….

  14. What is the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s tally thus far?

    Mr. and Mrs. Causey — Arizona (Restraining Orders)

    Mr. and Mrs. Grady & Son — Illinois (Stalking No-Contact Order)

    Mr. Hoge — Maryland (Peace Order — current + 1 + 1 extension)

    Six people. Four outstanding court orders for harassment and stalking.

    Am I missing anything or anyone?

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