In Re a Settlement Agreement

As part of his end of the bargain in the settlement agreement for the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt copyright lawsuit, Bill Schmalfeldt agreed to take down all of the material that I alleged infringed my copyrights. Further, he agreed not to use any of my material without permission.

As of 10 am ET today, the following could be found at schmalfeldt dot org.schmalfeldtdotorg20141126This pdf of Schmalfeldt’s My Slow, Journalistic Death was originally posted on the now-defunct patriot-ombudsman dot com site. The Cabin Boy™ apparently moved it to his newer site. The Gentle Readers who have followed the saga of the Cabin Boy’s™ copyright infringements may remember that it was this was one of the books that triggered my lawsuit.

I am not amused.

UPDATE—The Cabin Boy™ can’t seem to get his story straight. In one tweet he tries to show that the pdf referenced above is not on his website. In another tweet he complains that the image above is from his website.


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  1. omh you are such a jerk

    nitpicking over copyright to a screenshot on Thanksgiving

    didn’t your mom ever teach some things are more important than being right? ever? didn’t she ever teach you that once you win, you don’t have to beat a horse to death?

    • Dear Brett,
      I suggest you are better off forgetting about Schmalfeldt’s sideshow and start getting used to the idea that everything you own belongs to Sandra DeLong. Also, please do us a huge kindness and refrain from spending any “special time” with any little girls.

      p.s. Disgusting pedophile, you sure screwed up when you accidentally told your own biographer that you knew the location of the rifle used to kill Julia Scyphers.

    • There are things that are more important than just being right. For instance, documenting that someone is a pedophile over denials would be an issue who is right. Informing the parents of neighboring children so that they can make informed choices about allowing their daughters to go on sleepovers at that pedophile’s house would be an issue of doing the right thing. In life, the important thing is not being right. It is doing the right thing.

      John Hoge’s blogs has been an admiral example of a man striving repeatedly to do the right thing in the face of considerable adversity. The tenacity and resolution with which John has acted indicates that he has done so as a matter of inclination rather than choice. He was raised right. This is in sharp contrast to his nemesis Brett Kimberlin who was been obsessed with “being right” to the exclusion of “doing the right thing.” After recording “Teen Dream” and “Waiting to Meet,” in a newspaper interview, stated he like all men wanted to have sex with under-aged girls. Whether, or not, there is some truth to the observation is a matter is a debate about who is right. The right thing to do for a parent of teenage daughters is to denounce that statement and to seek as much obscurity as possible. Brett Kimberlin’s repeated attempts to seek the limelight for himself has been the wrong thing to do. Brett Kimberlin is so obsessed with being an important person that he is sacrificing his daughter’s wellbeing. Brett Kimberlin’s response to their discomfort has essentially to be to hold them hostage. That has given Brett Kimberlin a personal stake in their continued discomfort. Claiming his wife is a nutter who is lying about having sex with him when she was fifteen and he was forty-one, and, witnessing him attempting to seduce her twelve year-old cousin is an example of Brett Kimberlin desperately trying to be “right.” Trying to “win” the divorce wars by claiming your ex is a nutter is the wrong thing to do. His actions indicate that doing the right thing simply isn’t much of a consideration for Brett Kimberlin. He wasn’t raised right. That shows every day.

    • Didn’t your mother teach you that some things need to be pursued so that people don’t think they can walk all over everybody in their path while waving their “I’m so righteous” flag? Especially when there have been innocents left damaged in their wake? Some things are worth being a nag over. This is one of them. Begone!

  2. ps when you die, or Bill dies, whichever is first, I’ll be there telling the world how you two were best friends and argued online every day

    it’s actually love you two have. Maybe a bit gay, too lol

      • Be careful Mr. Hoge! I understand that Brett Kimberlin once bragged that he’s filed hundreds of lawsuits. I’m also lead to believe that he lost most if not all of them. In fact, he’s even suing you because some people who comment on your blog have, based on evidence including articles in newspapers and anecdotes in his own authorized biography, have come to the conclusion that Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile. It must be a tedious inconvenience to have to deal with such a vexatious pest.

        Godspeed and Happy Thanksgiving. From one Engineer to another, eventhough you already know; always protect your IP anywhere and everywhere. You’d think a musician would appreciate that.

    • So as I understand it, the threat is that someday, probably years from now, some anonymous guy called sad man will claim that “you two were best friends and argued online every day.” And he’ll do it on the least reliable medium ever invented: The Internet. Dang. Gauntlet thrown. (By the way, “ps” is soo Junior High.)

      • Frankly Brett and I are both examples of how not to write. If you’re right about “ps” being junior high, this means it is an efficient way to communicate with Brett since he has put so much special attention into girls in that age range.

      • In re “ps” v. the more normative p.s.: It has been my observation that Brett has issues with structure and norms in the written word. Then again, it has been my observation that Brett has issues with structure and norms in general.

    • Oh my, you poor SJW, you! Making fun of gay love? Really? Really? Shame on you! I thought men loving each other was nothing to be made fun of. The taste of your hypocrisy is delicious!

    • To sustain a defamation claim in Maryland, one must prove that the alleged defamatory statement was false. If the Cabin Boy™ can prove that he has never infringed a copyright—not a single one—not ever—he should feel free to sue me.

  3. Need to mark that url as a bandit.
    “This website ( attempted to extract html5 canvas image data, which may be used to uniquely identify your computer.”

    • The Liberal Grouch @cbparodyrecords
      · 1m 1 minute ago
      It is 12:35 PM Nov. 26. My original material, not meant for publication, is still gracing WJJ Hoge’s blog despite my demand for removal,

      You should demand a payment plan or 30 extra days to move – John maybe the least of your worries

    • I can imagine why he might be upset:

      First the Dread Pedo Brett Kimberlin orders him to harass Hoge.

      Then, pedophile Brett Kimberlin starts doing the harassment himself (ineptly) and writes that Bill Schmalfeldt is the gay lover of his harassment target.

      It’s very bad form by Brett, sure, though not as bad as when Brett was in his 20s and dating a 10 year old and then having the girl’s grandma mirdered.

  4. its all begins with a simple day in the woods where a cherub rosy cheeked fresh young graduate of the day of the week do it yourself broadcast school decided to bother people who didn’t like pedoterrobombers

    and now dear readers he has just in time for the holidays – brought on a storm of legal trouble upon himself 100% caused by his own misdeeds.

  5. Bill Schmalfeldt is making internet demands. If not heeded he might get mad and pick some random person out of a phonebook to dox.

  6. Some keeps contacting someone he demands not contact him, why?

    If someone had several PO’s from several states – can they evict them from an apartment complex?

    • I wonder if the residents in a “neighborhood community” have the right to know if any of their fellow residents have any legal protection orders against them? I know that sex offenders are required to report their residences to law enforcement & the public, but what about adhjucated stalkers/harassers? I bet those residents would appreciate a full color bulletin that included name, current photo, legal protection orders delivered via snail mail. Or maybe they already know all the scum around them by the smell.

  7. Can anyone find anybody that has as many peace orders or peace order attempts that wasn’t eventually put in prison

    Is there anyone?

  8. Bill Schmalfeldt is sitting on a great story, but he’s so enthralled by the diddler/bomber/forger/perjurer/seal-eater that he’s unable to perform actual journalism.

  9. So now someone is including a renowned Doctor and institution and invoking his image his name in the sale and promotion of anal rape fantasies of young boys of grade school age? Why on earth would someone keep mentioning a elite medical unit

    Declaring that Eric is at fault

    Of course the audio porn fantasy producer hasn’t produced the alleged email that was sent but its interesting the threats issued and the mentioning of frequent contact with the medical team on the websites and twitter feeds – the screen capture someone showed me is a picture of Doctor Charles right next to the boy scout rape fantasy audio track….


  10. why is he panic stricken over Vandy finding out about his activities? does he deny he created all this terrible material? Why is he afraid to be quoted? Why doesn’t he want the publicity?

    earlier Today:

    The Liberal Grouch @cbparodyrecords
    · 2h 2 hours ago
    .@Mayberryville I have also written to Dr. Charles. If Eric actually did what he says he did, God’s Own Thunder will be lowered onto him.


    The Liberal Grouch @cbparodyrecords
    26m 26 minutes ago
    @mayberryville I swear to God, Johnson, that if you are sending false info about me to Vanderbilt, en garde. Seriously. @brainsrfood


    The Liberal Grouch @cbparodyrecords
    16m 16 minutes ago
    I’ve just left a message on @mayberryville’s answering machine. I will take “No response” as a reply to the affirmative.

    Wow oh wow is someone scared of their “body” of work

    How is the good Doctor and Vanderbilt going to process the following:

    3,4,5 peace orders issued in Multiple states

    The printing of pictures of children, young girls against their parents will on his websites

    The printing of the skulls on top of peoples baby pictures

    The order by the federal courts to remove copyrighted material immediately

    Violating the agreement by posting the banned material to his website

    The production of audio child rape fantasies

    The harassment of the dead baby

    The harassment audio tapes of a rape victim

    The harassment audio tapes of a 13 year old girl to be sold into prostitution

    Everyone if you feel the need to contact them you can do it anonymously:

    At the bottom of the page is the contact info

    • As a Vanderbilt alumnus, I will point out that the school is quite jealous of its sterling reputation.

      I should also note that in addition to a world-class medical school, the University is home to a top-ranked law school.

      • I have can only imagine the explosion of anger when a producer of audio rape porn had the image one of their most beloved doctors image used on the website depicting the rape of children just inches away from the title of the porn.

  11. Here’s a bit of free advice Bill. You voluntarily entered into a settlement agreement with Mr. Hoge that you wouldn’t use any of Mr. Hoge’s material without his permission.

    This isn’t an issue of copyright law. Even if this use is within the protected scope of fair use, you agreed not to use Hoge’s material. By failing to abide by the contract, Mr. Hoge can (potentially) revoke the settlement agreement and rekindle his copyright suit against you.

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