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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin seems to project his own behavior onto others.ECF 135-124That’s from his second amended complaint for his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. It doesn’t pass the giggle test, especially with respect to Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, The Franklin Center, or RedState. No one in his right mind would believe that their coverage of Brett Kimberlin has had any significant effect on their Internet presence.

Yes, my coverage of TDPK has probably generated a significant percentage of the interest in Hogewash!, but I’ve published a mix of documented facts and satire. What few errors I’ve published have been corrected when they were verified. That doesn’t qualify as creating false narratives.

OTOH, many of the fundraising websites with DONATE buttons that benefit Justice Through Music Project … well, let’s just say they are very selective in what truth they might contain. False narratives? That’s not for me to say, but they don’t strike me as trustworthy.

timer-blackMeanwhile, the timer is ticking down. TDPK’s omnibus opposition to all the motions to dismiss his RICO Madness are due at close of business two weeks from today. Perhaps he will find some creative way to explain to the court why his paragraph 124 supports a claim upon which relief can be granted. He might even surprise us with a truthful narrative to support him claims.

Don’t hold your breath.

And in other news … there’s still no winner in the contest.

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  1. Here are but a few of Brett Kimberlin’s “narratives” about himself.

    1) He sold marijuana to Dan Quayle.

    2) He was a “political prisoner.”

    3) He was, for his weight, “The world’s strongest man.”

    4) He was a rock star “more in the mold of a Phil Collins than a Michael Jackson.”

    5) He played a leading role in helping Russian Jews emigrate from the former Soviet Union, and, was as a result, a major player in the new Ukrainian state. He used those connection to become wealthy.

    6) He was a political activist who had “risen to the top [of Democratic circles;]” meet regularly with members of Congress; and, was considered a leading expert on voter fraud.

    7) He had a law degree, and, litigates with such skill that he considering himself a “lawyer.”

    8) He is a skillful country music promoter who is going to turn his daughter into the next Taylor Swift.

    9) He achieved all these things in spite of being was falsely convicted of the “Speedway Bombings” by a malicious prosecutor who hypnotized the witnesses against him into giving false testimony, and, in spite of being saddled with a million dollar judgment as a result of a corrupt judge taking a bribe on the behalf of the widow of a man bombed in Speedway [perhaps by Kimberlin’s deceased brother.]

    10) At least he had the solace of having been secretly exonerated of his crimes.

    None, of those “narratives” were even remotely true. His one talent seems to be in duping people into believe those narratives. His one accomplishment in life was convincing a naïve reporter to pay him six-figures to write an authorized biography. He immediately lost the money which in failed grandiose business ventures. [That same biographer concluded Kimberlin was a liar, a fraud, possibly a murderer, and compared him to Nabokov’s Humbert Humbert, so even that wasn’t much of an accomplishment.] Beyond that, he lives by the grace of his mother, who allows him to live in her basement, and his aunt, an heiress to the General Mills fortune, who leases him an office for his “business” that doesn’t seem to do anything in particular. At age sixty the die is pretty much cast: he is and will always be a failure.

    Even in his lawsuits you seem the same narrative spinning. A hearing on his estranged wife’s motion for a protective order against him, for other things, his calling her employer in order to get her fired is spun a “family matter” involving a “mental health issue.” It wasn’t enough to claim that she is lying in accusing him of repeatedly sexually assaulting her when she was fifteen and he was forty-one. Instead, he tried to claim she is a nutter under the nefarious spell of a Svengali-like figure who exploited her illness.

    • True, Kimberlin must repay his victims (literally and figuratively) for these lies you list. And some things in your list (especially 2, 9, and 10) are despicable lies intended to frustrate his victims.

      Always remember another important angle to Brett Kimberlin’s lifelong lawbreaking: His enablers need to make amends. Here are just a few examples of enablers who, morally, MUST make amends for their bad behavior and their very negative contribution to Kimberlin’s career:

      – Matt Osborne. He seems to think he can walk away from all the damage he’s done and move on to other things. But he needs to make amends to all his victims for his constant support for Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin. It will be hard for him, but one must do what’s right.
      – Karoli Kuns. Besides cheerleading Brett Kimberlin’s lawfare, Karoli wrote purposefully dishonest smokescreens for Bill Schmalfeldt’s deranged harassment. She knows it’s wrong and must apologize to victims of both Brett and Bill.
      – Jeffrey R. Cohen. If he didn’t know what Brett was when he first signed documents for the Velvet Revolution, US and Justice Through Music Project “charities,” he does now. He must carefully undo all the injustice associated with these “charities,” as well as any actions Brett Kimberlin has taken in connection with these charities. He owes Brett’s victims this.
      – Kevin B. Zeese. Mr. Zeese likes to pat himself on the back on twitter and on websites for being such an activist. The real good he needs to do is to reverse his years long aid and enablement for Brett Kimberlin’s vexatious and dishonest lawfare. He has been pointedly requested this, and so far he failed to step up to the plate and do the right thing.
      – Every unnamed enabler or associate. Whether it’s someone who knows about his “little girl problems” in the 1970s, or someone who knows about his “legal work” for the mafia in the 1980s, or someone who knows about his lawfare against Scyphers in the 1990s, or someone who knows about his use of funds to his “charities” in the 2000s.

      When you see someone victimizing, please don’t just walk away. And when you’re connected to the victimizer, don’t just say you wash your hands and it’s not your problem. If it takes persistence and sacrifice, keep trying. Justice doesn’t happen only because of words on paper. It takes sacrifices of people who care about justice.

      • All those people could end up in jail, for various things in the next few years or carryon watching even the left coast turn bright red = probably a more severe punishment

        Matts too funny inside bs about Grimes on election day then losing by double digits has still got to be hurting 🙂

        KAroli can’t run away from the Schmalfeldt Tar Baby she created for herself

    • BTW, why do you say he lost the money he was paid for the book (which appears to have been near half a million dollars)? I don’t think this is true. Based on his spending habits and the series of unusual legal maneuvers he used to try to put money out of Sandra DeLong’s reach, I believe he had plenty of cash during the 1990s.

  2. You didn’t publish narratives. You told the facts as you witnessed them, quoted reliable sources, and published actual documents when possible. The judghe in the state case pointed out that Brett Kimberlin started out the case upset that someone called him a murderer. He dropped that line of attack during the trial. Apparently because a court had ruled that he was responsible for the death of Carl DeLong. No, we are not going to forget that.

    • Right, we will never forget that Brett Kimberlin’s bomb blew off Carl DeLong’s leg. Nor will we forget Brett’s despicable decades long lawfare campaign to frustrate his widow. I hope everyone reading will also never forget, and also never give up on the task of helping Brett’s victims as well as defeating Brett’s lawfare.

  3. I’m sorry, I must have misread the filing. I would have sworn the proper phrasing is Defendants’ Claimant’s business model…

  4. Don’t fret brett, think of all the new legal clients you will have next year and all the time to service them, one on one

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