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One of the reasons that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s second amended complaint in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness ran way over the 50-page limit established by the Court’s Local Rule is that he include a lot of extraneous material that doesn’t support his case. Consider this:ECF 135-33TDPK never explains how anything Team Themis might have done is in anyway connected with any defendant in the RICO Madness. If he could prove that any tortuous conduct occurred, he should sue Team Themis, the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, and the FBI. Not us.

However, since he brings up the subject, take a look at the list of “targets.” Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman are the co-founders of Velvet Revolution US, and Friedman is one of its directors. Justice Through Music and Velvet Revolution are the two not-for-profits that provide Kimberlin his day-to-day employment. Stop the Chamber is a fund raising activity operating under the wing of Velvet Revolution.


Meanwhile, the timer is ticking down on TDPK’s omnibus opposition to the motions to dismiss the RICO Madness. It’s due two weeks from tomorrow.

The contest to spot TDPK’s truly magnificent error in his motion for a new trial in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. case is still running. There have been some great entries, but no one has found what Aaron Walker noticed. Yet.

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  1. I read as much of his motion as I could stomach, but the annoyance quickly outweighed the amusement value. My impression as a layman was that he was arguing things which are immune from tort litigation defamed him, and misrepresenting terms, as well as opening some interesting doors for discovery in the event the case were reopened.

    The single most common trait of Kimberlin filings is that they make specific allegations without offering specific evidence of them. You can’t say, “So and So regularly defamed me as a bad person” without giving the dates and locations, especially since virtually all of the alleged offenses are alleged to have happened online – and we all know the internet never forgets. If Stacy McCain actually posted that “Brett Kimberlin enjoys naked Jello baths with underaged girls” there would be a date, a post title, and a unique URL, even if cached, that shows it. I don’t think McCain posted any such thing, but how can I look for what ‘defamatory’ posts he may have made if Kimberlin can’t link them and point out the exact passages he considers libelous?

    Boiled down to the actual facts, all of his complaints seem to amount to, “People are posting things about me that I don’t like, so they should shut up and pay me money.”

  2. I tried reading his document but I was getting nauseated after the first few pages.

    How you all put up with this for more than a year is beyond me.

    How TDPK manages to keep up this level of incoherent babbling is inconceivable. And to do so without getting smacked down by a judge or two means there is something seriously wrong with the legal system.

  3. It reads like the old Star Trek legitimizing lists: “…Newton, Einstein, Hawkings, Dapl’k of Seti 7…” Obviously Dapl’k is a major astrophysicist; everyone knows Dapl’k of Seti 7! He’s the one who first postulated R’gn’r’k particles!

    The problem I have is when and where did Team Themis say that Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile? Inquiring minds want to know.

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