If You Like Your Plan, We May Change It

It’s always interesting to see what documents get dumped on a Friday afternoon. Yesterday, the dump included 30,000 “found” Lois Lerner emails and 300 pages of proposed Obamacare regulations. One of the proposed changes would allow the Department of Health and Human Services to move you to the cheapest plan in your coverage tier if you didn’t specifically reenroll in your current plan during open enrollment.

Of course, you could wind up with a plan that doesn’t provide reasonable access to a key service you need or that excludes the team of doctors treating your current condition, but don’t worry. Our betters really know what’s good for us.

4 thoughts on “If You Like Your Plan, We May Change It

  1. Why would we want to stay with a doctor or team who has been treating us for 20+ years? Change is good.
    Fundamental change is even better /sarc

  2. What I find so contradictory is that the folks who want no government involvement WHAT SO EVER in the abortion clinics are demanding so much government in the doctors office! Huh?

  3. For all they pretend otherwise, I don’t think our betters have much confidence in their own wisdom. They were so certain Obamacare was the way to go that they exempted themselves from it.

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